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Hello there pervs, The Porn Dude is back with yet another destination for y’all to find adult entertainment. It’s not your typical porn location, but you know damn well a site can’t appear on my site if it doesn’t take care of porn. So, yeah, you can look forward to a little bit of everything including plenty of porn, sex and nudity, soft-core and hardcore shit and other random stuff that will keep you thoroughly entertained. And how does interacting with other like-minded pervs appeal to you? How about an opportunity to make your own threads? Then sit your regular-ass down as I take you on a step by step journey of Forums as you discover how you can join this happy community of freaks who enjoy sharing all kinds of porn and taking part in some pretty interesting discussions.The statisticsThe numbers make for quite an impressive reading. At the time of writing this, the site had more than 400k members, 1,000,000+ threads and read this correctly, over 8 million posts! Well, that’s a lot of entertainment on a single forum for you to check out, don’t you think? Predictably, the numbers keep on growing since new porn enthusiasts are still joining the site. Now I know what you are thinking. What exactly can you expect to find at Phun? You are about to find out. Just keep reading.Loads of celebrity fun in the is one of the best and most complete forums I’ve seen on the internet so far. The first thing I noted is there is plenty of celebrity entertainment focusing on the most famous sluts on television strutting their stuff in either glossy magazine photoshoots or sneaky paparazzi shots. Think Selena Gomez, Lisa Comshaw, Kate Upton, and Paulina Galazka among other big names that would easily carve out a career in porn if they decided to leave their day jobs. I’m talking about topless photos, full nude photo-shoots, see-through wet dresses, explicit scenes taken from popular movies, and all the celebrity filth you can think of. Guys are streaming here in their droves to see the naughty side of celebs, and you could do worse than to join them.I checked one of the posts featuring Pamela Prati and Loredana Romito from a 1988 film called Riflessi Di Luce and was pleased to find over 100 photos showing the two getting intimate in soft-core scenes, showing off their naked bodies, and fucking. Conveniently, there is a download link below each gallery and if you want to add naked celebs in your stash, be my guest.Needless to say, there is more where that came from, and you can check out the celebrity section for more filth that includes forums like celebrity photos, celebrity movies, celebrity videos (soft-core/erotic edition), and celebrity extras among others. Told you these guys are not fucking around.Plenty of nude models to droolIf you thought the site is all about celebs, you clearly haven’t seen what the model section has to offer. The tag line at says that girls just want to have it with the “it” here referring to fun and the Phun forum is certainly full of girls enjoying themselves. The model section is yet another area of the site that you will surely spend a considerable amount of your time while visiting And how could you not when you a plethora of naked ladies to check out?The organization in the model section is done in such a way that one of the section is dedicated to sexy and well-known models like Megan Moore, Stormy Daniels, Taya Vais, and Miki Hamano. Then there is the social media model forum that mainly focuses on cyber models, you know, the likes that tease followers with hot bikini snaps on their Instagram and Snapchat among other social media platforms. Here you will come across the likes of Amanda Nicole, Blanca Blanco, Lauren Summer, and Lindsay Pelas, among other Instagram hotties who continue to mesmerize netizens with their near-nude photos.The amateur models forum is perhaps the most surprising as it caters for unknown cuties. With over 11k discussions and 248k+ messages, this place seems to be really popular. The forum has some interesting posts that include hot wives and MILFs, amateur girls with big boobs, pregnant and sexy women, sneak peek photos of upskirts and down blouses and so much more. Fuck, they even have a photo of the day post. No wonder motherfuckers can’t get their asses off this section. I saw one gallery featuring an amateur cutie all naked in the kitchen, and it was a fucking bucket list.Where the hell is the smut you promised?Relax, dude. I’m coming to that. Just scroll down beyond the celebrity forums, and you will find yourself knee-deep in some hot porn. They may refer to the porn as ‘sexy,’ but as you will quickly figure out, the collection here is all the way hardcore. You will find plenty of firsts in the collection as well, for instance, Vienna Rose having her asshole violated for the first time, Alex Coal’s first interracial scene, and much more. This part of the site is a far cry from the soft-core shit in the celebrity forums.The ‘sexy video section’ is divided into three forums. The first one is called the ‘sexy videos’ (pros) and houses some of the hottest professional porn with the world’s leading professional fuckers featuring heavily. For the context of how interactive this place is, there were over 748k discussions and 1.3m+ messages. The porn covers multiple niches, including exploited college girls, erotic massages, creampies, big asses, oral, and more. Just so you know, incest or rape, whether real or faked, is strictly prohibited. If you want to see your favorite porn stars getting ravaged, this is where you wanna be. Needless to say, none of the vids are hosted here and the links direct to outside sources.But when you have the likes of Legal Porno, Brazzers, Reality Kings, and Dick Drainers as possible destinations, why would you complain?Also, there is a forum solely dedicated to amateur porn, including HD and even better, a place for all the professional XXX videos with a resolution of 720p and above. The collection also spreads across multiple niches and fetishes as long as they don’t revolve around rape and incest. You have over 4,310 pages of nothing but absolute filth. Beat that.All of this for free?Damn right. It doesn’t cost you a dime to get hold of the content at Everything has been availed for free, but if you want to interact with the community, to make your own threads or to reply on your favorite topics, you will need to register an account. Don’t worry, the registration process is quick and simple, and if it’s your key to unlocking a new world of entertainment, why not?Things to love about Phun.orgOver 8 million posts; this can only mean one thing, the site is overflowing with content with the majority of the posts X-rated. This is expected considering there are thousands of members online at any given point.Multiple regular updates; has thousands of active users who are always contributing content in the forums, and the abundance of new posts is a testament that you can never have a boring day in any of the forums.Lots of adult content; is mainly an adult platform, and the majority of the forums cover porn spreading from soft-core to the absolutely hardcore and anything in between. No wonder the site is one of the largest porn forums on the internet.Possible concernsMainly celebrity-focused; there is still a considerable amount of amateur porn, but the bulk of the XXX materials here focus on celebrity kind of stuff.What I think should be done;There is nothing much the site can do to improve the experience if I’m to be honest with you. However, I’d like to see the same enthusiasm levels for celeb content being transferred to amateur content. That’d be fucking awesome.Wrapping it upWhen it’s all said and done, is a nice platform to find something to bust a nut to especially if X-rated celebrity content gives you a hard-on. It has plenty of forums and highly active users, which means you are guaranteed fresh posts each time you visit the site. The design is also simple and straightforward and other than a perceived bias towards celeb content, there is not a bad thing to say about the site. Worth your visit.