Cum On Printed Pics... Wow! Just when I thought I’ve seen it all—the lowest of the low, the saddest of the sad, the most depraved and weirdest porn that the internet has to offer—I find something new, something that really pushes the envelope of the pathetic, the desperate, and the psychologically questionable kinds of things that porn addicts like to do and view. I have seen a lot of cringy and disturbing shit in the hours that I’ve spent combing the internet to bring you all the best porn there is, but tribute porn is a special kind of weird depravity in a league all its own.For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept, tribute porn is when a guy takes a non-pornographic picture of a girl and cums on it. This was traditionally done with printed pictures, but in the digital age, it is not uncommon to see tribute porn in which dudes cut out the middleman and just splooge all over their computer or phone screens.The idea, I think, is to help men fulfill their fantasies of seeing girls that they’ll never get to fuck (or never get to see being fucked) in situations that make it look like they’ve just been given facials or cum shots. Either way, it’ll definitely make you think twice before borrowing a stranger’s phone to make a call.Adhering to rule 34—if it exists, there is porn of it—it should come as no surprise that there are hundreds of websites dedicated entirely to thriving communities of tribute fappers. Personally, I am about as far from understanding the appeal of this as you can get. What the fuck could possibly be even remotely arousing about seeing other dudes splatter pictures of the girls you fantasize about with cum? Why wouldn’t you just print out photos of the girl you want to tribute and jizz on her face alone, in the privacy of your own most deranged solitary moments?But I suppose that’s the whole idea behind the “tribute,” isn’t it? The public aspect of it is almost essential to the act of paying tribute. Whether men do this as some sort of Neanderthal’s interpretation of a compliment, as a means to degrade, or just as a way to bring an impossible fantasy a little closer to reality, the interactivity of it seems crucial to the kink (if you can even call it that).Huge, Active CommunityWhatever you call it, it would appear that a lot of guys partake in this strange, almost tribal ritual. I know I shouldn’t be, based on all the crazy shit I see online on a daily basis, but I was kind of surprised by the number of dudes that do this or at least visit sites dedicated to it. When I visited cumonprintedpics.com, for example, at 1:30 PM EST on a Friday, there were 986 users online (the record for most users online at one time, according to the site, was 3,714 on August 10th, 2017).Looking at Cum on Printed Pics’ numbers more generally may give you a better idea of the relative popularity of this online porn niche. A total of 141,401 registered users (not even taking into account guests) are responsible for 3,274,669 posts on this forum site as of the time of this review. That’s a fuck ton of dudes cumming on pictures of people’s neighbors, classmates, friends, or whatever the fuck. You better cross your fingers and hope that your daughter hasn’t made a special appearance on Cum on Printed Pics. Or, actually, who am I kidding? You probably posted her.Classic Forum LayoutCum on Printed Pics should look familiar to anyone who has used a forum site before. It has a pretty basic, classic forum site design … tables of threads to choose from with all the relevant stats listed in cells to the right of the title and description (number of topics, number of posts, number of replies, number of views, last post).Also in line with other forum sites, each post and reply can be upvoted or downvoted. And, stealing a page straight out of the Reddit playbook, you get accumulated “karma” points for every upvote; your karma is deducted for every downvote. The main difference between other forum sites and Cum on Printed Pics is that the latter has a moving slideshow of the last 30 image attachments posted to the site, which updates every two minutes.Other than that, it’s a typical forum at first glance. The top table features “Recent Topics,” allowing frequent visitors to quickly get up to speed with anything they may have missed since their last visit, say, while they were asleep. Below that you will find a list of links: an automatically-generated list of currently active topics, a hall of fame showcasing the ‘best threads’ on the site, a “Cum On Picture Gallery” for a “quick fap,” a link to Chaturbate, and a link to yours truly (Clearly the people behind Cum on Printed Pics have good taste).Next, you’ll find the broader topics in the Forum section. Become a part of the lively discussions being had in the “General Talk” thread, make a request for either teen amateur tributes or mature amateur tributes, view videos of other dudes cumming to videos, or check out requests for private tributes (the rule is that the tribute exchange occurs strictly through a private message).In addition to all of the tribute requests and fulfillments to browse on Cum on Printed Pics, there are also threads designated to Photoshopped porn fakes (in which people post pictures of clothed girls and ask others to approximate what they might look like naked by Photoshopping the girl’s face onto the naked body of a porn star). Plus, there are threads dedicated solely to celebrities, either to Photoshopped fakes of nude celebs or cum tributes to celebs. Cum on Printed Pics is, if nothing else, a world of extreme fantasy.A Pedophile’s Paradise?I should issue a warning to anyone who plans on checking out Cum on Printed Pics. Although the site has stated on almost every page that girls need to be over the age of 18, this rule is 100% not followed. And I don’t mean in the sense that I saw a girl and said to myself, “hmm … is she of legal age? I can’t tell,” I mean that I came across (definitely no pun intended) multiple posts that clearly stated that they would contain images of girls between the ages of 11 and 17.And that is fucking disgusting. I obviously did not click into these posts, but I just thought you should know, there are definitely pedophiles who frequent this site. And I have half the mind to track down each and every one of them via IP address and put a bullet in the back of their heads, one by one. Who’s with me?I don’t even really have to discuss the annoying ads on this site or reiterate the fact that I don’t understand the appeal of tribute porn at all at this point. The fact that there are sick fucking pieces of shit on this site posting pictures of little girls for other sick fucking pieces of shit to jack off to is more than enough for me to say fuck it. If you are a moderator of Cum on Printed Pics and you are reading this right now, I have four words for you: do a better job.Figure your shit out. If you are truly committed to keeping little girls off of your site (as you obviously fucking should be) then figure out a way to take preventative measures so that it can’t happen. Why the fuck should a user even have the ability to post things with titles that indicate illegal content? Auto-flag certain keywords, be more vigilant in your checks of content, review posts before they go up, do something!It is not acceptable for sites to operate on the honor system when it comes to shit like this. Mainly because the honor system requires that the people operating within it have a sense of honor, to begin with. And you know who doesn’t have a shred of honor? Fucking pedophiles, that’s who. You can’t take a backseat to shit like this and just expect pedophiles to do the right thing and not post underage content. Pedophiles are a cancer; they will spread if given the right environment.All in all, if you are into the whole tribute porn thing, there is a thriving community of equally sad guys to jizz on pictures with. The same goes for those of you who are into Photoshopped nudes and fake celebs. It has the potential to be a great community for these purposes. But it needs to be better moderated before I’ll ever recommend it.