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Reddit GoneWild Stories, aka r/GoneWildStories! Everyone likes masturbating to videos nowadays because people’s attention spans have been reduced to just a few second bursts over the past two decades. You can’t expect generations who have grown up staring at screens to pay much attention to the world around them anyway, especially when all those hot juicy porn videos are online and freely watchable.There are millions of porn clips on the internet right now, and there has been for a long time - and one of the best things about them is that they’re pretty much free real estate for anyone in need of a good lonely time. But the fucked up thing here is that these videos and every other attention-grabbing thing that exists on the internet have made the average attention span of young people dwindle down to just a few seconds at a time.Not this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it renders you incapable of focusing on one thing for too long - and disciplining yourself in a world where everyone else around you is also in the same overstimulated hell isn’t easy. Still, it does go a long way in helping you if you do manage to get a hold of it. I know one sure way you can make your attention span last for up to 30 seconds or more, though - and that’s by reading pornography.You know when people tell you “the book is much better than the movie because it has so many more details put into it”? Well, that’s the experience you want to aim for when reading something, and if you love porn, then, of course, you’ll love to read crazy sex stories. Millions of people have posted crazy and spontaneous sex adventures onto /r/GoneWildStories here. Let me tell you why this 412k thousand-strong Subreddit should become your go-to when you want to crank one or two out.So You’ve Got Cheating StoriesThis site has plenty of stories involving adultery of all kinds. You can’t scroll a few posts down without running into some story that involves some girl “falling, tripping over and landing on somebody’s dick, pussy-first.” A lot of cheating happens in the world folks - your partner could be playing you right now, and you wouldn’t have a clue. They might even be posting about it on /r/GoneWildStories and going into detail about how their fling was much better and a hell of a lot more satisfying than you’ve ever been.But even if they are, don’t get too mad cause some people just cheat to feel better about themselves so they can be a better partner to you. So be the bigger person and don’t go down that route - just masturbate to some stories of cheating instead of actually doing it. You’re guaranteed to get the same authentic kind of sexual tension that comes out of it from these stories anyway because they’re all as real as can be. Or, if you don’t like this kind of stuff, you’re more than welcome to check out my XXX site listings.ConfessionsAh yes, confessions are always saucy and are guaranteed to contain plenty of erection-raising scenarios. People all around the world have done something sexual they’re not proud of, and since we’re all dopamine-crazed animals, it’s only natural that there are plenty of hot and authentic confessions being used as actual pornographic material, like the kinds on /r/GoneWildStories here.This site has plenty of confession sex stories that will open your eyes and let you see just what magnitude of despicable acts people are capable of. I bet tons of dirty catholic priests do some “sinful, naughty things” while women tell them their confessions - I bet they even make them go into detail about every little thing just so they can get one hell of a kick out of it.And Ultra-Slutty No Regrets StoriesThese ones are by far the sauciest - a “no regret” story is usually something pretty outrageous, because as the name implies, most people who have done that kind of stuff live to regret it. For example, a no-regret story could be a guy fucking his own brother’s girlfriend, and no one would ever know besides him and the girlfriend.Imagine your own spouse cheating on you with your own sibling, and you have no clue about it - your sibling could even have a good relationship with you and see you frequently, and you wouldn’t have the faintest idea that they touched, rubbed, bumped and ground genitals with the same person you do the same thing with. These things do happen folks, and /r/GoneWildStories here has plenty of real-life examples of these kinds of outrageous sex stories.And They’re All 100% TrueAnd since it’s Reddit, I highly doubt that any of these stories are made up. Some might be, but you’d have to be a pretty damn good writer with a realistic imagination to be able to come up with them - and why would you even do that anyway? /r/GoneWildSexStories, as well as other XXX Subreddits, have long been favored by many porn fans and connoisseurs alike just for their authenticity alone. This website encourages content creation anyway, so you can bet that all the stories you see on this Subreddit, as well as every other OC thing on this website, is 100% authentic - that’s why I like to refer to Reddit as “amateur OC heaven.”But You Can’t Really Separate, Organize or Segregate Any of The Posts HereThe one thing that still bugs me about Reddit is its lack of content organization tools. I know that /r/GoneWildStories is a sex story Subreddit, but even sex stories can be dissected, separated, or organized in many ways. For example, the three aforementioned sex story formats should be separable, so if I, for example, want to see only confessions, I should be able to click a button that gives me only confessions. But instead, I have to input the word “confessions “ in the in-Subreddit search bar, which is definitely bad for my inherent ADHD as a millennial. There are also no tags on Reddit too, which proves to be a little bit of a hassle here on this site, especially on other Subreddits that have posts containing still images, GIFs, and videos.The Reddit App Works Flawlessly On Mobile DevicesOne thing I love about Reddit is the seamless experience its smartphone app version provides. The mobile version of the website is so-so UX/UI-wise, but the app lets you browse /r/GoneWildStories here and every other Subreddit (pornographic or otherwise) easily from any smartphone or digital device. Not only does it not take up a lot of memory, but it also lets you flip through posts easily in a slideshow-like style, and the best thing about it is that it’s free.In these dark times of social distancing and quarantining, everyone needs to get their kick somehow on the internet, and the Reddit app is perfect for killing time and wasting sperm cells. It can let you catch up on the latest news about COVID-19, listen to some new experimental music, read some weird fan fiction, or masturbate to the sex stories on /r/GoneWildStories here in peace without slowing down your phone.