Raw Porn! They say it’s unhealthy to sit around inside your apartment or basement lair all the time, compulsively whacking off to hardcore pornography whenever the urge hits, which is often. They say you can’t get necessary human interaction if you’re sequestered and cranking it, but those prudes have apparently never looked at the RawPorn Porn Forum. It’s a thriving community of perverts, getting together to share and discuss their favorite topic: smut.RawPorn.org is a massive pornography-sharing forum that’s been kicking since 2012, a fact reflected in over a million threads and 32 million messages stretching back to the site’s inception. I bet your mom told you not to discuss your fap habits in public, but anybody can sign up for a free account to join the deviates posting their favorite spank fodder and dream girls.None of the Flash, All of the PornInternet forums are rarely flashy. You often can’t guess their age just by looking at that front page design, since the discussion board format really hasn’t changed all that much in the decades since the Internet crept its slippery, sticky, cum-covered tendrils into our homes. I wonder how many, if any, updates to the layout these guys have implemented over the years. It probably doesn’t matter much, because the only crucial thing is quick access to millions of discussions about all kinds of porno.The front page of Raw Porn breaks down the forum into broad categories, and then further into subcategories. It’s a fairly simple categorization, but it’s just about right. Too few sub-boards and everything would be a fucking jumbled mess; too many, and you’d never know where to look to find the Latina blowjob flicks. (I’d dig into the 400K+ messages in the Ethnic Porn Videos and Movies board.)RawPorn.org forgoes the typical Introduction board a lot of forums insist on including and often mandating. “Hi, my name is The Porn Dude, and I’m here to share porn like everyone else. Can’t wait to get to know everybody!” Instead, there are some rules and a help center forum that cover the basics. It’s almost a cover-your-ass thing, because these boards get no real traffic.The real stuff starts right below. They’ve got a section devoted to Teen Babes, broken down into sub-boards for full videos, clips, pictures, and a Non-Nude Babes Fanclub. Some folks like the clothed girls because it helps them fantasize about what’s underneath without the disappointment of learning the truth, while others prefer that soft stuff because they recently escaped from an Amish community and can ejaculate at the sight of a naked ankle. Scandalous!The Popular Models, Pornstars, and Celebrities section actually breaks down into fewer categories, but they each have a lot more posts. Pick Pornstars, with around 50k messages, or Celebrities, with almost 100,000. It can be a tough decision, especially since their celebrity section now includes a bunch of deepfakes. Do I want to watch Abella Danger bouncing that thick ass on cock, or maybe a photorealistic Ariana Grande taking it up the pooper?How Raw is Raw Porn?The boards dedicated to teens or famous broads are way outnumbered by the selection of sub-forums in RawPorn.org’s Adult Porn Videos and Movies sections. This is arguably the meat of the site, at least to folks looking to stock up on vast quantities of anal sex extravaganzas, amateur lesbian encounters, vintage stag films, and gorgeous pornstars fucking themselves on camera.Remember I mentioned Raw Porn having just about the right number of forums? They’ve done really fucking well, but there’s still a lot of category/forum overlap. That’s really to be expected on any porno site that runs on user uploads, like any sex forum or free tube. As you know from the tags under the videos on most sites, they typically fall into a number of categories. I jerked off to one on PornHub this morning, and I’m honestly not sure where I’d file it among RawPorn’s boards. It could have gone into XXX Full Movies, Amateur XXX Videos, Lesbian Videos, and Movies, as well as Ethnic Porn Videos and Movies.The General Movie Clips and Video Scenes subforum is the most active, with over 255k messages and just about as many threads. It’s pretty straight to the fucking point, with most threads just offering up some thumbnails and quick links to download. The newest one, posted just minutes ago, is a full-length, 1080p Cuckold Session from the paysite of the same name. It’s a big-ass (nearly 3 GB) file broken up into 3 pieces and posted on Keep2Share. The user has helpfully uploaded some thumbnails, so you don’t wait a few hours and then try to beat off to an ugly girl.The post titles on Raw Porn tell you where a video originated, typically a paysite, as well as a title and the video resolution. This is 2021, so most of the scenes are in HD with a growing number in Ultra-HD. I want to see every drop of girlcum on every vaginal fold and every drop of sperm in the crisp, clear wrinkles of a rosebud prolapse! One thing I wish the post titles had was the filehost where the videos are hosted. If you’ve shelled out for a free account to Fileboom or FileJoker, it’s a pain to keep running into movies on Hotlink.Taking The Good with the BadMy biggest complaint about RawPorn.org really isn’t the site’s fault. On any porn-sharing forum anywhere on the web, you’ll find the downloads hosted on a bunch of different filehost/file-locker services. Sometimes they’re run by the Russian mob, other times by international criminal conglomerates, and from time to time by the dude who used to steal your lunch money back in school. All kidding aside, they’re often a fucking pain in the ass for free users. They impose strict limits that give you the kind of download speeds your grandpa used to get on dialup back in the old country.Raw Porn does have affiliate links for premium accounts at the bottom of every post page. Before you get your panties in a bunch about how this is all a shakedown, it’s worth noting that bandwidth for thousands of visitors a day ain’t cheap. With my spam blocker running, I didn’t really see any ads on the site. Honestly, if you want to support the site and make sure it sticks around, that’s probably the best way.Then again, all the piracy at Raw Porn might spell the death of the site at some point. They’ve done really well for nearly a decade now, but it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s going to happen. If they get in a fight with Google, for example, they could go under in a flash.Plus Some Really Kinky Stuff for the FreaksIf you’ve grown tired of that boring vanilla stuff like teen anal deflowerings and hardcore 18-person orgies, RawPorn does have a bunch of kinkier forums to dig into. I didn’t really get into it since it’s a different demographic, but they’ve got a huge gay porn section. In fact, their Gay XXX General Videos board is the most active on the site, with almost half a million threads.There’s also a huge forum of Anime/Hentai for the neckbeards coming from Reddit, and Adult Magazines for the oldsters out there. The Fetish boards are kind of quiet, with only thousands of posts in the General Fetish/BDSM Videos and Movies board. Femdom and Strapon, Pregnant and Lactating, as well as Scat and Peeing have just hundreds each.Raw Porn is a simple but highly accurate name for a simple but highly effective porn-sharing website. The forum is thriving, with thousands of users getting in on the action and bringing their favorite pornstars, amateurs, and teen bimbos along for the ride. It doesn’t cost anything to become a member, and you don’t even have to sign-up if you just want to download some free porn. What have you got to lose besides all that semen backed-up in your balls?