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I remember when porn forums were treasure troves of hot porn that you wouldn’t find anywhere else on the internet. These sites thrived even when other porn sites were first coming out. Why? Well, connections weren’t great back then. It was easier to watch a gif of some hot bitches tits bouncing on a forum than it was to try and load an entire video on shitty, dialup internet service.They’ve been on a bit of a decline lately, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still some great forum sites out there. Like acid wash jeans. Most chicks look fugly in them now, but then you spy that dimepiece wearing a pair with an ass that has its own gravitational field and maybe, just maybe you could see that style coming back.I found a forum that’s still going pretty strong compared to the other sites like it. Most of them have a trickle of followers that struggles to break 100 thousand every month. Forums.sexandfunny.com blows that figure out of the water and is killing it with well over 4 million site visits every month. I can’t say for certain when they launched, but I’ve spied posts dating as far back as 2005. So, this isn’t some new forum site that doesn’t know shit. These guys have been around for a solid minute.Site is Open for Registration and Has a Large, Active User BaseThe site has the same color scheme that basically every other forum site in the fucking world has: blue and white. It’s fine enough. It doesn’t look ancient like some sites do. It looks pretty organized and all that good shit. I just wish forum sites would include some sort of dark theme. It’s a site where I have to stare at small text and read for hours. Don’t pull this light theme only bullshit.For once, I get the honor of reviewing a forum that is actually open for registration. Give an email, username, and the other standard stuff to get started. From there you can add small details to your profile. I recommend signing up. This isn’t an anonymous message board. You won’t be able to post pictures of thick bitches without signing up. So, unless you plan to lurk, I would sign up. It’s free.At the top of the page, in comically small text, is a header with options for forum rules, home, shop, tutorials, and the best posts of the day. Best posts are determined by votes or “rep.” Basically, if you like something you can rep it and give that user some brownie points. The more points you have the higher your social rank on the site get and the more likely people will be to listen to whatever bullshit you have to say.I’d check out the rules before you get started. You don’t want to get banned because you were a dumbass who couldn’t be bothered to skim a page of basic rules. The shop has t-shirts if you feel like rocking the site logo and name across your chest for some reason.Browse Posts, Play Flash Games or Head Over to the CasinoNext up is another header with text that isn’t smaller than a micro dick in the winter. Here you can view new posts, search, check out tags, view the calendar or FAQ, hit up the arcade/casino, or check out the user cp. Yeah, that last one isn’t the best name. I don’t know who though abbreviating “Control Panel” was a good idea. Gives off the wrong, creepy vibe. I felt like I was put on some sort of list for just clicking on that link.The arcade/casino probably caught your attention. It sure got mine. Flash games. This site actually has some fucking flash games. They aren’t all sex-themed, actually, most aren’t. You can play games here and fight for the top spots on the leaderboard amongst all the other cucks on the site. In the casino, you can bet fake cash and play a variety of card games. Neat, I guess. Didn’t expect to see that sort of content here.Sexy Threads Full of Amateur SlutsBut enough about flash games. You horny fucks aren’t here for that. You want to know what sort of sordid content this sexy site contains. There are 5 sections: General, Special Interest, Our Girls, Other, and What’s New. The last two are basically support sections and updates. No pussy to be found there. The Our Girls section is a thread for verified amateur sluts to spread their legs and flash their tits for chicks and dudes to fap to. This section has nearly 90 thousand posts and 2 thousand threads. There’s a fuck ton of fapworthy material here. And it’s actually active. Some slut posted a downblouse shot of her tits just a few days ago.Porn is Weirdly Scattered Amongst Other ThreadsThe Special Interest section has a place to talk about porn, sex, and that sort of thing. There’s also a place for talking politics or engaging in Q&As. Not the sexiest section, but people are posting there all the time. The general forum is where the most action is. And, here is where you’ll see that it’s not just porn here. Hence the title of the site. You’ll find porn, but it’ll be mixed in with dozens of other joke threads.This is more of a general forum with a touch of porn in it, which was a bit of a bummer for me. It left me wanting for more. I wanted to see dedicated sections for sharing clips, pics, and animations of hot porn videos. You can find those threads, but you might be better off fapping to another, more porn focused, porn forum if you’re just looking to bust a nut. I’m sure there’s plenty of kinky content to jerk it to on here, but having to go through the effort of finding tags or skimming through posts to get it isn’t worth it.Poor Mobile ExperienceAs expected from an old forum site like this, the mobile site sucks. No work has been done to make it readable on mobile devices. Text is incredibly small and you have to constantly zoom in and out to read or engage with anything on the page. I wouldn’t even bother with it. It’s a shame though. They have a ton of frequent users. I bet having a functional mobile site would draw even more people in.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesI like how active the forum is. It isn’t often that I get to check out one of these sites that actually has a notable number of users. It's usually a fucking ghost town. There are amateur babes who love whoring themselves out for some much-needed attention. And these chicks are verified real. It’s not some dude reposting old photos of pornstars for the fifth fucking time. You’re getting quality shots of hot babes baring it all for you. And there are some other great threads for porn gifs, link sharing, and more. You just have to know how to look for them.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsMore porn! I get that it’s “Sexy and Funny” but I want a little less funny and a little more sexy. Or at least organize the NSFW content better. Have a section specifically for sharing kinky pictures, clips, games, links, and more. I’m surprised there isn’t a section like that already. It’s insane to me that I could go to the “Funhouse of Fun” section that is dedicated to sharing media and get these two threads next to each other: “Big Boobs Alert” and “Kid’s Letters to God.” Come the fuck on. There has to be a better way.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Forums.sexyandfunny.com is a great general forum site. There is a lot of content to browse, a large and active user base, and plenty of amateur hotties to jerk your dick to. But I wouldn’t say this is a great porn forum site. The amateur babe section is the only dedicated porn section on here. If you’re just looking to bust a quick nut, then I’d try a different forum. If you’re looking for some vanilla porn, funny pictures, and discussions, then you may have found your new favorite forum.