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Hmm, Extreme-Board? Do you regularly watch pornography? Are you the kind of person who can’t go a day without watching pornography because fapping to internet porn keeps your neurochemical makeup balanced and your mood in check, keeping you from opening fire on a group of civilians with an AK-47? Do you like to soothe your life’s frustrations by squeezing one out every now and then and getting that good old dose of dopamine that you oh so desperately crave? Well then you sir, are what’s called a serial masturbator and are definitely in need of some help – if you don’t cut out your fap-filled routine of jerking off to overly visually-stimulating internet fuck flicks then you’re destined to end up in the deep end of online porn, and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart.Pornography itself has come a long way from the days of nudie magazines piled up in the very last rafts of gas stations. Back then the most extreme porno would be some girl bent over with her pussy glaring right at you while the hairs are shooting off in every direction (yes, girls were hairy back in the days, fact). Nowadays, there are all kinds of porn-related themes and sub-genres spread across every orifice of the internet – the average porn consumer will definitely be surprised and most likely disgusted at just how extreme pornography has become in the modern day, with people pissing, spitting and shitting all over themselves on various extreme XXX domains on the World Wide Web.Sexuality as a whole has definitely evolved since back then too, so it’s no wonder that pornography has evolved alongside it – now whether or not sexuality was the thing that evolved after pornography or vice versa is probably a conundrum that needs its own separate article, but one thing is for certain; pornography has definitely taken an approach towards various extremes, and a rapid one at that. I’ve seen it evolve with my very own eyes, and I can definitely tell you one undeniable truth about porn right now; It’s as extreme as ever, and there’s definitely more than enough of it to satisfy any caliber of porn consumer, especially with websites like “Extreme-Board”. Contains All The Stuff You Can’t Find on Popular Porntubes This site doesn’t focus on the ‘average’ fuck flick consumer, opting instead of offering and maintaining an archive of content that could attract all manner of sex fetishists and ‘brutalists’ who absolutely need to see some kind of excrement, degradation and/or pain within the flicks they’re fapping to in order to really feel them. That isn’t to say that there isn’t any kind of vanilla-based content on this site which would be right up some normie’s alley – there absolutely is, but for the most part this site leans heavily toward more extreme XXX themes, kinks and genres. In fact, I say that about a good 90% of this site’s content is extreme XXX content which can only be enjoyed by more seasoned porno consumers who have been around the online-pornography block a few times. There Are Troves of Forced Sex XXX ContentDoes rape turn you on? Do you have rapey tendencies? Are you the kind of person who can fuck someone against their will all day? Well, you’re not alone – in fact, there are also people in the world who love being on the receiving end of all that abusive dick action that you’re desperately yearning to get out of your system, and this of course means that there are plenty of people who’ve recorded themselves forcing themselves onto their significant ‘other-selves’ – now some of these ‘forced sex’ videos may be actual rape because a lot of them are uploaded from obscure sources with 0 description or context, and the individuals within them make for some pretty convincing ‘actors’, but my bet is that it’s just that – acting.Doesn’t Get Hardcore Until Classic Scat Porn Is InvolvedAh yes, scat porno, possibly the most extreme one of them all, well maybe it’s not as extreme as it is repulsive, but trust me when I say that there are plenty of people out there who love being shat and pissed on, and there are just as many people out there who love shitting and pissing on others, so you can be damn sure that there’s plenty of individuals who’ve decided to record themselves and others while having sex and pissing/shitting or being pissed/shat on, and a lot of that content can be located on this site. There’s so much scat on this site I can practically smell it – if you’re into it then you should definitely make your way down here and ‘relieve yourself’ to some good excrement-filled content.But It Doesn’t Get More Classic Than BDSMOf course, there’s the classic bondage crap here too, I mean how could there not be, this site is practically a hardcore XXX Mecca. Anyone who’s ever been intrigued by the notion of having their movement restricted while having sexual acts performed on them such as getting penises forced into their mouth or their testicles beaten should definitely check out all the nice, pain and terror-filled BDSM vids on this site, because there’s plenty of them. There is all manner of BDSM XXX content here, and it involves all manner of toys, equipment and gear such as latex, chains, whips, mouth-gags, ropes and every other kind of item that could find itself in an underground sex club.It Only Gets More Brutal(extreme sex, refer to site for this) There is of course wide assortment of extreme XXX content on this website which goes even further on the intensity scale than your typical BDSM/forced-filled pseudo-snuff porno clip. Anything involving bukkake, fisting, vomiting, incest, lactation, pregnant women and other general sex freaks can be found here, and in good measure too. Like I said, this site has plenty of extreme stuff that’s more than enough to please any caliber of masturbator, and yes there’s also the normie stuff for all you normies out there…And There’s Also The Vanilla Porn Section Sometimes you have to take a break from all the hardcore stuff and appreciate a little vanilla action. After all, all that scat, BDSM and other extreme stuff can get a little tiring after a while, and every fan of it will eventually experience this tiredness and withdraw from all that high-maintenance extreme stuff. At the end of the day, vanilla porn is the most basic porn genre/thematic ever, and it’s always pleasing to the eye, regardless if you only jerk off to pornography once a week or once every hour.This is a Forum-Based, Community-Driven DomainAll the XXX content here on ‘Extreme-Board’ is uploaded and stored onto various boards which are neatly arranged via their respective theme/genre. There are thousands of users here on this site who upload all kinds of extreme XXX content, and a lot of them are active users who not only upload content for the world to fap to on a regular basis, but also respond to other users who want to communicate with them and even fulfill other users’ requests from time to time. If you’re someone who’s well-versed in all things extreme pornography and have the stomach and nerves to enjoy it, then you’re definitely going to feel right at home on this site. You might not be able to immediately play the content on this website since it’s all downloadable via external mirror links, but you’ll still be able to do just that – download some of the rarest and most extreme XXX content the internet has ever seen.