Looking for a place like Hot Board to share your love of good porn with other people? What about a place to discuss kinks, fantasies, favorite videos, or best pornstars? Or maybe you just want somewhere with quality videos, pictures, and a decent community. Whatever it is you’re looking for, porn forums are here to help. Don’t settle for dicking around in the comments on a porn tube site hoping for someone to reply. That shit is as sad as it is a total waste of time. I know a lot of people think that forums are a thing of the past, but that’s simply not true.Especially not for porn forums. They are still going strong as ever. There are no better places out there to shoot the shit about good porn.And I have a great forum for you today. I’ve been on a lot of bad forums, but Hot-Board.net looks like a site that might prove to be a diamond in the ruff. Diamond in the muff? Yeah, no. That was a stretch. The numbers here look great. This giant of a forum brings in a comfortable 1.2 million visitors every single month. And this forum isn’t an ancient one that’s been barely alive since before 2000. These guys launched around 2013 and have been going rather strong since. So, you don’t have to worry about hopping on a forum only to find its dead.The design is what you would expect from a forum. White and blue. The tried and true theme that just about every forum in the world goes for. Seriously, did they all have a meeting or something to decide that every forum ever would use a white and blue theme? It’s not bad, but you know how I feel about bright backdrops. They suck. Especially on a site where you have to read a lot. Without a dark reader you’re stuck looking into the sun. But the rest of the site is set up pretty well. They don’t go breaking the mold or anything, but it’s generally well organized.Unfortunately, Registration is Currently ClosedThe header is a good place to start if you’re new to forums or porn forums in general. Up top, you can organize the site by what’s new, click on their link to more awesome reviews done by yours truly, read the FAQ if you’re confused at all, view a member list, mark threads as read, or login. Though note that you won’t be able to login right now. Registration is closed off completely.It’s the same old story with forums like these. Sometimes they have to close off registration due to content or some other issue. But, fortunately, this site doesn’t limit you nearly as much as other forums do. You can still view threads and check out photos/videos to your hearts content.You just can’t really participate. Cursed to lurk in the shadows like always! One day I’ll be able to join one of these forums.One day.Plenty of Different Topics and Threads to ExploreHeader aside, the majority of the site is taken up by the forum itself. On the front page you can browse all of the categories and boards they have on the site. From the top down it goes as follows: “Site Related, Teen Internet Babes and Models (Photos and Videos Here), Hot Board Videos, Hot Board Images, Hot Board Fetish, and Hot Board Community.” And those are just the categories. Each one has a selection of threads under it that you can participate in. I was surprised to see that just about every single one of them was posted in today, if not within the last couple days. The place is fucking poppin’.It’s not just up-to-date either. People have made so many fucking posts. All of which you can go back through and explore. For example, the XXX Video Megathread is approaching a million posts. Can you believe that shit? There are hundreds of thousands of posts here with some really sexy content. I can’t go through them all, but know that this site has Amatuer, Professional, BDSM, and all the other good shit that you can’t get enough of.At the very bottom of the site you can view how many members are online and other some site statistics if you’re a nerd or whatever. On the right side, there’s a quickbar for popular tags, recent posts, and another link to the FAQ. For the threads themselves, you can view how many posts there are, when and who made the last post, and how many separate threads there are within the category. All in all, a lot of great navigational options.Download Any of the Awesome Content on Here for FreeBut let’s talk content. For once I can actually tell you what the videos, threads, and photos are like on one of these porn forums. The answer is pretty fucking awesome. Depending on what sort of sexy shit you like, you’ll get full HD shots and galleries from popular porn shoots and movies. If you like the more amatuer scene, you can expect some never before seen content. I love amatuer, but some of these posts were things I had never stumbled across. Definitely worth heading over and poking around just for that experience.Most of the content here requires you have a .rar reader like winrar. Videos and galleries will be available in their full glory for download via the links provided. And most posts contain previews/thumbnails, so you know what to expect before clicking through. The threads themselves seem to pretty civil and easy going. Moderation is tight, but it helps keep things going. I didn’t see any inflammatory threads or stupid shit like that.Dope Mobile SiteIt’s a forum, so the mobile site would be pretty hard to fuck up in my opinion. Even though way too many sites seem to figure out how to. Luckily, they don’t fuck this one up. Quite the opposite. It’s a good mobile site with full access to the regular site features. Well, except logging in. But what can you do? Yeah, there’s really not much else to say about the mobile site. It’s scaled well for mobile use, and the text isn’t fucking microscopic like other mobile forum sites. It’s good. Use it.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about Hot-Board.net is the fact that you can browse this shit without having to make an account. I guess that’s a fairly low bar to be impressed by but you would be surprised. Most places are walled off like fucking North and South Korea. No access. Do not pass go. But here you can download content, view threads, and all the good shit. I like to lurk anyway, so I’m not too bummed about the closed-off registrations. As long as I can download videos of sexy college babes getting fucked I’m a happy camper.I also enjoyed all of the separate boards here and how active they were. Usually, with this many boards, most of them end up being graveyards. Even the more out there fetish threads had people that had posted recently. This is definitely a good place to get your kink on if you’re into that kind of shit.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsSuggestions, suggestions, suggestions. Hm. Well, yeah. I’ve got a big one. Open up registration! Please? That would be fucking great. Other than that obvious one, a change of theme might be welcome. Or add a dark mode. I mentioned it above, but that shit really does get to me. Get with the times people! But all of these are small critiques. The site really does host a great forum.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, I like this forum. It’s got an incredibly active community, a huge archive with millions of posts to explore, free exploration for unregistered users, a decent design, and all the necessary site features for getting around. You won’t get lost here in the thick of it like you will on some forums. It’s all straightforward and easy to use. Plus, they have boards for crazy fetish content if you’re a freak like me. So, don’t hesitate. Head over to Hot-Board.net and get browsing. Trust me, you’ll bust the best of nuts looking at the content they’ve got hidden here.