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Oooh!! I'm a big fan of the classic old Vintage Erotica Forum! Porn sites are a great place to get access to smut, obviously. But if you're into certain niche types of porn or unable to find exactly what you are looking for like a certain movie, magazine, or some other kind of print porn, googling around will only get you so far. This is particularly true when it comes to vintage porn.Vintage porn is great, but let's face it – it's a pain in the ass to find even decent vintage porn on the net. Sure, you can find a few channels on PornHub, and there are a couple, decent specialty sites that sell old school DVDs, but those platforms can be pretty limited. And when it comes to magazines and photos, you'll have to spend hours finding just a few fragments from classic porno publications.I've reviewed the few outlets for vintage smut, and I've got to say, there really just aren’t too many sites to select from.Fortunately, no matter how niche your interests are there are almost certainly other people who have the same interests as you. And when you connect with these people on a forum finding what you are looking for becomes so much easier. Plus, it’s fun to talk about other people with the same pervy proclivities as you.So, if you are into vintage porn, this is the forum that you need to be on.Want to know why? Then keep reading.What Are The Rules?Every good forum has rules which make sense and are easy to follow. Just as important – or perhaps maybe even more so – is to have designated and fair moderators. Fortunately, VEF has both, and they make the site run as smoothly as it does.When it comes to the rules, the basics include being 18 or older, not spamming threads, or engaging in phishing schemes, and all of the usual stuff like that apply. No post copying or repost is allowed, and neither is comment flooding or SHOUTING with the caps button locked on.Also, any posting of rape and underage porn, along with Nazi-themed posts, "extreme S&M" porn, or stuff considered to be perverse, will get you instantly, permanently banned. So, I'd say even if you've got a few pics or even a movie clips of a lady tied up in some exceptionally intense bondage ropes, no matter how old it is, I wouldn't recommend posting it.They seem to take piracy pretty seriously because there's a list of models and studios which users cannot make posts about. So, I'd suggest brushing up on that list found on the rules page when you signup.Lastly, members who include a host file link in a post are limited to a max of five posts in a 24 hour period. However, this rule does not apply to picture links.And don’t worry about seeing anything too new, either. Vintage Erotica Forum’s official policy is to only allow content with a date a recent as 1995, although some movies as recently as 1997 are allowed if they are posted in the right section.When it comes to moderating content, VEF has this policy…“Although the administrators and moderators of VintageEroticaForums will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of Vintage Erotica Forums, nor vBulletin Solutions, Inc….will be held responsible for the content of any message.”In other words, if you make an ass of yourself, VEF isn't going to be held liable, and if you annoy enough people, you'll probably be booted. However, as you might guess, unless you’ve got severe virtually diarrhea of the mouth and just troll people without realizing it, you shouldn’t have a problem when using this site.Magazine Scans From A Bygone AgeAs I brought up before, the problem with finding good vintage porn is due to the fact that so much of it was in magazine form. Even with the internet going mainstream in the ‘90s most of the good stuff was only available on VHS or in print.So, it’s a good thing that the horny forum members of this site have photocopiers because there is page after page of copied and posted pics from some of the steamiest magazines from yesteryear. In fact, there are almost 6,000 threads and over 54,000 posts just in the Magazine Scans section. There are thousands more of both in the Complete Magazine Scans and Scans Collections pages.Seriously, the sheer amount of print media showcasing naked beauties from the past will have you thinking you stepped into a time machine. The kind of pics posted includes everything from softcore Playboy pinups to hardcore fucking captured on camera.Classy Movies Of Classy LadiesYou can find vintage smut on tube sites for free. But since tube sites are the Wild West of internet porn, you might find one video which was there yesterday and gone the next due to a flag or DMCA claim. Plus, there’s the issue of content degradation and audio getting out of sync with the video.However, if you get access to the original footage through someone who has the original 8-millimeter film, that no longer becomes a problem. On top of that, since the copyright on a lot if not all of these old fuck films has expired – at least I think they have – you don't have to worry about them being pulled.And unlike tube site users which typically