Reddit GoneWildAudio, aka r/GoneWildAudio, aka GWA Reddit! Do you remember, back in the day, when the highlight of our porn life was either to buy a porn video, get some bootleg shit, or make one of those calls where you get to talk to an actual sex worker? Well, this subreddit is sort of like that, but not really. It is called GoneWildAudio and I think that pretty much explains what it has to offer… right?As for Reddit by itself, I think it is safe to assume that everyone knows and loves Reddit. I mean, this is a site that is completely driven by its community, and thus you only have the shit that we, like the fucking community would want to see. You can check out the Reddit review I have already done since here I shall mostly talk about this particular section.Lots of hot audio recordings.Since you stayed up to here, I am guessing that you are one of the old-timers, who still appreciates the beauty of naughty audio? Now, this might sound weird, as to how can anyone masturbate without seeing some action… well, back in my day that was all we fucking got, and personally I think I am still able to rub one out.I know that to you this is just one-second difference, but I actually tried to wank off after the previous paragraph and it was successful. I found lots and lots of great audio recordings, that got progressively dirtier and dirtier. I am pretty sure that you will love what I am about to share, and those who are here for the dirty action instead can just visit a different section on Reddit.Take your time and start exploring. Even those who are visiting GoneWildAudio for the first time can learn all they need about this site on the side. They offer a small description that will basically tell you the shit that is important and the crap that ain’t… you get the gist. Since it is a community-driven site, you need to know the rules.On top, you can choose how you want to view the shit they have to offer, and after that, you can just keep browsing. Those who click on the link I provided, will be sent to GoneWildAudio from the get-go, so you do not have to actually search for this subreddit… since there are thousands you might also want to explore on the side.One of the first audio recordings I opened featured a hot story of a beauty who got locked out of her apartment, and a prince in his shining armor came to save her from the hall. Basically, she ended up pin his place, and instead of just saying thank you, she got down and dirty as the two started passionately fucking each other.There was another audio where the chick had like a fight with, her partner or whatever the heck, you hear a phone conversation. And since she was feeling lonely, she turned on some porn and decided to masturbate. It was not s exciting as the previous recording, but she still managed to give me a boner with all her moaning and squishy sounds.As you scroll through this section, you will get introduced to all kinds of recordings, from the solo ones to just story-like sexual encounters, to a couple actually fucking for you. Sure, it might sound a bit odd to listen to a recording and make yourself feel good, but once you start listening it really is not that weird. Believe me, you will love it.Now, if you are too choosey or some shit, I still think you will be able to find something that will make your dick hard. Keep in mind that this place has a lot to offer, so it all depends on how choosey you are. But if you are not into audio recordings at all, I am not sure why the fuck are you still here. Keep in mind that Reddit has many other sections, so check them out as well.There were recordings of all kinds of scenarios and couples fucking or doing something different and kinky. I guess it all depends on what the fuck you were hoping to masturbate to, but this really brings me back to the old times, when the most real it could get is to simply talk to a horny chick over the phone, who could have been as ugly as a rug for all we know… but hey it worked!I think that the titles of these recordings or however you want to call it are pretty self-explanatory… so you already know what kind of audio you can expect. Now, if you asked me if I’d rather listen to an audio of a sex act or watch it… I think we both know the answer to that. But for those who enjoy stuff like this, it is a neat thing to know that it is available even in today’s society.Great design, easy to find whatever you want.The black design, or well the dark layout that Reddit offers, allows you to browse through this shit at night, which is when we all like to masturbate. So, you can literally just lay down, use your headphones and play audio, while imagining all the shit that is happening and playing with your hard-on. I am pretty sure that that is what most of us do when it comes to porn in this form.Check out every audio that sounds interesting to you, no pun intended. I think that there is a little bit of something for everyone out there, as it does depend on what the fuck you were hoping to see/hear in the first place. You can check out the audio that is offered whenever you want because Reddit is a free fucking place. They care about the community and not about the money, obviously.Take your time and scroll down, and check out anything that catches your attention. The dark layout and an organized look is everything that you need to find your way around. They have some filters for searches, but I guess that is the only thing that is a bit annoying. They could have added some sort of filters that actually make sense.On the other hand., Reddit is a fucking great place, and I would not really change much about it. They have a lot to offer and the GoneWildAudio is a subreddit that everyone can enjoy. I mean, you get to listen to dirty stories… just sit back, or lay down, put this on and enjoy yourself as much as you fucking want.There are other subreddits, so enjoy.I accept that people could maybe dislike this section of GoneWildAudio, but I am assuming that those individuals are not fucking reading a review for this section. That would make no sense. However, Reddit is a place that has so many subreddits, that it is impossible for you not to find something that you will enjoy… trust me, I tried. If you intend to visit this place often, you should also think about registering, because you will be given some privileges here and there.You get to follow different subreddits and list them all at the beginning. You can also post your own shit in whichever subreddit you want… but you should know that each section has its own rules, so you should follow them because you can be fucking banned for being a moron. On top of that, you are allowed to chat with the members, whether through the comments or private messages.Of course, they do not have to answer you, because why the fuck would they need to do that. Personally, I think that Reddit is created in a perfect way to make their users satisfied, and that is why I am sure that you will not have that many complaints about it. With so many subreddits, even if GoneWildAudio is not your cup of tea, keep browsing and you will find something sooner or later.Sure, I prefer to watch videos, but I know that there are some of you out there who can appreciate the beauty of listening to audio and wanking off. That is why I am here to tell you that Reddit’s GoneWildAudio is a fucking great place with a lot of free audio recordings of hotties who love to get fucked.