Brazzers Plus! You’ve heard of Brazzers, but have you tried Brazzers Plus? The name alone probably has your head spinning. Regulars here at ThePornDude already know my opinion on the sprawling premium network, a monumental achievement and value in the world of modern pornography. What in the possible fuck could they have up their sleeve to add a Plus to the equation, when they’re already known for world-class dirty movies starring the world’s most beautiful, popular and talented video whores?BrazzersPlus.com is a social media porn site: think Snapchat, but it’s all real, hardcore pornstars. They’re obviously cashing in on the sexy vibe selling like crazy on DIY porn sites like OnlyFans and Patreon, and I honestly can’t tell if it’s opportunistic or true goddamn genius. It’s a shrewd business move from some of the biggest smut peddlers in the game, but it also makes perfect fucking sense. They’ve already got a stable of some of the world’s most-fapped to women, so why not serve them up in this increasingly popular format?Brazzers Porn from the Future, TodayI’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again: Brazzers is run by time-travelers. I say that because they’ve always been ahead of the curve when it comes to genre-defining dirty movies, and also because the copyright date at the bottom of BrazzersPlus says 2004. Brazzers itself wasn’t even officially founded until 2005, and BrazzersPlus.com wasn’t even registered until 2014. Some might argue they’ve been sitting on the domain until then, but those who subscribe to the pornographic time-traveler theory believe this Instagram of Instant Sex was conceived years before it was unveiled.BrazzersPlus itself is still so new that people are still finding out about it. I get the feeling people are going to come flocking when they find out what the site is offering. For instance, I was pretty fucking surprised to find a shit-ton of free Brazzers porno.Don’t misunderstand me; BrazzersPlus.com ain’t a totally free porn tube, but they’ve got way more free material than you’ll find over at OnlyFans. Sign-up is free, and once you get inside, you’ll be inundated with more smut than you can shake a dick at, at least in a given amount of time.Oh, this is probably a good time to mention BrazzersPlus also has a fucking nice Android app. New users will get a little message asking if they’d like it installed. I took the plunge, and it’s a polished little porn app that really does the site justice. It looks and feels just like one of its cleaner social media counterparts, with quick links to the models, videos, stories and live streams at the bottom.That’s not to say the web version looks shitty. On the contrary. Hell, you know the company and what it’s known for, and the high standards will more than meet your expectations.The Biggest Porn Sluts in the BizLet’s talk some more about those high standards and expectations. BrazzersPlus.com is top-loaded with a ton of your favorite pornstars. I bet as soon as I said Brazzers, you started picturing some of your favorite pretty faces, scrumptious asses, tight vajayjays and some big ol’ titties, huh?Don’t be shy, who were you thinking of? Alexis Fawx? Demi Sutra? Emily Willis? Kendra Sunderland? Dude, I just straight-up listed the Latest Stories on the site/app, and it’s all A-listers. Scrolling down, I see a sandy-assed beach shot and a close-up twerking vid of classic MILF Cheri DeVille, a cum-faced cock-smoking selfie of Keiran Lee, and Dani Daniels with her ass and twat in the air after being bad.I love the little references to the other social media sites. A photo of Kendra Sunderland with black Xs covering her nips is captioned with, “IG keeps deleting this!! So I guess I’ll just have to keep this kinda stuff on here!” Hey, I certainly won’t complain if you do, Kendra!On the app or BrazzersPlus.com, new content is served up in a feed of the freshest fuck flicks and nude pics. The site is updated fucking constantly. The regular Brazzers network is known for its prolific output, but new pics and clips are hitting Brazzers Plus on a scale you’d expect from a free tube or another social media site. Every day, there are dozens of fappable bits of content to crank it to.What’s the Damn Catch?Brazzers Plus seems to update all goddamn day long with new fap fodder, but there is one obvious catch. All the free stuff is still photos and very short video loops. You can absolutely fap to it, but those looking for a longer scene to crank it to are out luck, or at the very least out of pocket. Yes, I’m sure you guessed it right from the jump, but there’s plenty on this site you can pay for. The free stuff is great, but as it does on the porn tubes, it’s mainly there to lure you in for the more expensive material.Like OnlyFans, BrazzersPlus has an a la carte business novel; buy what you want, instead of signing up for a full-on membership to the whole site. Depending on how much porn you consume, this is either going to be a better or a worse value. I’ll go ahead and say now that you heavy consumers who want the absolute most content for your dollar should opt for the regular Brazzers membership instead.There are a couple of ways to spend money on Brazzers Plus. One is through the Videos+ page, which offers up full-length movies for sale in various categories and price ranges. The Homemade section is going to appeal to you perverts, looking for more of that full DIY experience you get from OnlyFans or Patreon. These vids run between $5 and $10, usually featuring solo stripteases, masturbation sequences and cam shows. It’s Brazzers, though, so naturally, there’s also homemade threesomes, POV foot fetish bangs and amateur outdoor sex at the beach.There’s also a section of slightly cheaper Studio Releases. To me, these are kind of second fiddle to the rest of the videos here, because I have to assume they also appear on other Brazzers sites. What I’m more interested in is the ZZ+ Exclusives section, which has original movies with starlets like Alexis Fawx and Chelsea Vegas. It’s still a small catalog, but BrazzersPlus.com is still a new site.If you’re the sort of masturbator who typically signs up for OnlyFans subscriptions, you may be more interested in the My Stories subscriptions offered at Brazzers Plus. Clicking My Stories brings up a menu of top-shelf stars and starlets like Emily Willis, Gina Valentina, Nicole Anison and the always lovely Abella Danger. If you want an intimate glimpse into their private lives, it’s going to run you ten bones a month or $80 for the year.The fact that the best stuff costs money is going to be the real dealbreaker for a lot of you cheapskate library masturbators. Personally, my least favorite part is just that it doesn’t feel quite as intimate as sites like Instagram or OnlyFans. Those are truer social media sites, with the pics, vids and captions almost all uploaded by the beautiful attention whores themselves.Brazzers may well have given these girls access to add their own content, but I get the feeling they’ve got some web dude doing all the work. Half the photos are clearly porn screengrabs or promo shots, not the explicit, intimate selfies fans want. It makes sense, though. Running a personal social media smut empire on sites like Snapchat and Patreon is a full-time job for a lot of the young sluts you’ll find there. The big-name pornstars at BrazzersPlus already have jobs as big-name pornstars.Whether that homebrew porn aesthetic is real or not, fans of the genre owe it to themselves to check out the Brazzers spin on Insta-smut. The presentation is as polished and pretty as you’d expect from the porn giant, and a fucking ton of your favorite pornstars are already here. There’s plenty of free material to get you all hard and drippy, but be warned, you may end up busting out your credit card if the temptation proves too much.