Going off the name, Mega Cams sounds like it might be any other webcam sex site. I mean, it’s got “Cam” in the title, so you know what they’re selling, and the “Mega” part sounds like the standard brag at any porn site that they’re the biggest and the best. I’ve been reviewing these things for long enough to know that a lot of them are really the same, no matter what they’re telling you. Hell, a lot of them are literally white label sites that just rebrand some other cam site with a new set of logos. It turns out this one is different enough to be worth mentioning here at ThePornDude, so let’s get right into is a site that integrates live shows from a bunch of your favorite cam platforms and also offers prerecorded porn. It’s clearly a winning formula, because they get a few million visits a month, which is even more than your mom can claim. I’m a sucker for naked girls, whether they’re broadcasting right now from their bedroom webcams or recorded a dick-sucking scene last week. I’ve been popping boner pills like candy all morning and looking for something to do, so this seems like a perfect opportunity to give this joint an official Porn Dude test fap.What Kind of Cams Are These?I knew right away that Megacams wasn’t your typical webcam porn site. The front page is a big giveaway. Usually, the first thing you see when you load up a cam site is a bunch of broads flashing their tatas or fingering their beavers in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. (Well, on the shittier sites, you usually see a bunch of bored bimbos waiting around for some magnanimous and moneyed fellow to come toss some tokens in the hat before they’re willing to take their tops off.) That isn’t what you’re going to see when you pull this thing up.“Newly Uploaded Porn Videos” reads the header at the top, and sure enough, the visuals are different. Yeah, a lot of these babes are clearly performing on their own beds, cams aimed at their cooters, but there’s a lot more full-on porno than you’d expect for a site called Megacams. There’s a thick girl walking around an apartment building, the camera following as she flashes her big ass and thighs, as well as a pair of lesbians eating each other out in what looks like a professionally shot scene. My dick rose to attention, and then started dripping a little when I saw the babes fooling around in some store’s dressing room. I wonder who ended up buying those panties later.Another thing I notice is that while many of the videos are accessible instantly with a click, others have a little M logo with a price beside it, along with a padlock icon that you already know means you can’t watch just yet. The paid content does have preview videos available, but the implication is clear: this is a freemium site with both paid and free fap fodder.I know the very concept of freemium scares away some of the library masturbators who don’t want to spend a dime and who don’t want to settle for short free previews. Hey, that’s valid, but I’ve got some good news for you. There’s plenty of good free stuff, including full-length sex scenes. I see a few half-hour videos available for a free watch out front, including an interracial movie, a chubby teen scene, and an outdoor ebony fuck fest.Live Sexy Babes from the Best Cam SitesI was kind of surprised to find prerecorded videos presented on the front page of a site called Megacams, but it could be a case of a website that has evolved and perhaps shifted focus a bit as they’ve grown. Still, I was really eager to check out the cam setup here. One of the big selling points here is that they integrate cams from a heaping handful of the most popular cam sites.There’s a dropdown menu of cams by platform, and includes most of the big ones you’ve heard of. Chaturbate and LiveJasmin seem like a given, though I’ve seen similar sites that omit these obvious examples. Megacams has them, as well as BongaCams, CamSoda, Xcams, Streamate and a few others. You can also browse cams by country, which I’ve always found useful as hell. (I’m fucking crazy about Latin American cam girls, who tend to be sexy, enthusiastic performers who really light up when you tip them a few American bucks.)It’s one thing to just provide a directory of the camwhores on different platforms, but goes one further and really increases the usefulness of the whole site. You can follow chicks across multiple cam platforms, and Megacams will let you know when they’re performing. That right there is going to save a lot of time and effort for fans of live webcam sex.Megacams knows their audience, so by default, you’re going to see the Popular Live Cam Girls when you click your way to the cam section. If you’ve got different tastes, that’s cool, too—just click that little dropdown menu in the corner and you can switch the presentation to the male camwhores or trannies. Me, I’m all about the sexy ladies, so that’s where I served me up a great selection of camwhores, attention whores and just regular ol’ whores performing right now across different platforms. Click on a thumbnail and you’ll get the babe’s Megacams profile, along with an outgoing link to go join the show. I ended up taking a long detour to Xcams to see a natural blonde MILF diddling herself while I also enjoyed my own company.Now, when you’ve got this many cam girls from this many platforms, it can get even harder to choose than fucking Netflix. One of the things I really like about the setup here is the extensive range of filters to help find the camgirls of your dreams. There’s a quick access section that’ll point you to the most popular categories like Asian, Busty, Bondage and Couples, but the full set of filters runs much deeper than that.The real question, then, is, what are you into? You can filter down the selection by titty size, body type, pubic hair maintenance routine, hair color, age or ethnicity. There’s even an Extra section that lets you dial in preferences like Pregnant, Feet Fetish, Squirting and BDSM. Even if you’ve got unusual tastes, these guys will help you search through multiple platforms to find the performers that make you the absolute hardest. Why settle for less?How’s This Thing Work?I initially thought was going to be another site that automatically collects the most popular cam shows, whether the chicks signed up for the service or not. It turns out the models here are more active participants in the process, signing up for the service to help expand their range, get more viewers and ultimately make more money.One of the biggest advantages of this setup is that the girls can upload their own supplementary content. That means Megacams has an archive of videos and photos from some of your favorite camgirls. Since this system relies on the girls to add their own material, it can be a little hit or miss. Some models have a ton of extra videos to beat off to, while others don’t really do anything besides the live shows. Like the rest of the site, it’s a freemium situation, which means some are free, but others cost money.The fact that some content costs money is really the only downside to the site, but it’s only going to bother the stingiest, most demanding of choosey beggars. Most camgirl fans are going to appreciate the whole Megacams setup, because they really do offer a lot more than your typical off-brand cam site.The multi-platform integration alone makes a really fucking convenient way for fans of the genre to get their fix without having to check half a dozen different sites every day. The fact that these chicks can sell or give away even more of their content directly on Megacams is icing on the cake, so you’ll always have something to beat off to even if your preferred hotties aren’t currently performing. If you’re into the webcam sex format, do yourself a big favor and give this site a look.