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With a name like Dorcel Club Africa, it’s a safe bet you’re about to beat off to some high-end ebony porno. Now, Mark Dorcel may be a white dude, but he’s made a big name for himself over the last few decades as a world-class smut peddler. Slap his name on anything and you know there’s going to be some dirty sex involved, which tells you a lot of what you need to know about this, as the name implies, is a premium black porn site from the Dorcel Network. It’s actually one of the newest parts of the sprawling porn empire, springing up barely a year ago in 2021. A lot of you fuckers spent the year hiding from the coronavirus, but it seems Dorcel and friends had more important plans. I’m always up for checking out a new porn site, and to be honest, my jungle fever has really been acting up lately. Let’s go see if we can find a cure.Treating Jungle Fever with DorcelClubAfricaWhen I see “black porn,” it can bring a few different images to mind. A lot of you will think of the big-name interracial sites like Blacked, while others immediately picture the black amateurs of sites like Ebony Pulse. There’s also the legitimately African DIY porn of sites like NaijaUncut for those who love a bit of international action with their assorted flavors of chocolate.I reviewed DorcelVision the other day, so I already know the Dorcel brand puts out porno from all around the world. They were originally known for Euro stuff, as Marc himself is French-Hungarian, but have since become a truly global porn operation. Dorcel Club Africa features porno made in Africa, starring African pornstars, models and amateurs.The thumbnails all over the tour page show black hotties getting boned in cities and villages, riding dicks on couches and giving blowjobs in bedrooms. I see a couple of public scenes on the menu, and a handful filmed outside among the trees and tall grass. A lot of the wardrobe is stereotypically African, with bright patterns and colors, though the clothes typically disappear early on.I love how freaky black girls are, a generalization that seems to hold true around the world thanks to sex-positive cultures at sharp contrast to the more prudish areas of the globe. (I’m looking at you, India.) DorcelClubAfrica is clearly no exception, with ebony babes engaging in all kinds of perversion even out on the tour page. There are thick wives doing doggystyle, yellowbone babes getting their pussies eaten out, and a threesome in a bed made for one. These girls are truly enjoying themselves!A Package of Ebony Porn and MoreBefore I go any further, I want to break down the network structure over at Dorcel Club Africa. As you may have guessed from the name, it’s part of, which is itself part of the DorcelNetwork. The Dorcel Network also includes Luxure, XXX Vintage, and Russian Institute. Membership is a package deal that includes access to all of these sites. It’s at least four paysites for the price of one, depending on how you slice it up.Networks like this are a killer value for the value-minded masturbator, the kind of pervert who buys their silicone vaginas by the case and picks up their lube in barrels from Costco. A Dorcel Network subscription, including, will run you just thirty bucks. That’s the same as pretty much any other singular paysite out there. Also, the price drops to half that, if you spring for a 180-day membership.The main potential downside to this is some brand dilution. Instead of putting all their effort toward one channel or site, they’re always building the whole thing. The total number of Dorcel Club Africa movies is still under 30 as of this writing. The site is still young, so that number will certainly grow, but it makes the package a little less appealing if you’re mainly into black porn.If you like variety, though, you’ll probably feel like the membership balances out when you consider all the other smut on the menu. Combined, you’re looking at over 100 movies on DorcelClub. They don’t publish the release dates, so it’s hard to tell exactly how often they’re adding new stuff. I can see the very latest stuff in my notifications, though, and they’ve added 3 movies in the last 3 days. It looks they’re adding material almost every day.Trying to Watch Black SmutWhen you get logged into DorcelNetwork, they drop you off in a central member’s hub that shows you flicks from across the network. Since I came here today to review their African ebony porno, I clicked the Channels button and chose Dorcel Club Africa. I figured I’d start my official fap test with the very latest film, a little something called Hard Tutoring. Is there really any other kind? It seems like if you tried soft tutoring, you wouldn’t be able to get your dick inside the girl.Here’s where I ran into an issue. I hit the Play button on the lady’s ass, and all I got for my effort was an endless loading screen with a spinning circle. I rebooted my computer, tried a different browser, and then tried switching from my laptop to my phone, where I got blocked for the suspicious activity of trying to make their fucking site work. I was able to get logged back in on my laptop, but I still couldn’t make the video play. I clicked around, hoping a different movie would work, but no dice.All of the movies on have a Download button, letting you save the videos in a range of resolutions up to 1080p HD. Thinking I might be able to bypass whatever issue they were having on their end, I gave it a shot. Unfortunately, it looks like the problem extends to the downloads, too. It looks like it’s an issue with their video server(s).Spinning Circles Instead of Humping SlutsAs I was typing the above paragraph, the spinning circle finally stopped. In my quest to watch some black porn, I’d tried out a few videos, so the video that eventually began playing was called Natural Selection. A sexy ebony chick was on her back in the jungle, her legs up in the air as a dude hammered away at her twat. My dick, which had become sad about the broken movies, sprang to life, reinflating to full mast as he flipped her over and got ready to hit it from behind.And then, just as quickly as it began, the video froze. I had only seen maybe a minute or two of what Dorcel Club Africa had to offer, and now I was stuck staring at that stupid spinning circle. This time, the video was paused on a guy whose face told me he was having a great time. Meanwhile, my own dingdong crept back into its hiding place, the lube wasted and growing cold. I clicked around the timeline, hoping the video would come back. In the meantime, I typed this paragraph.A few minutes later, Natural Attraction started playing again. This time, I got to watch about 20 seconds of a blowjob in the wilderness before it froze again. I was left staring at a black babe staring at a black dick, forever ready and waiting to put it back in her mouth.I’d bet any money the streaming and downloading issues I experienced during my visit were temporary. Dorcel’s been a player in the industry for a long fucking time, and you don’t get there when you don’t deliver the product. It’s probably only a matter of hours before the videos all work just fine, but I happened to give it a test drive the day the tires blew. As I finish this paragraph, I’m again treated to a few moments of dick-stroking video. To be fair, it is a nice, crisp image, much sharper in quality than you usually get with African porn, which may help account for some of this ludicrous buffering time.Given my frustration with the site, it’s a little hard to recommend signing up for today. At the same time, they do offer a decent value on their network subscription, giving you a nice variety of content for the price of one typical paysite. Their African movies are shot better than the usual sloppy amateur work coming from the continent, so I can see this one playing really well with connoisseurs of ebony pornography. Let’s just hope they work out their server issues ASAP. (I tried again, the day after writing up this review, and the problem sadly persisted.)