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Reddit Sex Stories, aka r/SexStories! What is the sexiest part of the human body? Is it the titty, that beautiful and bouncy gland that delivers milk, the nectar of human life? Or is it the booty, that bubbly round peach from whence poop comes? Many fetishists would argue that it’s the foot, while your typical vanilla dude might go crazy about a really tight cunt. A bunch of big-brained fancy pants often claim the sexiest human organ is actually the mind.We live in a time of extremely realistic pornography, including a burgeoning VR sex scene that literally drops you right into the scenes. Still, pornographic fiction lives on and seems as popular as it ever was. The nearly 100,000 members of Reddit’s r/sexstories are certainly fans. Based on the fact that you’re reading this, I bet you’re looking for a good story to touch yourself to as well.There’s More Than Just Virgins on RedditJust about everyone has heard of Reddit; they get around 1.3 billion visits per month, putting them among the top sites on the Internet. Even if you don’t give a fuck about anime, video games or any of that other nerd shit, the massive super-forum has subreddits dedicated to almost every topic under the sun. You can chat about kittens, golfing, or the supposed superpowers idiots claim they get if they don’t masturbate. Alternately, you can masturbate to one of the NSFW subreddits like r/sexstories.Sexstories is one of the older subs on Reddit, dating back to the beginning of 2009. It’s just more evidence that literary erotica is a timeless format that ain’t ever going to go away, no matter how many 5K threesomes the big porno networks are churning out every month. As I was reviewing the subreddit, more than 500 members were online.Every subreddit has its own rules, and the ones here are pretty fucking simple. All posts must be stories or asking for help writing them, must be at least five sentences long, and have a piece of flair identifying what kind of sex story it is. Emojis are not allowed, but every type of porno story is.In case you’re really itching to play along at home, signing up for Reddit is simple, fast and free. If you prefer to browse the selection and jerk off to the stories without signing up and signing in, that’s cool, too. It’s a pretty chill place like that. Oh, but you’ve got to be at least 18. I’m sure you knew that, because I know for an absolute goddamn fact there aren’t any minors reading The Porn Dude.The Hottest Free Sex Stories On RedditBy default, r/sexstories shows you the Hottest material first. "Hotness" is determined by a combination of upload date and general popularity, and gets some of the best shit to the top. If you only view the site from time to time, it may be the best way to look. If you’re a regular, daily viewer, I recommend sorting the content by New. Other sorting options include Controversial, Top and Rising.As I write this, the Hottest story at the very top of the subreddit is a little something called Spontaneous Moment with My Wife. It was posted two months ago, but has 343 upvotes and a few dozen comments. I lubed up, put on my reading glasses and clicked through to the full post.This one is actually a very short story. In one paragraph, the poster sums up a quick session with his wife. They’re getting ready to go out and she put on a beautiful short dress. She pulled him into a walk-in closet, kissed him and said she wasn’t wearing any panties. After she says, “Eat my pussy, baby,” they fuck with no detail.Well, that one was a little bit light on content to get me off, but it did it for a bunch of these horny motherfuckers. Fortunately for me, there is a wealth of different styles of literary smut on the sub.There’s a mix of fictional and nonfictional sex stories, but the labels indicating which is which are used very inconsistently. If that last one wasn’t true, the dude who wrote it must be a sad incel, which wouldn’t be a surprise given this is Reddit. “Hey guys, a girl totally touched my wiener. Please believe me despite the complete lack of detail. Also, the upvotes validate me since my life is so pathetic.”On the other hand, a popular story about two random girls from Walmart sucking a dude off is filled with enough incidental details that it really seems like it fucking happened. There’s random drama with an ex who also happens to be an employee, casual drug use, random asides about the author’s depression, and a couple of really thirsty fat girls. Goddamn, I have to start doing my late-night drunk shopping at this dude’s store!The Freshest Literary Smut by a Community of PervertsI sorted the posts on r/sexstories by Newness to see how often fresh smut gets posted. About 20 minutes ago, chapter 6 of an epic-length gay porn story was posted. An hour earlier, it was the epilogue to a lesbian story. Each of them is considerably more detailed and well-written than the other two sordid tales I’d read, but only one is labeled specifically as fiction.In just the last 24 hours, there have been dozens of posts. A supposed bit of nonfiction was posted by some rich broad whose maid caught her fucking her boyfriend. There is a sloppily written incest story about a mom sitting on her son’s lap and the first part of what is shaping up to be a sexy hotel party for the ages. I hope they used someone else’s credit card when they checked in.I read a short story about a blowjob slut some dude met off of Twitter. The writer broke the no emoji rule, and I can see why they enacted it. It looks fucking stupid to see a smiley face in the middle of a paragraph about sticking your dick in some stranger’s face. Another tale was an MMMMF gangbang about a teen being used by a group of men in an alley. This one doesn’t have any stupid emojis, so it reads like the author is neither retarded nor a virgin.I like the sheer variety of perversion going on here. There are BDSM stories and vanilla ones, teenage fuck fiction and ostensibly real tales of fucking the MILF next door. Honestly, I was a little surprised I didn’t find a bunch of weird shit here, like furries, urethral fisting, and breast expansion fetishism. None of that stuff is against the rules, so maybe it’s just a matter of digging more. Everything I read today was firmly grounded in at least some kind of reality.My biggest complaint about r/sexstories would be the very inconsistent quality of the stories. Some read like they were written by professionals, people who read books and understand how words work. Many of them were clearly slapped together by borderline illiterate goons who don’t understand paragraphs, pronouns or basic punctuation.Theoretically, the upvote/downvote system at Reddit should make the best stuff rise to the top. I guess that’s still technically true; the stuff that gets upvoted the most is the most popular material on the sub. I just think a lot of the Hot stuff is poorly written garbage. That’s the beauty of democratic forums like this, huh? The masses get to decide what’s sexy and what isn’t, not just some singular, random Porn Dude whose whole job is looking at online erotica.My own complaints about the most popular content aside, Reddit’s r/sexstories is truly a gold mine of fresh, new sex stories. The hopping community here really encourages each other to create and post more and more content, so there’s always a wealth of blowjob tales and surprise hookups to read about. It’s a good place to get your rocks off via the magic of the written word, and not a bad place to start honing your own chops if you’re an aspiring sex writer.