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Forum sites have sort of gone out of fashion in recent times. Mostly because people have moved on to some more interactive things which include clean user interfaces where you can jump straight to the content without having to browse through an entire post just to get to it. Forums were really popular back when porn sites weren’t a thing because this was the only place where you could actually find some erotic content to jerk off to for free. This means that you were no longer confined to your Playboy magazines and the rest of the physical mediums that you’ve gotten used to at the time. Most forum sites aren’t that active anymore, but there are many out there which are including Forum.xnxx.com.Community being put first on a porn siteWhat is it that makes Forum.xnxx.com so successful even after all of these other sites have come into play? Well, this place is made for people who like to interact with other users a lot. Maybe people who like to share erotic content enough to want to communicate with them on a regular basis. Interaction on porn sites between users basically boils down to advertisements from verified channels as well as trolling and memes. I mean, I don’t have anything against memes, in fact, I always crack a smile when I see a good comment meme on a porn tube site, but if I wanted to chat with a person about their sexual tastes and all that, then I would want to do it at a place such as Forum.xnxx.com.So many threads to explore and content to enjoyI don’t want to get too much into detail about why this place is so great for interaction, cause I’m pretty sure that we all fucking know how a forum site works. You make threads, you comment on threads, you message people directly. You’ve basically got every means of communication that you’ll ever need. Forum.xnxx.com has it all in my opinion as far as making connections is concerned, and that’s why it still has a huge community of thousands of people who are active every single day on here. They’re active for more than one reason though, and we’re going to explore everything that you can find on this amazing forum porn site. Let’s explore this place bit by bit to see what all the fuss is about.So first of all, you’ve got all these different sections on the website that you can check out. Every section seems to have tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of discussions. Whichever section you feel like visiting, you can rest assured that there will be plenty of content on here. Legal content too, since the moderators and admins on Forum.xnxx.com make sure to keep the site clean of any illegal activity. There are reasonable account locks so that only people with enough points can do certain things on here, and there are also restrictions on guests so that they can’t turn Forum.xnxx.com into a shitshow of all sorts of things that you’d usually never want to see.You have to make an account to interact on hereSo while Forum.xnxx.com is free to use, you’re going to have to make an account in order to interact with people. You can’t post anything on here as a guest, and you can only look through the discussions and see all the content. I mean that’s still enough if all you intend to do with Forum.xnxx.com is just jack off to content, but you’re missing out on all the features which make Forum.xnxx.com as successful as it is. I mean, we all want to voice our opinion on an erotic topic, so I think that this place is the perfect place to do that, though as I’ve already said you’re going to need an account in order to do that on here.All non-erotic things get dumped into this sectionEither way, let’s check out the different sections that they have. The first one is the General discussion section and pretty much everything that you can talk about in general would be posted here. Everything that isn’t erotic usually gets posted here so expect to see a lot of posts about popular culture, movies, shows, and even politics. And we all know how heated those political debates can get online so definitely keep an eye out on those. Forum.xnxx.com makes sure to separate everything that doesn’t have anything to do with porn into its own little category and that’s why you have the General discussions section in the first place.Some pretty hot pictures and movies to check outThen you have the Pics and Movies section of Forum.xnxx.com and this is the part of the website where you’ll be able to browse through countless posts with video and image porn content. It doesn’t matter what kind of content either. This means that you’ll see everything from amateur to professional porn. In my experience of Forum.xnxx.com, I would say that amateur content is a lot more commonplace on Forum.xnxx.com. So, if you think that amateur content is something that you can get behind and enjoy to the fullest, perhaps this place is really meant for you. People like posting their wives’ pics as well as some other nudes that they’ve found online. So, if you’re in the market for some hot pics and videos, this is where you’ll find them.User-written and submitted sex stories for freeSex stories on Forum.xnxx.com are all about the creative side of these fucked up dirty minds that make an account on here. It doesn’t matter where the story came from, as long as there’s a person who has a kinky and horny brain, you can expect a lot more of these stories to keep popping up. This is a very creative way to show off your sexual nature as well as your eroticism. People love to write these sex stories cause you usually do it the way you would in a sex chat. Only this way you’re able to show it off to everyone. Oh, and by the way sex chats aren’t allowed to be posted on Forum.xnxx.com cause they breach privacy or something.Talk about your sexuality, play forum sex gamesFinally, you have about three more sections which have their own little theme to them. There’s the sexuality section which is pretty self-explanatory. People talk about their sexuality on here and that’s about it. Then the personal section is for people who are looking to DM each other and have some kinky fun behind the scenes so if you’re looking for someone like that, this is the section to do it in. Finally, the forum games section is where you’ll find some pretty creative ways the people have managed to combine RPG forum games with sexual elements. It’s pretty hot to think about and I’m sure that you’ll have an amazing time if you’re into this sort of stuff, to begin with.Design could use a complete makeoverHonestly, there aren’t many things that I don’t like on Forum.xnxx.com. Probably the thing that I have the most problems with would have to be the design which looks kind of awful. I mean, it’s not the end of the world, after all. But I would still like to see them commit to a much cleaner and better-looking design going forward. The blue and yellow just don’t do it for me if I am to be completely honest. The layout is pretty simple though and you won’t have trouble with getting lost on Forum.xnxx.com if you’ve ever used a forum site before in your life.So yeah, when you look at the grand scheme of things, Forum.xnxx.com is really good at the task that it’s set out to accomplish. It’s not very often that you see erotic and porn sites try to make a community out of their audience members and have them interact on such a personal level. Forum.xnxx.com lets you do that and so much more and I’d definitely recommend it if you’re the type of person who has been looking for this level of interaction in the community, then I can’t think of a better candidate to use their services on here.