<p>Here we are, with yet another ‘Gone Wild’ subreddit. We all know what that means, right? Every subreddit with the ‘gone wild’ beside the name is pornographic and erotic. This one is called r/GonewildAudible/, and that should already tell you what the fuck you can expect. Of course, for those who would like to know a bit more about r/GonewildAudible/ in general, I am here to make your life a lot brighter.First of all, if you are utterly confused, r/GonewildAudible/ is a subreddit, which is a part of one of the most popular social websites, called Reddit. This site is driven by the users, and everything you find on it is uploaded by the users. It is filled with approximately 1.2 million subreddits, out of which 138.000 of them are active, currently.One of those active subreddits is called r/GonewildAudible/, and it offers a lot of naughty audio recordings, obviously. But, I do want to say that if you are not really here to listen to chicks moan, talk dirty or whatever the fuck else, you can fuck off to a different subreddit. With so many NSFW subreddits, I am pretty sure that you will find whatever the fuck you are searching for.What does r/GonewildAudible/ offer?Isn’t it freaking obvious? You will have a shit ton of naughty audios to listen to. Ah, but I am sure that some teens, who have just become legal or whatever, are wondering why the fuck do we want to listen to dirty audios when there are so many porn websites out there? Personally, I like to listen to them for that nostalgic feeling. Many youngsters do not know that in the past, we could not just go online to fap to whatever porn we wanted.Nah, mates, we had to pay for phone sex instead. Later, when the Internet became the norm, we had porn, of course… but what the fuck do you think we did before the Internet? I mean, sure… you could take one of those magazines and make the pages sticky, or you can talk to an actual slut on the phone and let her lead you to a divine orgasm.When I was born, obviously the Internet was up… but it was not as fast, or as free as you have it today. Thus, I also preferred to have phone calls with random sluts, who made my dick hard. Now, keep in mind that on r/GonewildAudible/ you have recorded audios… you will not actually talk to random sluts; instead, you can listen to naughty audios.Before you start shitting on this subreddit, let me just tell you that nobody is forcing you to be here. You are more than fucking welcome to visit a different subreddit… I mean, Reddit.com has it all. As for those who understand the beauty of this subreddit and would love to explore what r/GonewildAudible/ is all about, you are free to do that. Oh, I might have forgotten to mention, but Reddit is a free website.As I browse through r/GonewildAudible/, I found all kinds of audios. Some were very NSFW (sloppy, questionable, just plain dirty), others were creative and pornographic, and some were on the erotic side instead (aka, not that naughty). Basically, some of the audios would just give you the sexual sounds with no dialogue, while other audios will give a full plot with the sexual sounds... Then again, some audios would just feature a slut reading a dirty story.It all really depends on which audio you click on. As the users upload all the audios, it is obvious that the content will be very random. I found a lot of interesting audios that got my motor running, and some did not do much for me. So, as I have said, this all really depends, from the audio you find, to what the fuck makes your cock hard. Lucky for you, all the content you find on r/GonewildAudible/, or any other subreddit, is free, so you can browse and listen as much as you want.Good design and browsing!Right off the bat, I am sure we can all agree that Reddit has a great design. All the subreddits look the same, but offer different content. This makes browsing so much easier for everyone. On r/GonewildAudible/, you have all the audios listed in the middle of the page, and some other information will be on the side.The content on r/GonewildAudible/ will have very descriptive titles, just to give you the gist of what you can expect. Pay attention to the beginning tags. For example, you have tags like M4F and F4M, which stands for ‘male for female’ and ‘female for male’… which pretty much explains it all. I do have to say that when it comes to their overall search options, Reddit.com could do better.In this particular subreddit, you will have four filter search options. You can filter the search by 2nd cumming, exclusive, off the cliff, and script offer. If you do not know what these mean, all is explained on their site. And if you visit a subreddit that is very confusing, you will have the usual information listed on the side of each subreddit.So, when you open r/GonewildAudible/, you can see the short description that tells you what to expect. But then again, I think I did a much better fucking job with the description; you are welcome. You can also see that r/GonewildAudible/ has over 58k members, and usually, about 150 of them will be online at all times. r/GonewildAudible/ was created in 2017, and is restricted… which means that anyone can view it, but not everyone can post.Superb user-features.If you want to become a part of r/GonewildAudible/ or any other subreddit, you should register. The registration to Reddit is free and simple, and once you are a member, you can enjoy all the privileges that come with that. I do want to mention that you do not have to register; that shit is optional. Even voyeurs are welcome to browse through all the subreddits for free.However, if you would like to interact with the community, post your own crap, comment, like or dislike, you might as well register. If you would like to post your own stuff on r/GonewildAudible/, you will have to first request to post. There is a button to request to post on the side of the subreddit, and that will basically tell you that only an approved user can post… thus, you will have to send them a request to be approved.Whether you actually get the approval or not will depend on your overall activity on Reddit.com. This also brings me to my next topic; you need to follow the rules. Each subreddit will have its rules usually listed on the side, with all the other information. As for r/GonewildAudible/, the rules are all in a different tab, but the link can be found on the side of the subreddit.It is important that you follow the simple rules of posting, if you do not want to be banned from the site or the subreddit. I think that there is no reason for me to tell you to behave and not be a dick when you are visiting r/GonewildAudible/ or any other subreddit… I mean, if I have to tell you not to be a fucking idiot, maybe you should not even be on Reddit.Chat with the community.As a member of Reddit.com, you can send a message to anyone you want. Reddit allows you to send private and email messages to all the other users. But, keep in mind that when you visit subreddits such as r/GonewildAudible/, you get to meet people who are here for the same reasons as you… to listen to dirty audios and fap.If you want to chat with the community, many subreddits are dedicated to that instead. Although, if chatting is all you fucking want, why the heck are you on Reddit.com? I have personally reviewed a ton of other websites that are dedicated just to chatting, so check that shit out instead.Listen to horny audios, fap, or do whatever the fuck else you want.r/GonewildAudible/ is a free subreddit filled with a ton of naughty audios, made for the purpose of helping you fap. Some audios are targeting the male, and others are targeting the female audience. It all comes down to your personal preference, as you are free to check out any of the audios that are posted on r/GonewildAudible/. And if you get bored with what this subreddit has to offer, you can always just visit a different subreddit instead. Simple!</p>