Lewd Chat! Who the fuck still uses a chatroom to chat with other horny adults in this goddamn decade? Well, it turns out, plenty of fucking people! This is because so many people want to hop onto a chatroom anonymously and get off with other horny like-minded adults just like them. If you don’t believe me, visit LewdChat and see for yourself!You will discover that there are all kinds of people just waiting to meet you! I was actually surprised by how busy all of the rooms truly were. Every time I visited, someone was waiting to fucking chat with me. But I will get to that in a moment.For now, visit the fucking chatroom and see if it’s right up your goddamn alley. And if you visit ThePornDude regularly trying to find sexy chatrooms to get off with other people, I think you will like what you see on this platform. Sure, you won’t be impressed by how the homepage looks, but none of that really matters when you consider the size and number of rooms available to you. Besides, LewdChat knows precisely what it is and why you are there. Their focus is solely on the chatrooms, and it shows.Knows what it isMaybe you will think that I am just talking out of my ass, but I don’t really fucking care. I know that what I am saying is not total bullshit, so get fucked bitch! During my time on LewdChat, I found that this chat site has grown and stayed relevant over the years, all because of one simple reason. The team behind the site kept their focus on growing LewdChat as a chatroom and nothing more. That may sound fucking stupid since chatrooms stopped being relevant years ago, but stop being so goddamn simple-minded for a moment and pay attention!LewdChat has always known that people visit the site to anonymously chat with horny fuckers like yourself. They understand that people out there, just like you, would rather keep things fucking simple and chat with others without any strings attached. They don’t want any goddamn social networking bullshit integrated into their chatroom. They want strictly IRC chatting that does not involve them having to add information about themselves, add new pictures to their profile, and so on.Whereas so many XXX chat services have pivoted and tried to integrate social media features and elements into their platform, LewdChat has stood firm and refused to change. In a lot of fucking cases, this would be the death of that fucking site. It would also be a goddamn stupid decision since people want to chat mostly anonymously and at their discretion without having to give too much information away.LewdChat isn’t about that. They know what they are and why you want to visit their site in the first place. So they haven’t fucking changed, like, ever. When you visit the homepage, the only thing you can do is click on the ‘chat now’ button or read a few paragraphs that detail what LewdChat is all about, more or less. But once you are done reading them, fuck, there’s only one thing to do: click that fucking button and start chatting with other horny bastards like yourself!See? It’s a matter of if it isn’t broke, don’t fucking fix it! The star of the show has always been and will always be the chatrooms. That’s never going to change if LewdChat has anything to say about it. Good on them for laser-focusing on one niche and growing it as much as possible.Decent number of chattersI say growing as much as possible because let us be fucking real here. Chatrooms are a mother fucking niche thing. They used to be popular as hell, but those days are long fucking gone. Nowadays, the only people that seem to visit chatrooms are those that want to anonymously sext with other horny adults like them. I would also assume the crowd tends to be older because the younger and horny crowd has no goddamn clue what a chatroom is in the first place.Even though XXX chatrooms are niche adult sites, it does not change the fact that there are quite a few chatters around the rooms. It is an impressive number, especially considering that chatrooms – and even then, populated chatrooms – are rare no matter what niche you are talking about.If you want to see this for yourself, all you have to do is, again, select ‘chat now’ on the homepage. Then, choose ‘LewdChat’ on the left sidebar, followed by ‘channels.’ There, you will find all of the channels that are available for you to chat on. You can filter through the channels by inputting a keyword in the ‘search’ field. Or you can browse through the channels sorted from most chatters to least and click ‘join channel’ to start chatting.Once you select the chatroom you want to participate in; you will notice that it operates like a standard IRC chatroom. In fact, the chatrooms on LewdChat function behind an IRC framework, meaning they are true IRC chatrooms like you would find way back in the day. Fuck, LewdChat hasn’t updated hardly anything since its inception in 2016.Active roomsDon’t think that there is just one chatroom available for you to chat in, either! It is not like there is just one chatroom where everyone congregates to. Though, to be fair, you will instantly be able to see which chatrooms are most popular and which ones have very few chatters that they might not be worth the click.Rooms like ‘Lewd’ and ‘Roleplaying’ have their fair share of chatters as well. There are people active in those rooms all the fucking time. Almost every time I visited one of these rooms, I noticed that there were at least over 40 members in each room. In some cases – specifically in the main lewd chatroom – there was double that. But, like I fucking said, most importantly of all, everyone in there was active as hell. I could tell this because whenever someone was writing a message, I could see that they were, in fact, typing.It would have been convenient as fuck if chatrooms had such a feature way back then. It would let you know who was chatting, so you never thought that a conversation was getting stalled or was going nowhere. LewdChat borrows from new-age social chat platforms like Discord and live chats on social platforms like YouTube and Twitch to make it even more convenient to use old technology in a relatively new way.Once you experience how convenient it is to chat on LewdChat, I highly doubt that you are ever going to want to use another IRC chatroom that doesn’t employ the ‘typing now’ feature. It’s a gamechanger when it comes to other adult IRC chatrooms of its ilk. With over 10 rooms that are active (although again, there are only a few chatrooms that have a fuck load of people in them), you are going to have more than enough opportunities to chat with other members!Private chat with membersWhen you get in a room, it’s up to you to grab everyone’s attention. It is not by being a dick or asking everyone to write ‘cumbucket’ if they want to see your real dick, but by being the conversationalist who won’t bore women to tears. Of course, easier said than done for you, but let’s assume that you actually hit it off with someone in a room on LewdChat. What can you do then?If this is like most cases, you are going to blow your chance, say something cringey, and they’ll block your ass before you can even ask her if she wants to fuck your prop lightsaber. But if this is the rare occasion where you have something to say, LewdChat allows you to go one-on-one in a private chat.You can do this by clicking a member. There, you will see their age, gender, location, and if they are online. You can then select ‘more information’ to see a bit more about them, including their private mail address (why you would need to know this is beyond me). Or you can select ‘send message’ to privately chat with the user.As is implied, whenever you chat with someone privately, no one else can see your message except you and the other party. Nobody in that room will know what the fuck is said between the two of you unless they copy then paste your words into the room. If they do that, you can fucking ignore them and move on with your life. Easy and done, just like that.Even though LewdChat has a bland as hell homepage, none of that really matters when you consider the overall function of the site to begin with. It exists to allow users like yourself to jump into a chatroom, find someone worth chatting with and getting off together for the evening or the foreseeable future.Chatrooms are not fucking dead, and LewdChat proves this effectively. Whether you are curious about sexting in an adult chatroom or you haven’t been in one in years, and you want to converse in a chatroom like old times, LewdChat makes it happen with ease. No registering, no e-mail confirmations, just solid IRC XXX chatting at its finest.SuggestionsLewdChat is an XXX IRC chat platform that allows horny users to chat with other horny adults like themselves. The homepage could use a serious facelift, as it looks drab and dull. But LewdChat succeeds where it counts by making it easy as hell to chat with other members. Of course, they should continue operating as they are to keep people coming back for more, but updating the homepage to make it more appealing to others wouldn’t hurt.