only upload small clips, on VEF you can find extended clips and even entire movies!There’s A Vintage Celebrity Section, TooThought that vintage porn was only limited to the brave young women from back in the day who worked in the skin industry? Think again because loads of famous actresses dipped their toes so to speak into nude modeling and even erotic. And there are a few who dove into the industry headlong. If you’re looking for proof – check that section out to see just how slutty celebs between ‘45 and ‘95 were.Discuss Models From The Yesteryear During Their Golden YearsBesides video and picture posts, there are tons of threads just talking about porn from the pre-internet era. If you're someone of a certain age, it's a great place to reminisce, and for others, these threads can be a great way to discover what the glory days of twentieth-century smut were like.Need Help? VEF Has You Covered!For sure, this site is easy to use, but in case you do run into some trouble or are new to forums, there is a help section to get your questions answered. I’m sure some of you reading this might wonder why anyone could have trouble using an internet forum, but keep in mind that a lot of people who are used to vintage porn come from a time before the internet.Anyway, I’m sure we all have needed help finding some kind of kinky content at one point but couldn’t find it. Or perhaps you’ve seen a beautiful babe but didn’t catch her stage name between all of he moaning, groaning, and cock gobbling in the scene you saw. Fortunately, VEF ha as massive Model ID request section to make finding a fine lady from the olden days easier. After all, with a site which has thousands of users and hosts nearly twenty thousand threads in that section alone, you’re going to be able to find what you are looking for.There Are Pages To Tickle Your Funny Bone When Your Done Tickling Your BonerEven porn forum users don't want to talk about sex all of the time – and it makes sense as to why. After all, even after you've chatted with some virtual buddies about some neat new, or rather old, skin mags you've found and posted to the site, it' nice to chat about other things. So, VEF has a general discussion section filled with posts about the news, current events, and even some light humor.You’ll Have To Put Up With A Lot Of AdsAds are all over the net I realize, but there are a few types of sites which tend to be a haven from being constantly bombarded by marketing and forums were, I thought, one of those. But apparently not anymore.VEF has a hell of a lot of ads and popups on it which you'll have to deal with even if you've got decent adblocking software. And I say this as someone who has reviewed literally hundreds of tube site and am used to being blasted with adverts. Even by tube site standard, VEF has a lot of banners, pop-ups, and spammy redirects.The Mobile Version Needs WorkAt first glance, you might think that VEF has a pretty good mobile version. But if you look longer than about five seconds or click on any of the thread links, you'll be pretty disappointed instead.To be honest, it looks like the homepage was partially optimized for mobile, but gave up after just a few minutes of working. Granted, the site is still working decently on mobile, and it doesn't need to be optimized, but it would look a helluva lot better if it were.If the webmasters at VEF want someone to help them improve the mobile version of your site, I know a guy who's pretty apt at just that. ;)How You Join This ForumEven with these problems, my experience using VEF was pretty good – and I’m not super into vintage porn myself. So, I would think that anyone who is would love this site. But if you check it out for yourself, you’re only going to see a fraction of Vintage Erotica Forum’s full glory.To get past the preview version, you are going to have to set up an account which, fortunately, is completely free and easy. All you'll need to do is set up a username and password, and enter your email address. Once you've been verified, you are good to go.And in case you hadn't figured it out, the people on this forum are very friendly and quite active, so you'll feel very welcome once you log in for the first time and every time thereafter.How Do I Rate This Forum?Obviously, I recommend this site to anyone who has a fascination with vintage porn. But when it comes to people who aren’t into that niche, they may find the stuff on this site to be beautiful…or super boring.And I understand why. After all, in the modern-day, we're all used to getting our smut in ultra-high 4K definition. Some guys and gals are going to be put off by old, grainy photos or black and white footage. But I'd still say that you should give it a shot; you might really enjoy what you see. And if you want to start, then go to this forum first.So, despite the adverts and lack of mobile optimization, this site doesn’t have too many drawbacks. On top of that, the sheer number of smut selections to choose from, I give this website four out of five hands.Check it out today and enjoy the nostalgia…or new experience.