Prime Curves

Curious to see what PrimeCurves is all about? So what if someone asked you to choose between boobs and ass and you only had to pick one? Well, how about both? Why would anyone subject you to such torture anyway? It is a big ask putting any man (and woman) on the spot like that. I mean, who hates boobs? Big tits, huge fucking areolas staring right at you, exquisite nipples, should I continue? And what sane guy with a functioning libido doesn’t love some pictures of big ol’ booties? It’s 2021, and we’re still out here obsessing over donks like it is fucking 2015, but everyone is in agreement that sweet hot asses are a buns fans dream. They are totally fuckable and curvy as fuck.I won’t even lie, I am an ass guy through and through, but I don’t mind a succulent pair of titties once in a while. Now imagine a site that allows you to be on both teams. For the love of curvy naked girls and big boobs girls, today I’ll be reviewing a site called Prime Curves, a place where lovers of big tits and big ass babes can enjoy tons of free sample videos and photos featuring plus size and busty models of all ethnicities. Down for feasting your eyes on voluptuous beauties wearing and taking off lots of different outfits, bikinis, lingerie, fooling around with other girls, and fucking guys? You need to pay close attention.Big boobs and big butts paradiseSimply put, Prime Curves is a daily updated blog that makes it clear it is all about boobs and butts. It features some rather hot models showing off their huge tits and jiggly asses and let me tell you; all the models are scorching hot and absolutely fuckable. You will come across famous babes like Hitomi Tanaka, Alexis Faye, and Kelly Madison among others strutting their stuff and showing why the world is obsessed with plump asses, round hips, and big titties. One look at the homepage leaves you in little doubts about what the site is about with a plethora of thumbnails floating around, all filled with sexy whores with boobs of glory and million-dollar butts that you simply can’t resist. The site may as well come up with a section titled ‘tips on how to drool’.The thumbnails have telling titles and are accompanied by short previews, below which is a list of clickable tags and the day of upload. I could tell from the dates that these guys want to overwhelm you with boobs and butts if the number of updates per day is anything to buy. See these whores trying off different lingerie, having fun in the pool with their huge boobs flopping right onto the camera lens, climbing naked on kitchen tables to give you a first row seat view of their delicious goodies, walking around topless in tiny thongs with their boobs and butts bouncing and more of such cock hardening shit.Click on whichever thumbnail you find appealing and check out the meaty specimen on show. I started by picking one titled ‘Chelsea James tiny bikinis part one’ which features the aforementioned babe trying out many bikinis and taking time to make sure you get the full view. My only issue is the photo sets cannot be downloaded via zip while they also have no slideshow feature. You will have to settle with clicking one photo at a time which some might find time-consuming. Not suggesting you are a busy person by any stretch of imagination, but you get the picture. Just above the galleries is a link to see the full picture set, but it directs to another site. Below is another link that gives you exclusive access to a particular girls’ personal website if you are interested in seeing more of her ass and tits.Simple concept, even simpler navigationFor the half-empty glass battalion, there is nothing much to do on the site apart from scrolling through a bunch of random pictures and hope that you find something that is interesting. For those who prefer the half-full glass, it means you get plenty to get you a stiffy. There is not much thinking to do. You are horny and crave some big boobs and butts, both of which are in abundant supply here, and all you have to do is whip your prick out and get on with it. Who says porn sites have to be unnecessarily complex?The site’s simplicity means you will only need a single hand to browse. Finding anything on the site is straightforward and the simple design has everything to do with that. On the left side of the page is a search feature where you can search for your favorite model. Below that is a drop-down menu with categories of big boobs with options including 18 and busty, big naturals, big tits glamor, voyeur, and ZZ tits among others. You can also select archives by month and year with the archive stretching back January 2008.Who’s down for soft-core videos?It’s not all about the pics at Prime Curves. From the top navigation, you can choose between pics and videos and since by now you know what you get served with as far as pics are concerned, let’s take a look at the videos section. The vids revolve around the same big butts/boobs theme and you will have a great time watching sluts stripping, rubbing their clits, in naked shower surprise scenes, nude dances, butt shaking, and much more. The sight of soap running down their bodies or their oiled up asses jiggling will send you straight into delirium. A majority of the videos feature a single whore getting naughty all by herself, but you will see the occasional video featuring two or more sluts touching each other’s twins and slapping butts, and some soft-core lesbian action. The videos are available for streaming in decent quality although they cannot be downloaded. At least they stream smoothly and won’t bother you with loads of popups and stupid ads in the video player like in some sites we know.Prospects of live sex?The top navigation has a tab called ‘live sex’, but once you click on that button, you are taken to another page with a lot of webcams and stuff like that. Fucking predictable. This is actually something I’ve seen with numerous sites that promise free webcams only for the user to be directed to another page altogether. Is it the end of the world? Certainly not, but you’d have to be a damn rookie to expect anything else. At least Prime Curves direct you to Cam shows with nude girls, not a website that sells webcams.Positive featuresLoads of big tits and big bums; if you love your boobs perky and your ass jiggly, there is plenty of specimens to check out with the site ensuring you never run out big boobs/butts to drool at.Clean, simple site; Prime Curves don’t try to make your stay here unnecessarily complicated, taking you straight to where it's all going down courtesy of a simple design and seamless navigation. They also don’t overwhelm you with ads and popups which is another huge fucking plus.Hot girls; there are plenty of super-hot sluts flaunting their stuff here and you will struggle to find a site with as many scorching hot whores with a penchant for peeling off their clothes and showing what they got from their mamas.Regular updates; multiple galleries are added on a daily basis to ensure users never run out of fresh titties and butts to drool at.Negative featuresThe concept is too simple; don’t get me wrong, I’m all for boobs and butts, but a site that’s too simple can sometimes be a turn-off. Apart from seeing photos and short videos of girls stripping and showing off their bodies, you won’t be able to do much else here.What I think should be done;The site has done a stellar job of availing curvy models and shit, but for purposes of diversity, I’d love to see the site introducing a section with some hardcore porn as the collection of soft-core flicks might be too vanilla for some. Also, adding proper categories and not just a lineup of models and their galleries would go a long way towards giving users a tidy browsing experience.Final WordIs Prime Curves the largest big boob website I have ever seen? Not anywhere near. Having said that, there are enough big tits/butts flying around and if you know where to look, you are bound to find something to please your eyes. The final score? The site is worth visiting even if it’s for a quick fap.