The Original Candid has been around for a little over a year now, though you probably wouldn’t know that from stopping by the landing page. In fact, there’s basically nothing to be seen out front except for a header graphic of the site’s name in 3D letters. You’ll have to sign up for an account to see anything, but they’ve switched from their original invite-only model to free, open registration to anyone who loves candid shots.TheOriginalCandid.com is a good name for a site, because it tells you pretty much exactly what you’re going to get inside. The only thing it doesn’t tell you is the format: this is a forum for sharing candid photos and videos of beautiful women. It’s just like gawking at sexy broads at the library, Wal-Mart or the beach, only this time I’m not going to get another public indecency charge. Hey, and you can eye-fuck these hotties without popping your social-distancing bubble.A Classic Format for Fresh New CandidsDiscussion forums have been around since the dawn of the Internet, and the format hasn’t really changed much over the years. The old fuckers remember their modems screaming as they dialed into bulletin board systems, perused the listings and then waited ten minutes for each and every bikini shot they were interested in checking out. It was a slow, tedious process, but in the end, you got to look at some T&A.These days, you just aim your browser at a site like TheOriginalCandid. The setup is the same as it’s always been on forums, with a bunch of subforums divided into broad categories. Unlike the forums of days gone, the modern Internet lets us move files at blazing speeds. That means a lot of sexy candid shots from the very moment you log in.Above the forum selections on the main page is a row of Editor’s Choice photos. Whoever the editors are, I’ve got to say they have impeccable taste. The first candids I saw on The Original Candid were a nice, round ass in grey leggings at Target and a nice, round ass in black leggings at Starbucks. Hitting the arrow buttons along the edge, I saw some bikini-bottomed booties at the beach, a chick in the tiniest white cutoff shorts at a car show, a busty babe with her titties hanging out at the park, and a stunning shot of a couple of raver girls with basically nothing covering their butts.A column of new additions to the site takes up the right edge of the page, and it’s glorious. TheOriginalCandid.com gets a steady stream of fresh content, with new candids hitting the website several times an hour. In the last 60 minutes, there’s been another beach girl with a nice ass, a couple of ebony hotties shopping with hella cleavage, and a thick-assed chick in tight bike shorts pushing a cart around Wal-Mart.A Thriving Community of Subtle PhotographersWhile free video tubes are often considered the go-to when it comes to whacking off to porn or sharing it, forums are an excellent vehicle for certain types of content. Some of the best amateur sites out there are forums, because the format encourages exactly the kind of user interaction you want in a group of perverts sharing their sex photos. Likewise with the dudes taking creepshots at Ikea and Dollar General, which is why I’m glad The Original Candid is a forum.Case in point: those new posts lined up along the edge. I clicked on the newest one, thumbnailed by a hottie laying face-down on a towel in a green bikini. The full post features that pic along with a couple dozen more beach photos. The dude who made the post said he was bummed COVID kept him home where he couldn’t take more, but wanted to share some of his collection.That bike shorts post I mentioned was a little different, because I’m pretty sure the poster took the photos this morning. It’s a much smaller gallery, with just three still photos. He did, however, manage to capture an animated GIF of this girl’s ass jiggling as she walked past the backpack aisle.Both posts are brand new, but they both have replies already. Admittedly, a lot of the comments on forums like this are noise, with users chiming in to say illuminating things like, “OMFG what an ass ty” and “I’d fuck her!” That comes with the territory, but what I like is that it’s plain to see TheOriginalCandid is a thriving community of candid fans and photographers. That damn near guarantees the steady stream of candids ain’t going to be turning off anytime soon.It feels good to be around like-minded motherfuckers who appreciate a nice candid shot of a woman in tight jeans or a teen in a little skirt. I mean, you could whack off to selfies and candids on Facebook and Instagram, but it just isn’t as fun.Simple Rules for Photographing My DaughterThe main forums on TheOriginalCandid.com are divided by candid types. The Leggings and Yoga Pants sub is the most active, with over 3,600 topics as of this writing. Short Shorts and Tight Jeans are roughly tied for second place. Other forums include Ebony, Dress and Skirts, Downblouse and Boobs, Sports and Misc. There’s an X-Ray Candid board with night-vision shots that can see through clothing, but there are only 79 posts.Like other forums, there’s a Technical Support board and a General Discussion area where people can ramble about off-topic bullshit. The newest post is about flat-Earth theories, which I still haven’t been able to rub one out to, no matter how hard I try.I took a visit to the Guidelines board at the top to see what the rules were for posting on The Original Candid. The first rule prohibits spam, as it should. The second rule is more content-related, and damn, it’s a solid rule: posts on TheOriginalCandid must contain original candid content only. Instead of just a bunch of neckbeards posting their favorite creepshot photos you’ve already seen on other sites, you’re going to get fresh candids from the folks who shot them.The other content rules are reasonable in keeping with the theme, but some of you are going to be bummed they don’t allow nudity. Voyeur movies and upskirt shots are also banned specifically. Content needs to be shot in public places. You can’t post preteens and all your subjects need to be attractive, two rules that all but the chomos will be happy to abide by.The rest of the rules are pretty standard for any discussion or file-sharing forum, intended to keep a civil atmosphere and keep everyone happy. Basically, don’t be a dick. It’s codified in a lot more words than that on the site, but that’s the gist. Frankly, it’s shit that barely needs to be said, but we’re on the Internet and you know how it goes in this hive of wretched scum and villainy.Short Shorts and Sexy Candid TeensI’ve always been a fan of babes in little shorts, so I took a little trip to TheOriginalCandid’s Short Shorts forum. The newest post was added 22 hours ago and it’s already gotten a shitload of attention—three pages of replies and counting. I guess that’s what happens when you post a gallery of a candid teen in tight little shorts wandering around a town square somewhere.Holy shit. There’s so much activity on The Original Candid that when I finished drooling at the teen in shorts, there were 4 new posts on the Short Shorts board. There’s a college slut showing off at the gym, a cute, friendly Asian girl bending over, and a chick pulling out her wedgie in public. All these threads have been bumped to the top within the last 60 fucking seconds. Incredible.The extremely active community at TheOriginalCandid.com is the site’s best asset, because it leads directly to more of those candid photos and videos I’ve been enjoying all morning. It’s funny, because my biggest complaint about the site is that you have to sign up to view anything. While I’m usually a strong advocate for lurking on forums without even signing up if at all possible, in this case, I feel it’s probably worth your time and effort to get in there and take a look around. At least if you like seeing gorgeous chicks in their natural environment, that is.