Dick Flash? Why would I want to see some cock or dick flashing action? Sounds gay, not? I’ve reviewed a hell of a lot of porn and have covered a literal fuckload of topics when it comes to sexual fetishes, but I gotta say that this one definitely takes the cake when it comes to perverseness and obscurity. Dickflash.com is a website about, well, flashing. But it’s not only dedicated to guys flashing their dicks in public to unsuspecting victims that would be traumatized for life – this site also covers women who like to randomly reveal themselves to strangers for whatever reason (probably because they crave excitement in their otherwise dull lives).This website takes everything about the world of flashing and neatly categorizes it into different sections, making it ready for consumption for all the lovely people out there who enjoy watching strangers show their privates to other strangers in public. It doesn’t get more specific than this, so if you’ve ever had an obsession with flashing then Dick Flash is without a doubt your go-to place for all your perverted, guilty pleasures.You’d be surprised by the Variety of Content on HereThere are a few different flashing-related formats of content on this website because there’s more than one way to see people exposing themselves in public than just on video. There is a solid collection of photos hosted on this site which is enough to give any fan of still-image pornography a lifetime supply of pictures that’s sure to keep them happy on those lonely nights. Webcam flashing is also its own thing here, and it’s chock-full of naughty sluts and horny dudes who flash their privates out to anyone watching on the other side, which in this case would be you.There are also stories told by the site’s members, which are (probably) true experiences that I’m sure will arouse any fans out there that actually have enough of an attention span to consider reading as a form of porn consumption. I honestly think that this is a true utopia for anyone who has even the slightest preference for flashing porn, because not only does it have several varieties of content related to flashing (and when I say variety, I mean both media format and theme), but it’s also home to a large, tight-knit community of members who practically live for flashing porn.Too Straight For Dicks?As was previously mentioned, Dickflash isn’t just a home for exposed penises – there’s a whole section here called ‘Female Flashers & Watchers’, and it’s dedicated to women flashing and whoever was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them. The content on here covers a broad range of formats, from women openly posting their nudes to the site, to random social media nudes posted by members who found them online, and of course, footage of actual public flashing (which is rarer than what most people may think).Members also post real stories here, explaining how they unexpectedly witnessed a girl or woman naked whether by accident or otherwise. There are also angry dudes who expose their ex-girlfriends, as well as some creeps who post nudes of their actual girlfriend’s for whatever reason. If you’re someone who's deathly afraid of seeing a dick when you’re fapping, then this section of the page will probably work best for you.Plenty of Real Experiences to Get Immersed InIt might come as a surprise to the average porn-viewer to find out that there are a lot of porn-fans out there who prefer reading their porn instead of seeing it in any way shape or form. That’s right, there are porn fans out there who actually have a large enough attention span to read through their porn as opposed to watching overly-stimulating videos or jerking it to pictures. If you’re one of the few people who can actually get horny just by reading erotic fiction or non-fiction, then you’ll definitely appreciate the ‘Experiences’ section of this website.From what I’ve seen so far, there are dozens of new stories being added on a daily basis, stories which include all kinds of exposures, private or public, intentional or unintentional, male or female. Now whether these stories are real or not is up for debate, but I’m sure that any fan of written-porn will appreciate the sheer realism that’s in most of them.Non-Flashing Content SectionThis website isn’t only attributed to flashing porn because there’s a whole section here dedicated to non-flashing XXX content. The aptly named ‘Non-Flashing Videos’ section contains a whole mess of different videos which range from the occasional amateur nude to a hardcore voyeur sex compilation. Most of the content on here does orbit pretty closely to the flashing fetish since most of the stuff in this section features nude amateurs and voyeurism of some sort, but it also contains plenty of general porn which is linked to other XXX domains.In essence, this is a place for members to post their favorite non-flashing porn, and there are no rules dictating which format you can post in so you’ll run into videos, images, and stories on here. I have to say that the name of this section is quite misleading since it states that it contains videos when really there’s content all sorts of media formats here.Are you VERY Enthusiastic about Flashing?If you’re someone who prefers a more ‘hands-on’ experience when it comes to flashing porn that doesn’t involve you jerking yourself off, then you might just make some use of the ‘Tips, Tricks and Techniques’ section of this site. This section isn’t for the faint of heart, because it’s dedicated to educating all the aspiring flashers in the world on how to perfect their craft. If you’d like to show your privates to an unsuspecting stranger and potentially make or break their day, then you’ll definitely be able to pick up some helpful pointers here.While I myself think flashing is a pretty weird way to get off, I do think that people who do it are pretty brave (or stupid), because it can actually get you in trouble with the law in a lot of countries. Still, if you have an insatiable thirst for flashing your privates to the public, then this is probably the only place in both the real and cyber world that contains precisely the information you need in order to perfect your craft.A very Active Member CommunityI’ve reviewed a lot of websites and most of them have pretty inactive or toxic member communities where the most sophisticated conversation boils down to requests for a source of a certain picture or video. However, I can say with full confidence that Dickflash has one of the healthiest communities of loyal members who are very outspoken about their ideas, preferences, and opinions when it comes to flashing. There are five boards here under the ‘Other’ section where you can share your opinion on a bunch of different topics with other members of the site, which really solidifies the community of flash porn-loving perverts that make up the member base of this website.There’s the ‘Fantasies’ section where members can freely express their deepest, most outlandish fantasies when it comes to flashing. There’s also the ‘ISO’ board. Which is dedicated to bringing the members of this website together in real life, the ‘Busted!!’ board, which contains recounts of flashers being busted by police and security, and the ‘I was flashed’ board, which is pretty self-explanatory. There’s also the standalone ‘Political Discussion’ section, which despite its existence still doesn’t split the members of this page into two opposing groups because the act of flashing transcends petty political squabbles.