The Habib Show

TheHabibShow! What do you typically buy when you hit the local Shop-n-Save, Gas-n-Go, Stop-n-Rob, or 7-11? Personally, I grab a couple of blunt wraps, a few of those sketchy herbal dick pills, and a pack of extra-large rubbers before meeting a crackwhore outback. I’m really curious what Habib of TheHabibShow picks up when he goes, since he worked at a Quicky Mart before giving it up for porno.TheHabibShow.com has been pornographically documenting the sexual exploits of Habib and friends since 2005. The former convenience store worker continues to live the dream and make videos about it, which is why the site has managed to stick around so long. All these years later, they’re still getting over a thousand visits a day.Amateur Porn or Professional Smut?The landing page has a certain wild, and raw feel that you don’t get from most premium sites. Part of that is just the age of the site shining through; the layout is pretty fucking outdated, though it doesn’t have the jarring ugliness of other older sites. Its ugliness is all its own, and honestly? I think that’s part of the appeal.One of the things I like immediately is a vibe that straddles the line between amateur and professional. There’s a lot of handheld gonzo-porn videography in the samples out front, and I’m not seeing any familiar faces among the Ebony beauties getting filled with cock in rough, raw, wild videos. It could almost be some pervert’s personal homepage where he shares his home sex movies. Habib even has a public phone number listed near the top of the page. Ladies?I do see one familiar face, but it ain’t on a babe. The illustrious Ron Jeremy has apparently slung his dick for TheHabibShow, double-teaming a hot Latina with a younger porn stud. His hideously ugly mug always adds legitimacy to these things, immediately elevating the whole production to a star-studded event.You like dark-skinned broads, right? If you just want to see another gaggle of White girls getting dicked down, you’re better off elsewhere. I mostly see Black guys smashing Black girls on the front page, plus a couple of Latinas, an Asian babe, and one lonely cracker MILF. The Habib show’s categories along the side are largely ethnic, too: Asian, Ghetto, Black, Brazilian, Dominican, Latin, and Interracial. For those new to the terminology of smut, “Interracial” typically refers to a White lady getting some BBC.Just Who Runs The Habib Show?I don’t always hit the FAQ on porn sites, because really, what is there to know? Just show me the hot girls getting fucked! I got a little curious, though, just because the presentation is so different around here.It turns out Habib never really worked at a Quicky Mart before opening The Habib Show, but he does like having fun with stereotypes about being a Pakistani dude. He gives a quick life story about getting bad grades, then going into engineering, and then wising up and starting a porn site.He’s adamant TheHabibShow is a genuine amateur site, and not one of the fakes that litter the Internet. I could tell from out front, but there are still people who get fooled by all the reality porn out there (which is still totally worth jacking off to). The women you’ll see getting boned on the site are “regular women I meet from the clubs, friends, and from travel around the world.” On the rare occasions, they have professional pornstars, they keep the action unscripted.Lower Prices Than the Local Stop-N-RobI held my breath when I clicked through to the sign-up page. Sometimes I feel like punching a motherfucker when I hit the convenience store for an energy drink and pack of Zig-Zags and end up dropping twenty bucks. Those places straight rob you for the “convenience” of a slim selection, but at least it’s a good place to score drugs. I don’t see a dealer lurking outside of TheHabibShow.com, but they’ve got a lot of similar scenery.Thankfully, Habib is asking the industry-standard $30 everybody else is charging, which is the law of the market at work. It’s just really hard to charge more than that. There’s also a 6-month membership available for a Benjamin, which is way less than an eight ball.Since the site’s been around so long, you’re getting into a collection with over 400 hours of exclusive amateur videos shot by Habib himself. The newest shit is in 4K Ultra-HD, which elevates this smut above your typical DIY garage offerings filmed on some hillbilly’s toaster. You also get thousands of pics and hundreds of bonus sites.Regular Updates and Hot Hood SlutsThe first thing I noticed when I logged in was all the duplicate thumbnails, and it took me a few seconds to figure out what was going on. TheHabibShow.com has an update every few days, but some of them are previews and photosets of the full video. Most sites typically release all three at the same time, or don’t count the previews as updates. Call it three updates or call it one, but the point is the same: they put out one exclusive new movie every week or so.This ain’t technically an Ebony site because they’ve got girls of all colors, but the front page of The Habib Show right now is a wall of mostly Black flesh. I see a lot of thick mamas with booty for days and luscious tits that will make your mouth water. The girls are overall bigger than most pornstars on other premium sites, and there are even some genuine fat bitches with the kind of body confidence you almost never see in White girls that size.One of their newest movies is fucking wild as hell. The Lil Mini Stallion Fucks The Giant Jovan Jordan is exactly what it sounds like, even if you don’t recognize the names. The little Ebony babe is just 4’4”, and she’s taking on some monster dong from a dude standing 6’6”. It’s a short movie at only 14-minutes, but that girl’s a fucking trooper for taking it on that long. It’s literally as big as her fucking forearm!I was torn between a babe with a 40-inch ass and a 19-year-old newbie with a pierced pussy for my official fap-test of TheHabibShow, but then I saw this cute mixed girl smiling in one of the previews further down the screen. On hover-over, she’s sucking cock and getting her twat hammered. The stamp says it’s nearly an hour-long, too, which makes it ideal since I just railed a crushed Viagra.Rough, Raw, Real PornoThe movie opens with a few seconds of Zoey naked and giggling as Trey Schlongz compliments the work she does with her pussy and mouth. “I know,” she says before flashing that magic tongue. We get a quick preview montage of the action to come over the next hour: Zoey’s going to suck dick, get her pussy stuffed from multiple angles, and finger her own butthole during the process. Fuck yes!I got a couple of seconds of buffering when I skipped through the interview segment at the beginning. It may have been because I bumped the resolution up to full 4K, but everything’s been slow on my end now that everyone’s watching Netflix on coronavirus lockdown, so I can’t blame The Habib Show. When the buffering stopped, Habib was sticking his finger into the shot and up her twat. It’s important to test these things before you let your talent in there. You don’t want any mishaps.One of the things I love about the movie immediately is how real it feels. The atmosphere is fun and casual yet raw and sexy as fuck, the exact dynamic you look for in good amateur smut but without the shitty 3-minute runtimes and Tetris-quality video.That vibe is arguably one of the site’s biggest selling points, and it definitely continues once the dirty sex starts. Zoey may not be a goddamn sexual acrobat like some of the superstars of the genre, but goddamn can she fuck, and she fucking loves it!“Amateur” is such a loaded word in pornography. Habib of TheHabibShow.com is clearly a fucking professional, having honed his pornographic skills over the last 15 years. The dude’s a master of capturing hood bitches at their freakiest in porno movies that really do feel more like random hookups than your typical premium offerings. Check out the free preview videos. If you like those, there’s a lot more inside.