Got any Black FF, also known as Black Fuck Friends? Well, even if you’ve been social distancing in the basement for the last year and have no interest in coming out into the daylight, you can live vicariously through this next website. The FF in the URL may be a little ambiguous at first, but you’ll quickly realize it doesn’t stand for Family Fun, Fun Fair or any other wholesome bullshit. These are sexy ebony babes who appreciate the value of companionship, blowjobs, anal and other delights.BlackFF.com says they’re the biggest black homemade porn site. That’s a pretty big claim for a premium site that’s only been around four years, so I’ll definitely have to get inside, shake my dick around a bit, and decide for myself. I’m a sucker for homemade porn movies anyway, and my jungle fever has really been acting up this morning, so this one couldn’t have shown up in my inbox at a better moment. Let’s see how it compares to the DIY tubes and ebony paysites.Do You Have a Black FF?Right away, there are two major features I notice as soon as I pull up the BlackFF landing page. The presentation is premium, with a nice logo and straightforward layout, but all the preview images have that raw, real vibe I love about good amateur porn. There are black girls taking naked selfies in bedroom mirrors, getting banged on messy beds, getting jizzed on in cars, and one lovely lady is sitting on some concrete steps outside, a glistening puddle of personal fluids dripping from her panties.Since it’s homemade stuff, you’re not going to get any current-gen ebony pornstars like Nia Nacci, Kira Noir or Jade Jordan. You will, however, find a stunning menu of really gorgeous, real ebony amateurs. In general, they lean a little thicker than your typical white-girl pornstars, but there’s a good range of body types, titty shapes and ass sizes, plus a lot of really pretty faces.As a professional porn consumer, I get to be a firsthand witness to all kinds of little cultural differences when it comes to attitudes about sex. You can expect certain things from certain countries, like submissive girls in Japan and almost comically prude babes on the Indian porn sites. One thing I love about black porn from basically anywhere is that you can expect full-on, enthusiastic, dirty sex. Just perusing the preview images at Black Fuck Friends, it’s clear that these babes are freaks, down for damn near whatever.The babes at BlackFF do it all, from sucking dick to riding it to getting banged up the ass. There are creampies and facials, solo masturbation shows and threesomes. There’s even some foot fetish stuff out front, which makes me even more eager to get into the members' area and see what’s going on in there.Spoiler alert: once you do get inside, there’s a Categories page with over 50 thumbnailed subgenres of amateur ebony smut. They’ve got all the basics more than covered, from Big Cock to Squirting to Tattoos and Sex Toys. There are MILFs, Outdoor sex, bitches with Piercings, Lesbians, Hidden Camera movies and some Pregnancy films for the unrepentant freaks. Goddamn, it’s good to have some Black FFs to play with.Making New Black Fuck FriendsThe BlackFF signup page isn’t quite as forthcoming as it could be with the membership prices. It says the regular price for a month is “$1.3/day”, which doesn’t sound like much but comes out to around forty bones a month. If you sign up for paysites on the regular, you know that’s a bit more than the industry standard of thirty bucks for most memberships. The 3- and 6-month rates look like a much better value, especially if they update the site a lot.And therein lies the rub: they don’t update the site a lot. They used to, but things fell off a while back. I know the paysites have been having issues shooting with all the new pandemic-imposed restrictions, but amateur porn should theoretically be at least a little bit exempt from that. Unfortunately, Black FF added their most recent video a whole year ago, according to the timestamp. Their galleries are faring at least a little better, with a new one added a mere 4 weeks ago.The stale content is a real buzzkill. That means the longer memberships are kind of a waste of money, since you aren’t getting anything extra by paying more. There are a couple of pieces of good news, though, that may make a one-month sub worth the chunk of your paycheck.While they haven’t added anything new in way too long, the current collection is already impressive. They currently have around a thousand homemade ebony porn movies and 500 photo galleries. That’s certainly nothing to sneer at, and without Pornhub’s recent purge of millions of user videos, these guys can help fill some of that void.You can also download any of the movies on the site. The “save movie” feature has been dying on paysites over the last few years, but they haven’t cut it out of Black FF yet. I think the feature is especially important on sites like this where the collection has gone stale, because you can just sign up from time to time, save what you want, and sign up again if/when they add more to the stash.A Thousand Amateur Black MoviesA thousand amateur black movies is nothing to scoff at, but like other DIY pornos, they tend to run pretty short. It’s just a pitfall of the genre that you’ll run into on any amateur site. With professionally shot flicks, they’ve got a crew or at least a plan to make a full-length scene. Amateur pornographers tend to pull out their phones randomly while they’re getting laid, so you’re lucky to get a movie that runs longer than a few minutes.That said, I was able to find some nice, lengthy BlackFF.com movies. Hit the Longest button on the Videos page and it’ll rearrange the stash in order of duration. They’ve got one homemade movie that runs over an hour, and a few dozen that fall between 20 and 30 minutes.I like freaky public stuff, so I clicked a 25-minute Black Fuck Friends video called Enjoying Whores With My Friends In The Woods. It’s a grainy, shaky video that was uploaded 2 years ago, but it looks like it was shot at least a decade ago. Some sexy black chick is on her knees in a park, sucking a dick, surrounded by dudes waiting for their turn.The scenario was hot, but the quality was too low for me to really enjoy. Next, I tried another longish one called Gorgeous Wanessa Playing with Sex Toy (Part 4). The quality still wasn’t current-gen, but at least it was good enough to whack off to. This thick broad with a nice rack and big thighs gets herself off with a vibrator to a thumping techno version of Smells Like Teen Spirt that I didn’t recognize immediately because it’s really awful.A handful of BlackFF.com movies do have an HD icon, so I tried one of those next. Drilling My Fat Wife On The Bed doesn’t look as grainy, but the backlighting washes out almost all of the detail, so it’s just a couple of shadows doing it doggystyle. You’ll hear some impressive queef noises, though.The next one wasn’t in HD, but the quality of the POV camerawork made it better. Recording My Bawdy Stepmom Trying to Impress Me is a 5-minute saga of a tatted-up black MILF giving some serious head, slurping like crazy as her head bobs like a chicken.Overall, the quality of those 1000 movies is pretty hit-or-miss. The images on the tour page give an impression of a site hawking more polished DIY black porn, but they’ve clearly cherry-picked from the bunch. There’s a lot of good stuff in the pile, but you’re often going to be settling for low resolution, bad camerawork or other issues. That ain’t atypical for an amateur site, but it is a little at odds with what’s displayed out front.Ultimately, it’s difficult to recommend BlackFF.com to anybody but the most hardcore fans of amateur ebony porn. The collection is deep and wide-ranging, but it’s hard to justify the high price when they haven’t added a new video in a year. If they lower the price or start updating again, it’ll be a different story, but until then, I recommend trying a different site off my list of Premium Black Porn Sites here at ThePornDude.