XTits calls itself The Big Boobs Club, though I’m not exactly sure they’re looking for basement-dwelling members of the Reddit community. In fact, I don’t see a single virgin neckbeard with manboobs anywhere on the landing page. You fedora-heads are free to sign up for free accounts, though, especially if you’ve got some videos of big-titty sluts to share with the rest of the class.Unless you were in the retard class yourself, you’ve probably already figured out what I’m talking about. XTits.com is a free video-sharing tube devoted to huge jugs. Massive racks have been a perennial bestseller in the porno business ever since the invention of smut itself, and these guys get as much traffic as you’d expect for a free source of booby flicks. They popped up in March of 2021 and almost immediately started getting over 20,000 visitors. They’re still holding strong, so let me lube up and make sure everyone’s getting their money’s worth.Look at All These Huge BoobsXTits looks sharp, right out the door. I see a lot of second- and third-rate tubes that look like they hardly tried, slapping a bunch of spam into a premade template without as much as a custom logo, but this isn’t one of them. It’s got a bright, clean look. Not a single bit of spam broke through my adblocker on the front page. Their logo is simple, modern and somehow even classy, despite having the words Tits and Boobs written in big, bold letters.The layout and format themselves ain’t all that remarkable. There’s a selection of videos being Watched Right Now, followed by the absolute newest Xtits.com uploads. What’s more impressive is the variety of content. The current views show Indian amateurs and a few softcore Indian pornos in the top couple rows. That’s probably more of a reflection on their global fanbase than the whole catalog, because they’re giving away all kinds of fucking porno.I scrolled past the Indian hotties and found some Mexican ones, some Asians, Ebonies, and many white girls. There are MILFs jerking off dudes and teens bouncing on cock. I see a tatted lesbian scene, a Euro threesome, tittyjobs and footjobs, as well as a lengthy cumshot collection. I’m going to have to come back to watch this stepmom/stepson scene with anal and squirting.There’s plenty for the freaks, too, and I’m still just browsing the new shit on the front page. One MILF with a ball gag is getting fucked up the ass by a machine, and there’s another broad literally milking her monster tits on camera. If the MILFs aren’t old enough for you, there’s a granny taking a Big Black Cock. There’s even a 13-minute dirty movie starring a chick in fishnets who has three tits.The joint is called XTits.com, so the uploads naturally lean toward women with bigger jugs, natural or synthetic. I thought I saw a couple of smaller tits scattered throughout, but my perspective is probably skewed from beating off to giant-boob porn all day. “Normal” chicks start to look small after watching BBWs, overinflated pornstars and really big naturals.Non-Stop Jugs, All Day and NightI’m writing this review in the very final days of 2021, as PornHub undergoes some big-ass changes and legal challenges. The big boys of the tube world put a halt to the vast majority of their user uploads, which was one of the major factors in becoming such a powerhouse of porn. Their reasons are certainly sound, but the new rules have mainly affected innocent victims.XTits.com is still taking a fucking huge amount of uploads, which means there’s a non-stop stream of fresh material hitting the site at any given moment. Every time I’ve refreshed the main page, there are new movies of babes with big boobs getting fucked, sucking dick, or doing some kinky shit like getting tied up or doing an ASMR masturbation show. In fact, more than 3000 movies are added every day.The 3k figure comes from some text I found under the New label, though I’m not sure it’s entirely accurate based on the math. There are about 30,000 big titty pornos in the collection as of this writing. That’s impressive as fucking hell for a tube that’s been around for around 6 months, but a bit under what it should be if they really got 3000 new movies every day. They say that beggars can’t be choosers, especially at the whorehouse, so I certainly ain’t too upset about it.By default, the front page of XTits shows you the newest stuff first, just like most tubes. They’ve got the usual assortment of filters to rearrange the material by top-rated, most viewed or longest, plus a slider for ALL, HD or VR pornos. One of my favorite features that I haven’t seen anywhere else, though, is the filter to select movies by cup size. This place is clearly catering to the booby fans out there on the web.Top Busty Sluts without the SpamI wanted to see what was new, what was popular and what was big on XTits right now, so I adjusted the filters to show me the Top Rated movies of the month in the G-cup range. Of course, this brought up thousands of movies, which is exactly what I was hoping for.This month’s G-cup top favorites include a gangbang creampie from Alura Jenson and a threesome in a sleazy shoe shop. A couple of Texas lesbians with crazy racks go to town on each other, and there’s a brunette with her legs as far up as they’ll go with her giant fucking tits in the way.I noticed Czech slut Krystal Swift in the top row and knew that’s where I’d start my fap test. I’ve been hooked on this chick ever since I caught her in a couple of VR flicks. She’s got a pretty face, a gorgeous thick body and some big, beautiful, natural tatas. In other words, she’s exactly the kind of chick you expect to beat off to on a site like this.With my spam blocker running, my trip to XTits has been remarkably spam-free. I clicked through to the video and hit play without getting a single pop-up or seeing a single banner ad. The scene started playing smoothly at 480p and maintained clean playback even after I maxed it out at 720p. I’ve seen some themed porn tubes lately that didn’t have any kind of HD, so I was glad to see the icon on most of the videos here.Short Scenes and Long Ones, TooKrystal’s scene is a short reality porn adventure, with a van-based scenario we’ve seen a million times before. She does a killer job selling it as real; if I didn’t know the genre or recognize Krystal, I might think she was really getting picked up by some randos with a van and a video camera.Goddamn, it’s a fantastic scene, though that’s not necessarily a reflection on XTits. Krystal and her big jugs are what make the movie, though it could be argued the production company had a big role in casting the role right. What XTits does is provide a platform for us to watch without shelling out any money or dealing with a bunch of ads.The biggest problem with the scene is that it’s only 12 minutes long. This is something of a reflection on the site because many of the clips are pretty short. It looks like many of them are sample clips from the paysites. The collection is balanced out, however, by all the truly full-length fuck flicks in the library.To that end, I next loaded up an HD scene starring the illustrious Chanel Preston. This one ran nearly an hour-long, giving me plenty of time to settle in for a nice, long fap. She strolls into the scene in a tight top that shows off her big tits with nips poking out conspicuously. I was already stroking myself through my pants a couple of minutes in, even as all the other McDonald’s customers gave me dirty looks.Guys, I have to cut this short because I’m pretty sure the manager is on the phone with the police. Fortunately, I can pick up right where I left off, thanks to the convenience of the big-ass free archive of big-ass titty porno at XTits. Check it out on your next lunch break, drug-fueled night in or just waiting for the check at Denny’s.