I browsed Qrush.com for a couple of hours before I realized I was pronouncing it wrong in my head. I’d been thinking of it as Q-Rush the whole time, like the feeling you get when you stand up too fast after huffing Viagra fumes from a paper bag. I’m not sure where the Q came in, and honestly, I’m still not. Instead of getting the usual crush you might get for a babe on Instagram or OnlyFans, they want you to develop a massive, throbbing Qrush. Branding’s a funny thing, ain’t it?Qrush.com is a recently launched competitor/alternative to OnlyFans. That’s great news, because I was looking for a way to raise my monthly fapping bill. The influencer-driven porn-site model has proven to be the next big thing in smut over the last year, driven in large part by the demands of social distancing and the needs of the masturbating public. I’ve made no secret of my love for these self-made Internet models and next-generation pornstars, so I was pretty eager to dig in and see what kind of T&A they had available.Models Needed – Come Flash the GoodsThe first thing you need to know about Qrush is that it’s brand spanking new. I mean like new-new, like they just peeled off the bandages and it still has that freshly extruded hot plastic smell. The landing page is less about enticing an audience of perverts with their pants down as it is about drawing new talent to entice those pervs. A chat box even popped up offering a 90% payout rate for the first 3 months for the first 500 influencers. That’s great news for the 500 who sign up, but I’m a little less enthusiastic for the moment, since I already know it’s going to be a slim selection of chicks.Digging into their Support page a bit, it looks like the usual payout rate is 80% for traffic coming in through a model’s vanity URL. Eighty is what OnlyFans pays, and they’re big enough to set a lot of standards for this type of website. While OnlyFans only pays every 3 weeks, Qrush does free weekly payouts. That’s going to be a big incentive for chicks, who’d been thinking of getting into the Internet modeling game, but need money now. Combine that with their revenue share offers and it looks even more appealing.The biggest downside I can see to signing up as a model comes down to the site being new. OnlyFans has a much, much bigger audience, but I’m actually not sure how much that matters. One of my constant beefs about OnlyFans is that you can’t really browse it for new content. All you get for suggestions over there are promoted profiles, so you can’t find anything unless you follow a model elsewhere and she gives out her URL. The OnlyFans link may look slightly more attractive due to familiarity, but let’s be real, you’d be just as likely to click a Qrush link if the chick was hot and you’d get to see tits.One Big Thing I Like Better Than OnlyFansIn case you didn’t catch it in the last paragraph, one of the things I like immediately about Qrush.com is that it’s easier to browse and search than OnlyFans. It’s crazy to me that the biggest site in the genre pretty much makes their talent do all the promotion outside the platform, and doesn’t give potential subscribers the ability to peruse the content to see what’s available. It seems like leaving a fucking ton of money on the table.Qrush is still small, which is obviously going to impose some limitations on the browsing options. The good news is that you’ll start seeing pretty girls wearing little to nothing as soon as your browser loads up the joint. (If you haven’t signed up for a free account yet, just hit where it says Find Creators in the top right corner.) The main page view gives you a feed of sexy content like it does on any social media or social porn site. If you’re a newcomer and haven’t followed or liked anyone, you get a seemingly endless feed of Recommended content.Qrush.com allows all kinds of adult content. It looks like the usual set of rules apply, meaning no illegal or hateful content, which makes for a nice variety of fap material. My initial Recommended feed was a mix of sexy blondes in tiny dresses, brunettes in their underwear drinking out of the faucet, and a sweet-faced young thing in plaid negligee. There are a ton of bikini shots and skimpy dresses, mixed up with a little cosplay and cleavage shots, and a couple of doms offering femdom and cuckold fantasies.It’s a nice mix, especially given the site’s overall small size. Likewise, the Search function is robust enough to bring back hits for BBW, cosplay, MILF, anal, threesome and blowjob, but missed a few common tags like teen, lesbian and Latina. Given time, the selection should fill out. Right now, they’ve got an anything-goes vibe, but given their comparatively small size, I could see the site tilting toward a niche if a particular demographic takes a liking to the platform.I really wish they had an app, but they’ve run into the same issues as their competitors. The official reason is that they ran afoul of the iOS rules, but Google is just as shitty when it comes to allowing adult content on their mobile platform. I think I speak for all grownups with phones when I say that’s all a crock of shit.Something Free for the CheapskatesEven before I pulled out my wallet, I was able to see quite a lot of free content on Qrush. It was considerably softer than the usual gangbangs and glory-hole extravaganzas I review here at ThePornDude, with a lot of sexy selfies, beach shots, twerking, and sexy video montages of chicks in dresses. Of course, if you’re familiar with the genre, this comes as no surprise. While there is more hardcore material if you dig around on Qrush, the tradeoff for the softer material is the closer apparent connection you get with the models around here.One of the things that has made the OnlyFans format so popular is the deeper level of intimacy it offers with its starlets. There’s no real connection when you jerk off to your typical reality porn paysite. Even premium sites like BannedStories miss the mark with their imitation of the genre starring big-name pornstars. Qrush, on the other hand, hits all the right notes. You follow your favorite girls, who really do post their own homemade content, you can tip them if you’re extra happy, and sure, you can even message them if you want (and you want to pay for it). Instead of your hard-earned paycheck funneling back to some big, faceless porn corporation, you’re helping support your favorite models directly.The girls set their own prices, but the profiles I looked at were all charging between five and ten bucks. That ain’t bad, especially considering the average paysite will run your thirty bones a month. A lot of these chicks are already posting daily updates.Many of the influencers on Qrush.com offer a free month of their premium content before the billing starts, which is a great way of hooking dudes like me who think they have the willpower to cancel before the next billing cycle. My best-laid plans keep getting foiled by big asses, natural titties and tatted-up goth girls. You’ve got to give over your credit card digits before you even get the freebies, so go ahead and set an alert on your phone you’ll ignore in 29 days.Ultimately, the only real problem I find with Qrush is to their advantage: you may end up spending a bunch of money if you like the girls. You sign up for a five-dollar subscription this month, a couple more next month, and the next thing you know, you’re putting some Internet chick through college because she looks amazing wearing nothing but a pair of cat ears. Good god, imagine what a devastating pervert trap they’ll have on their hands when more models sign up! Your productivity is fucked, my friend, but you’re going to see some massive gains in forearm stamina.