Cuckold Chat

TheCuckoldConsultant has a Cuckold Chat that I only touched on briefly when I reviewed the site and the service. I could have crammed a few hundred more words into the original review, but that wouldn’t be doing the community justice. One of the main features you look for in any chat group or forum is a thriving, active userbase, which this cuckold site has in abundance. I’m visiting the place on a weekday morning, and there are nearly 1000 users online. This is a legit online cuckold community.If you missed my full review of TheCuckoldConsultant.com, not to worry. You’ve still got all the time in the world to read the full write-up, but the long and short of it goes like this: The Cuckold Consultant is a dude, a resource and a service dedicated to helping get your wife into the sack with another guy. The joint’s been around since 2016 and has managed to build a community whose size alone speaks volumes about the overall quality of the information on offer. Let’s go find out what these cucks are chatting about!Chatting with The Cuckold ConsultantOne of the big things that separates TheCuckoldConsultant from other cuckold sites out there is the level of seriousness you’ll find all over the place. Most websites in the genre are simply offering something to jerk off to, while this one legitimately wants to help turn the ol’ ball-and-chain into a hotwife. I mean, sure, I guess you can hit it up just for some fap fodder, but there are arguably better sites for that. Hell, I’ve reviewed a bunch of them here at ThePornDude. This place is something else entirely.From the outside, Chat.TheCuckoldConsultant.com doesn’t look too different from any other forum. There’s a cartoon logo of a dude with antlers and a thick wife, plus the usual set of Login and Registration buttons. Registration is free, and they’ve also got a Guest Login, so you can come poke around or lurk without investing anything more than a few minutes of your time.While I make my contact info readily available so you perverts can hit me up with your questions, comments and nudes of your wife, I’m generally pretty reluctant to sign up for something free with my email address. I get enough dick-pill spam as it is. With that in mind, I first checked out The Cuckold Consultant Chat through the guest login.It’s worth noting that the Guest Login here is better than the usual anonymous-lurker access most forums will give you. After choosing a username, setting my age and gender, I clicked the button to prove I’m not a robot and in I went. A little intro blurb welcomed me to Cuckold Chat, but reminded me that registration would give me the full experience.Shooting the Shit with Cucks, Bulls, and HotwivesI’ll be honest: despite the name, I was expecting TheCuckoldConsultant.com Cuckold Chat to be more of a forum than a chat room. It’s just a more common format, and logistically easier to deal with, especially when you’ve got this many people crowding in.Before I even started looking around, I got a message saying my account has been unmuted, so I’m free to get my chat on. There’s also a little pro-tip included: if the messages are coming too fast, scroll up a bit to turn off auto-scroll, giving you a chance to catch up.The real question was where to begin. Cuckold Chat is actually broken into a baker’s dozen of cuck-oriented chat rooms. Show off your hotwife in the Just Your Wife chat, or get down with some interracial BBC bull action in the Interracial Room. There’s a Cuckold Dice Game, a section for Fetish Cuckold Porn, another for Sissy Cuckolds and a more casual Conversation Club where pics aren’t allowed.The more fetishy Cuckold Chats are a bit less active than the general chats and image-sharing rooms, as you may have expected. Still, I’m impressed by the range of different cuck chat rooms available. Like TheCuckoldConsultant.com itself, they’ve made the whole thing accessible and useful no matter where you lie on the cuckold, hotwife or swinger spectrum.There are only a couple of cucks in the Cartoon and Art room, and the same number in a PC Control chat about sharing control of your computer. Hey, buddy, I’m here to share my wife, not my laptop! The main Cuckold Chat, on the other hand, has well over 500 users right now and it isn’t even lunchtime. The room description spells it out: “The main room. It’s busy in here, so buckle up!”Buckling Up with Tons of Amateur PornWho’s old enough to remember getting your porn fix on IRC? (Don’t blow up my inbox, nerds; I know IRC technically still exists, but let’s not pretend anybody still uses it.) The Cuckold Chat at TheCuckoldConsultant gives me some strong IRC vibes as soon as I jump into that crowded main room. The hundreds of Users Online are listed in a near-endless scroll along the edge, and the chat is unfolding on the rest of the screen.They weren’t lying when they said the place was busy. This joint is fucking hopping! A new message pops up every second or so in the main room. Half the dudes in there are posting nudes of their hotwives and girlfriends, and the other half are commenting on how hot they look. Another subset of users interjects every so often with requests for specific material like humiliation and degrading bulls. (There are other chat rooms for that here, but they don’t have as many users, so I understand where these pervs are coming from.)It’s almost overwhelming, and I see why they started the tour with that pro-tip about the auto-scroll. Ironically, all that activity is probably Cuckold Chat’s biggest strength and biggest weakness at the same time. The community is clearly thriving, which you want in any kind of forum or chat room, but holy shit, there’s a lot of material coming at you in the main room.From a demographic standpoint, it’s hard to tell where these folks are coming from. If you’re perusing the main section of TheCuckoldConsultant, it’s all clearly aimed at folks who are looking for more than just a fantasy. In the chat, it’s hard to know how many of these dudes are actually getting cucked, and how many just want you to jack off to pictures of their wives. I’m sure some are just sharing their favorite amateur nudes.Now, it doesn’t matter all that much whether or not your wife cheats on you; you’re a longtime swinger, or still just a virgin. There’s a fucking ton of masturbatory content being shared constantly. Goddamn, if you’re into amateur stuff, you could probably even make Chat.TheCuckoldConsultant.com your main source of nudes.What Kind of Cuck Are You?The main Cuckold Chat offers a constant flow of nudes and amateur pics in a wide variety of styles. There are random MILFs posing in lingerie, cocksucking college girls and even a fair number of SFW selfies and candids added with questions like, “Who wants to fuck my wife?”I next checked out the Fetish Cuckold Porn room, which apparently changed their setup recently. A red-labeled CuckBot informs me when I enter it’s all about Femdom, Chastity and Denial, BDSM, Pregnancy, Creampie Eating, Bisexual Play and Power Differentials. “All other hotwifing stuff,” it goes on to say, “can go in our Stag and Vixen room.”Chat rooms, by their nature, are a little unwieldy, getting worse as their numbers swell. I really appreciate all the effort they put into Chat.TheCuckoldConsultant.com, dividing up the rooms into meaningful and useful themes. The place could easily become a cesspool of shitposts without the stellar organization, but all the rooms I visited stuck to the themes well.Really, though, the best thing about Chat.TheCuckoldConsultant.com is that thriving userbase. Registration is free, but they don’t have any serious issues with trolls or spammers from what I've seen. The perverts here really love the cuckold lifestyle, or at least really get into hotwife porn and fantasies. While The Cuckold Consultant is aimed squarely at adventurous-minded deviates looking to make their fantasies a reality, the Cuckold Chat is suitable for a more general audience of masturbators. Honestly, if you like DIY smut at all, you’re going to have fun here. If cuckolding is your kink, you’re going to have an even better time.