Femdom Up doesn’t fuck around with the name, telling you right on the tin what you’re going to find inside. This obviously ain’t going to be the joint for you if you’re looking for something nice, something soft, or something with submissive babes giving in to the whims of an assorted of studs. Nah, these broads are more likely to boot your nuts into your throat and fuck you up the ass with a strap-on than they are to give you a sweet, satisfying blowjob.If you haven’t figured it out by now, FemdomUp.net is a free video site focusing on sexy bitches dominating men. It’s a relatively new site, springing up toward the end of 2020 but building a lot more steam this year. I often tell my readers to get their silicone pussy lubed up before they follow my reviews along at home, but in this case, maybe you should insert a buttplug, flog yourself with a belt and press a rubber foot into your face until it leaves an impression. Are you ready to do this, worm?The Safe Word is BananaYou know, if I was illiterate, I might mistake FemdomUp’s logo for that of your regular old free tube. It’s a silhouette of a lady in heels and nothing else, save for a little pink line indicating a G-string, kind of like you see painted on those cheap strip clubs right off the highway. She’s on her back, her legs crossed, so there’s no way you’d realize how fucking mean she is.It’s a little more obvious in the thumbnails. Most free tubes have a bunch of teens getting fucked, MILFs riding cock while their big tits bounce, and Asian girls getting banged in seven-way orgies. I see a sexy mature broad with a bitchy face jerking off a dude in a POV shot, but the rest of the screencaps are obvious femdom, even if you can’t read the words.It’s an unusual setup, because instead of all the newest shit out front like on the vanilla tubes, the first thing Femdom Up hits you with is a 5-page picture menu of dominant female fetishes. They’ve got them arranged by category size, and there’s a bit of overlap at the top. The two biggest are JOI (4,683 videos) and Jerk Off Instruction (45,812), followed by Femdom POV (43165) and Dirty Talk (40515).What are you into? They’ve got dozens of kinky categories, including Facesitting, Ballbusting, Femdom Spanking and Milking. You’ll find Forced Orgasms and Cum Eating, Panty Fetish and Corporal Punishment. Beat off to Nude Wrestling, Anal Fisting, Lezdom and Leather Corsets. FemdomUp’s even got thousands of Forced Feminization videos, Femdom Scat, CNFM, and Foot Domination.Make Femdom Up YoursI bet all the math whiz kids out there were already crunching the numbers when I was naming categories and telling how deep some of them ran. Even looking at those numbers, I was still fucking blown away when I made my way to the full video area and saw what they had available.To date, FemdomUp.net has around 90,000 femdom videos. I know that’s small compared to the millions of movies you’ll find on the big anything-goes tubes, but it’s damn near unbelievable for a tube with a fetish focus like this, especially one that hasn’t been around all that long. These pervs sure know how to gather material! Holy fucking shit.A collection like that doesn’t just materialize overnight, so I knew right away that part of the formula was a steady stream of fresh free femdom videos being added to the site. I looked at the upload dates on some of the more recent scenes and it just confirmed my hunch. They’re regularly adding dozens of movies a day, which adds up fast.A new movie was added to Femdom Up in the few minutes it took me to type the last paragraph. The fucking irony is that this one isn’t actually a femdom movie, despite being tagged with Femdom Porn, though it is some kinky deep-niche fetishism. It’s a ten-minute scene about a beautiful naked lady who’s all tied up, unable to move, and she’s got nipple clamps attached to a machine via chain. It’d be femdom if a babe turned on that tit-pulling contraption, but it’s a dude.A few of the most recent uploads are kinky fetish material without a dominant female, but for the most part, FemdomUp is true to their name. Other new scenes in the last 24 hours include an incest-themed tease and denial, a POV nylon slave video, urethral sounding by a nurse dressed in red, and a dominant tranny with a pretty face ordering you onto your knees because she’s about to cum.That’s Some Rough FemdomThe first thing I tried watching on Femdom Up was a recently uploaded DVD rip called Back To The Pegging. I knew it was a DVD because the thumbnail is a DVD cover. One half showed a dominatrix with a big black dildo stepping on a dude and the other half showed a selection of similar acts from the movie.I hit the Play button, waited a couple of seconds for it to buffer and was rewarded with a couple of title cards followed by a preview of the fun to come. The very first shot is a naked guy in a gimp mask with a rope tied around his dick, a babe in a black corset yanking on the rope. My eyes barely had time to register what I was looking at before she hit him in the junk with it fucking hard, making the dude yelp.There’s a quick montage of the chick beating the fuck out of him with the paddle and abusing him with a strap-on, fucking him in the ass and then making him suck it. Then we see another montage of a different chick abusing a different dude with her fake dick and a vibrator. Ember Snow’s in it, too, really brutalizing the fuck out of a dude. She was much nicer when she visited me on the PornDudeCasting couch!The intro montage ended and the movie faded in with a blindfolded dude about to get punished. I only got to watch a few seconds of it before the video hit the three-minute mark. “Only Premium PRO members can watch full movie,” read the text on the page. Goddamnit!Plan Your Femdom Fap Sessions in AdvanceAs soon as I saw the video player, I could tell FemdomUp.net used file locker services to host the videos. They’re a good way to run a site like this, and come with some big advantages like being able to download any movie on the site. They also have some big drawbacks, especially for free users, like the one I just ran into. If you’re not shelling out for a premium membership, you’re also going to face throttled download speeds and serious limits.So what can you do? Well, the file host memberships are typically a lot cheaper than a paysite membership, so you could always go that route. If you’d rather crank off for free, and I don’t blame you, you’re just going to have to download the movies you want to spank off to. They come to you at fucking dialup speeds if you’re using the free version, so you’ll just have to plan your Femdom Up fap sessions in advance.In case you were wondering, that strap-on movie I was trying to watch runs nearly two hours long. It’s a 2.47 gig file, which would take about 9 minutes with a premium membership, or holy living fuck, twenty-four hours via the free slow-speed download. Yeah, you’d better plan those wanks well in advance.It ain’t as bad as it sounds. If you think of FemdomUp as a free tube, it’s got really inefficient delivery; the fact that you can only stream the beginning of movies is awful! I’d argue it’s better to think of it as a download site, in which case it’s got a great design, arguably a lot better than the forum- or blog-style download sites. They’re focusing on full-length videos and letting you save them for free, and you get a nice preview on top.Yeah, you’re going to have to do a little bit (or a lot) of waiting if you want to beat off to FemdomUp.net’s massive archive of femdom videos. It’s worth it, though, because it’s such a big, well-organized collection of downloadable fetish films. That alone makes it worth a look if you’re a kinky fucker who likes bad bitches.