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Adult DVD Talk Forum! So, we’ve got a forum on our hands, have we? Well, I’m here to dissect every porn site and that includes adult forums that you might have or might never have heard of. is certainly one of those places that deserves our attention because it’s a fairly massive forum that has a lot of engagement and we’ll see exactly why that is. I mean who even buys porn DVDs these days. A lot of people apparently, I didn’t really expect that if I am to be completely honest with you.A huge community that stands at your disposal for all porn movie informationSo Adult DVD Talk really does have a really massive audience behind it. With over 43000 members, you can expect a lot of activity on this website that will make you definitely want to become part of the conversation, maybe even if you don’t want to buy any porn DVDs. I mean obviously this place has its use, and that’s to inform you about porn DVDs and their quality before you make your purchase, but at the end of the day, it’s on you to decide whether you’ll follow all of this advice or not.There’s just so much going on with this website it’s pretty insane. sports over 3.3 million posts in some 215000 topics. I mean just imagine how much that is per every person on the website. That’s a lot of engagement. And we can probably assume that some members are less active than others so that leaves you with a set of people that are just fanatics for porn DVDs that roam around giving you all sorts of useful and free advice.The design is lacking as with most porn forums out thereObviously, since it’s a forum it won’t be anything spectacular as far as the design is concerned. In fact, it looks like something straight out of a Windows 95 GUI, but whatever. I know I say this every time that I check out some forum, but I really do expect to find a forum these days that just knocks me off my feet when it comes to how modern it looks. I know that this isn’t something that anyone is going to do, but it’s important that I get my wish out there so that some guy can see it and make a forum that looks as slick as some of the really new and modern porn sites out there.This one just looks old and ugly. It’s definitely going to be harder to make your porn DVD purchase when you’re all gloomy and sad and possibly asleep from seeing this awful design. I mean just a few sprites here and there wouldn’t hurt, and it’s not like you’ll be fundamentally changing the functionality of the forum either. I know forums follow a strict set of rules with how they’re supposed to function, but nobody said that you can’t put an interesting skin over that, you know.Maybe the reason behind the old design is the old dudes who watch DVDsIt wouldn’t hurt to just round some corners, add some effects, use some nicer colors, use newer sprites. All of these things are just so easy to implement that I don’t know why it isn’t a thing yet. I guess it’s mostly because these forums were made such a long time ago and they’ve existed for such a long time that you can’t really expect such a drastic change from them at all. There are plenty of reasons to explain this refusal to change is for people who buy porn DVDs so immediately we know that we’re dealing with a bit of an older populace here. They certainly don’t like new shit when it comes to change and technology. So that’s one reason, and the second one is probably that the person that made the website just doesn’t want to waste time by updating the looks of it. You know what they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I usually agree with this, but I would argue that a shitty design can break the site. Just like a good design can make a site that much better.Well organized forum will help you find whatever it is you need immediatelyThe forums are split into a couple of sections and the first one is Adult Movies and Porn Stars. There are a couple of forums that you can use here but most of them are about discussions concerned about porn DVDs and pornos in general. You’ll see that the faggots get their own little playpen and it isn’t that popular on I don’t give a shit either way so it’s completely fine by me. Anyway, you can check out some of the latest news and happenings in this section of the website.So, if you’re in need of advice when it comes to which DVD you should (or shouldn’t) buy, you can rest assured that you’ll probably find your answers in this section. There are a lot of helpful people out here and a lot of the DVDs and adult movies have already been talked about so you can peep in on the already existing posts and topics, or you can create your own asking about a specific adult movie that perhaps hasn’t been discussed about yet which would obviously be a great addition to, since you might help some other poor bloke figure things out in the future.Buy, sell, and trade porn DVDs with other members of the communityNext up you’ve got the Marketplace section, and this is where all the forums are talking about buying and selling DVDs as well as trading them and exchanging them between users. Think of it as some sort of book club, but a lot less nerdy, and a lot more dudes are in it as well. A female equivalent might be an erotica book club. Chicks dig reading more, while us dudes are more the visual type. I know I’m definitely the visual type since my eyes are usually glued to some titties as soon as I see them, but I couldn’t be fucked to read about tits if it was the last erotic thing to do on earth.If you have made your decision when it comes to purchasing a porn DVD, and need to find where to do it, then this section has all the answers that you seek. Doesn’t matter if you’re looking to buy a used DVD, or if you’re looking to just buy it virtually, or even if you want to buy a completely new edition, it’s all here. Trade it, buy it, do whatever it is you’d do at a flea market, but with the realization that you won’t find much else except for porn in this marketplace, that’s for sure.There’s even a section to talk about some non-related topicsAnd then you’ve got the Beyond Sex section where you can expect a more general sex forum approach where you can discuss anything and everything with your porn loving peers. Everything from Sex, Pop Culture, as well as Tech, all of it can be found in this section, so this is the perfect place to let loose and talk about your hobbies or other stuff that interests you outside of being a pervy bastard that’s ready to add another porn DVD to their already massive collection.I’d say that is a great website for all discussions surrounding the purchasing and watching of porn and adult movies, as well as just generally any kind of porno that you have to pay for on the internet. Whatever it is that you’re looking to buy, you can definitely expect a lot of helpful analysis on this website, coupled with many friendly faces that are looking to help out a brother in need. And hopefully, if you have some knowledge to share, you’ll help someone out as well.