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So, once you click on any video, you won’t be taken to the video player page like you might expect on other platforms; instead, you're taken to a completely different site that actually hosts that video. This means that iXXX.com is not a porn tube site but rather a porn aggregator site for just storing all the different porn video links in one place. It’s still handy, only it’s useful in its own way and I think that we can all agree on that.There are good and bad sides to the videos being hosted on a different site. One good thing is that iXXX.com will be much faster as they do not need that good of a server to support many requests, as most of them are just redirection link requests. There aren’t any video buffering requests on iXXX.com directly, so it’s as fast as lightning when you use it. It’s pretty amazing to see. Of course, the bad side is that you do not know what to expect on a different porn site when you load it up. 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