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Seeing as the forum has over 50 thousand active members, there is never a dull moment!Looks aren't what matters the mostI'll have to say that I was confused by what I saw on CamCaps.net when I first saw the page. The interface was quite confusing for me, but I assumed this was the case since I was a first-time visitor. This isn't anything strange, but I am aware that plenty of other websites that I visited had a "comfy" vibe through them while browsing through CamCaps.net feels like walking on legos barefoot. The legos look nice, sure thing, however, stepping on them isn't nice at all, and so, scrolling through CamCaps.net isn't a nice thing, either.Don't get me wrong, the page does look nice, but this isn't the entire point! I could talk for quite a long time about the aesthetics of the page, how the white background fits nicely with the light blue color that you see on top of the page and the shades of green you see on some of the letters and the "$20" that sits on top of the page, eternally reminding you that membership on this website isn't actually that expensive and that you should seriously consider it.However, the design is quite confusing. Sure, you can click on the header tabs that you can see on top of the page in order to navigate the page, but you'll notice that even these tabs have little "sub-tabs" (is that what you call them?), and this is where the fun (I don't mean this in a good way) starts.However, I figured out what the big deal was after a few tries. I noticed that when you click on one of the header tabs, a page would pop up, and I couldn't find my way back to that page for quite some time, and I felt stupid for it. I assumed that clicking on the header tab opened up the first sub-tab underneath that tab, but this wasn't the case. As the header tab is a "sub-tab" on its own if that makes sense to you, if it doesn't...there's no better way for me to explain this and I'm not to blame, but the designers of CamCaps.net are!Also, it's pretty funny how CamCaps.net warns you that you have to be at least 18 in order to access the page only when you've actually accessed the page (the red text that says "you must be 18 or older" is on the home page, right underneath the girl with the big titties that talks about the content of the page).Home, sweet home!If you hit up the homepage tab, you won't be taken anywhere, so it's best that you start exploring the little sub-tabs. First off, the "forums" sub-tab can be noticed, so I suggest you check this one first to get the hang of things. I mean, you heard the cute blondie, right? The girl in the introduction video said that CamCaps.net is a website that primarily serves as a webcam forum even though it does many other things such as banding various people from all over the world together so they could have a spicy video chat, seeling things, and so on. Let's see what the "forums" sub-tab has to offer.The very first thing you will notice is that the forums have been divided into sections which isn't surprising, seeing as most forum websites have been divided into sections. A division such as this one is necessary since it makes sure that the forum doesn't turn into an absolute shitfest. Probably the most important section for most of us would be the "general discussion" section. Then we have the "pics and videos" general section.If you keep scrolling you will notice that there is a VoyeurHouse.tv general discussion section which is great. Then, we have a section that is entirely dedicated to voyeur style cam sites such as Voyeur-Villa, Spygasm, LifeUnderCam, VoyeurHouse, Camarads and so on and so on. Then, there is a section dedicated to Realllifecam.com.Once you have reached this section, you have finally gotten to the bottom of the page. Now, let's pay attention to these individual sections and see what they have to offer. First off, the general discussion sub-forum that is all about Voyeur-House.TV giveaways, contests, and various other news that are related to the page. Next, there is a sub-forum that is all about polls. If you want to create some sort of poll, you better put it in there. Also, there is a "readme" sub-forum which is very important.The random discussion sub-forum is the sub-forum that I mentioned earlier in the text when I talked about "chit-chat," and stuff like that. Then there is the "old dudes board." I've never seen anything like this, but hey, this is a board that is for dudes that are over 40 years old. Then, you also find a comedy and adult humor board and a board for ranting and flame wars and worldwide political discussions. Why would you want to talk about politics on a website where most people come to beat their dicks to camgirls? What's the point, really?I'll only talk about one more board, and that will be it since the other ones aren't too important. The pics and videos general board is great for finding hot adult pictures and movies that you can often download to your own computer without paying a single dollar, isn't that great? Free downloadable porn is always great. You'll also get links that will redirect you to certain websites where you can stream your favorite movies for free!Are you sure you want to talk to these creeps? It's fine because you're a creep too!The chat tab doesn't work all the time, at least for me, but when it does work you are exposed to the most depraved humans on planet Earth, and this is precisely why this tab is so fun. I am quite happy with it, and I bet that you will be, too. If you want to further socialize with these people, then you might want to head out to the "clubs" tab where you will find all kinds of weird clubs dedicated to certain fetishes and various interests.Sign up now! It's free! And it's somewhat mandatory.In order to use all of the wonderful features that CamCaps.net has to offer, you will have to sign up real quick. The process is quite simple, and it's completely free, the only thing that isn't completely free is the premium membership. However, the premium membership is quite cheap, too. It only costs twenty bucks to be a member for an entire year! Isn't that great? Now, you will need to choose a display name, first of all.Then you gotta give the guys at CamCaps.net your email address and your password. Once you have confirmed your password and you confirmed that you are not a robot by solving the captcha at the bottom of the page, you will have to agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy. Once all of this is done you may now interact with perverts all around the globe, yay!Given the circumstances, a pervert such as yourself has no better options...If you want to find loads of great free webcams that are available 24/7, I have to say that there is no better place to be. See, what you find on CamCaps.net is a whole lot of links and resources that you can use in order to get cheap deals for other websites that offer sexy cam shows, which is pretty neat.