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Reddit Erotica, aka r/Erotica! Sometimes, we all love to escape from reality, and just enter the world where everything is possible, right? Imagine a world where no matter how fucked up your imagination is, you can enjoy it as much as you fucking want. While I am pretty sure most of this can be achieved in the wonderful world of hentai, it is also possible at r/Erotica/, where you get to read all kinds of stories about all types of NSFW content.In simple terms, r/Erotica/ is filled with loads of dirty, kinky, addictive, erotic stories filled with passionate fucking. Now, I am sure I lost some of you while describing this subreddit, since I know that my viewers love the hardcore content instead, right? In that case, you were looking for some juicy content that is unlikely to happen in most cases; I am pretty sure that r/Erotica/ will suit your taste.Now, I think it is also worth mentioning that Reddit.com is a free website with thousands of NSFW subreddits, and r/Erotica/ is just one of them. All I am trying to say is that you should not judge too hard. I mean, even if you dislike what this subreddit is all about, you have a lot of other subreddits that are all free, and you are obviously more than fucking welcome to check them out.I also want to mention, before I get fully into details and all that crap, that if you were expecting to see actual porn videos or whatever, r/Erotica/ might not be the way to go. This subreddit will have stories, and that’s that. There is no actual pornographic content… but that does not mean that you cannot check out other porn-related subreddits instead. As for those who are interested in what r/Erotica/ is all about, just keep reading.So, what kind of stories can I expect?Yes, yes… I know. A lot of you are probably wondering why the fuck am I talking about Erotica? Well, my friends, I am an expert in all kinds of pornographic fields, and that also includes made-up or real stories about sexual experiences and all sorts of dirty fantasies. You should know that some stories on r/Erotica/ are made-up and others are real experiences, which is what makes this subreddit a bit more exciting.Why are you here in the first place? I do want to repeat that if you are expecting anything other than erotic stories, you must be a fucking idiot. I just mentioned a couple of times that r/Erotica/ is all about erotic stories, so you expecting something else just tells me that you are stupid. Anyway, for those who decided to stick around and learn more about what this subreddit is all about, let me give you my ‘intel’.You have a lot of stories, and I mean a lot. Apparently, the community of r/Erotica/ is very active, and they have frequent updates. This means that you can expect new stories on the daily, which is pretty neat, seeing as how we are all here to read dirty stories. But, what kind of stories can you actually expect? Are they mellow, are they hardcore, bizarre? As Bruce Almighty said, “Yes, to all. Now everybody’s happy.”No matter what kind of fantasy you have, I am pretty sure that you will find it here. You have stories that will describe real happenings, and you have people who just love to talk about fantasy. For example, I found a story about an Assassin who decided to have fun instead of actually killing his target, I guess. I did not read much into it, as there are multiple chapters and counting.Oh yeah, that is yet another aspect you might want to know; the stories tend to have more chapters, which just means that the stories will always go somewhere. The chapters are not that long, which is pretty good since I do not know about you, but personally, I am not that into reading long chapters about sex… I’d much rather watch a JAV of 4h instead.I think that is as much as you really need to know about this subreddit and what it has to offer. It’s no rocket science to be fair… it is all there in the name. If you love to read Erotica, then you might as well check it out… and if you like to write Erotica, well, I have some great news for you; everything is user-updated, which means that you can basically do the same. I’ll talk about that in a bit.Would you like to have some added privileges?Imagine registering, and then enjoying all the privileges that users get… Well, you can do that if you want. Registering on Reddit is free and straightforward, and you are more than welcome to try it yourself. I mean, if you register, you have all the usual privileges that you would expect, such as liking and disliking bullshit content and commenting on whatever the fuck you want to comment on. Pretty straightforward.However, you can also upload your own stuff, which is where the fun begins. Since the users upload everything on Reddit, if you become a user, you can do the same. As a user, you can write your own dirty stories and post them on r/Erotica/ or find a different kind of a subreddit and post your shit there instead.The beauty of registering is that you can choose whether you want to do it. I mean, if you are eager to share your naughty shit, then you need to register, but if you are here just to enjoy the content, then there is really no need for you to register whatsoever. Although, enjoying everything as a member is a lot better than as a voyeur, trust me. I know what the fuck I am talking about… this is my forte.You can make friends or… something kinkier?Another great thing about Reddit.com is the fact that you can register for free and then chat with the members. Sure, you can talk to them through the comments, but that is not the type of chatting I was thinking about. Every user can send other Redditors a private message, which is pretty fucking neat. While this subreddit, in particular, is not made for chatting or any of that bullshit, there are many others that are made just for that.So, if you are here just to chat, you can visit other subreddits that are dedicated to that, such as subreddits for dating, hookups, fetish parties, swinging, cuckolds, and so on. There is a subreddit for everything out there, no matter what the fuck you might be into, which is why I always enjoy browsing through Reddit in general… and why you will enjoy it as well.Take your sweet ass time and browse through as much as you want. If you want to enjoy the Erotica content, then just do that, if you want to post your own dirty stories, then post, and if you want to chat, then chat. There ain’t much to be said about this in general, Reddit.com is a very straightforward website.A place worthy of all erotica lovers.In simple terms, Reddit.com is a website that has a little bit of everything, with millions of subreddit covering a wide range of shit, from NSFW to random subreddits about stupid or interesting topics. I can’t stretch just how much of everything Reddit has, and one of the best places for you to read erotic novels, or so to speak, is r/Erotica/.This is a subreddit filled with loads of erotic stories, and you can read any of them… some even have a couple of chapters. You can also post your own stuff. If you are not sure what a certain subreddit has to offer, there will always be a description of that subreddit on the side, and the same applies when you check out r/Erotica/.Other than that, you can see that r/Erotica/ has over 75.5k members, with usually about 160 of them being online. From what I have seen, the updates on r/Erotica/ are quite frequent, and users tend to continue the stories often. If you wish to write your own, you should follow some basic rules of posting, that you can all find on Reddit. So, if you are in the mood for some naughty stories, whether you want to read or post your own, I am pretty sure that you will enjoy browsing through r/Erotica/.