Random adult video chat sites have been around for a while. As a matter of fact, video chat sites were (and still are) one of the best ways to find sexy and horny chicks that, with a bit of persuading, might be willing to get naughty with you. Maybe flash a titty here and there if you are suave enough. Or at the very least, a competent adult conversation and a pretty face.Now I know some of y’all fucks are living some pretty boring lives and looking for some excitement. You’ve jerked off to all sorts of porn videos and are looking for something a little spicier. Maybe you are married and want to try something different, something like practicing your pick-up lines and flirting skills with women or whatever. Videos chat sites present the best options for you. Who knows, you might even get your dick wet if you bring your A-game (don’t get your hopes too high though).Anyway, I’m always here to provide you horny freaks with solutions. Today it comes in the name of Flingster.com. It is a free adult video chat site that should help you in your quest to dirty talk with random women from all over the world and maybe satisfy your sexual needs. Let’s see what they have in store for you.Flingster at a glanceThe site is a simple yet effective platform to chat with sexy strangers. It may seem lightweight, but the service allows instant meetings with no required registration or profile verification. Its main selling point is everything is free. You can video chat with other members, exchange attachments, and find matches all over the world with just a few clicks. You are going to meet strangers streaming live from all around the world. Start interacting immediately using a text chat box or a microphone and see where that leads you. You never know when you might just come across a slut that’s down to fuck. All you gotta do is turn on your webcam, choose your gender, and find your first fling straight away.Nice and easy setupFlingster is not one of those sites that try to impress you with sophisticated designs or any of that shit. The landing page welcomed me with a horny looking slut on all fours wearing a two-piece bikini. That’s supposed to set the mood for the rest of the experience. From there, it was only a matter of selecting my gender and accepting the terms of service, and I found myself on the homepage.It is a simple site, and the entire homepage is filled with information about the whole experience that awaits. The upper part of the homepage has a dark blue background, while the lower part is white with black fonts. On the top right are a few options, including header menu with an About section, FAQ, Join Now, and Login tabs. There is also an option to change languages with Spanish, Dutch, and French, some of the options.Great filtering optionsRight below the header menu is a few more options that you might find useful. The first is a gender filtering option where you decide which gender you want to be connected to. Use the drop-down option to choose from everyone, females only, males only, or couples only. You can also filter your flings by the country where practically every country has been listed. You might be lucky to come across a whore from within your location, and who knows just where that might end up? All options are on the fucking table.Chatting up users is super easyFlingster has one of the most straightforward registration processes. All you need is an email and a username. You don’t have to fill out a form or pass personality tests. They don’t even ask for address verification. No wonder many users are entering fake addresses. The site allows connecting social media credentials for social media. Still, unless you want some shady users to jeopardize your personal information, I’d strongly advise against using that option. But then I’m not your mother so you can do whatever you want.Anyway, I quickly completed the quick registration and headed straight for the chat. You will be pleased to learn they are free both for video and text versions. The site promptly found me a random contact and asked for permission to start the chat. Once the user on the other side approved the request, it was all systems go.Premium users can control their selections by applying location and gender filters. Other perks that come with a premium membership include access to verification badges and customized filters. There is also an option to translate a text message or generate automated subtitles if you are chatting up a whore from another country. The cost of a paid membership ranges from $6.99/week, $19/month, and $89.94 for six months.Audience quality; a fucking dickfest?Remember when I told you not to get your hopes up? Well, here is the reason; most of these adult cam sites are mostly teeming with horny dudes. It’s actually pretty understandable. Women can get dick wherever they want and don’t necessarily have to parade their bodies on a video chat site. The dudes on the other hand? I’d instead not go there. As a result, the crowd at Flingster is male-heavy, with dudes making up around 70% of the audience. As a matter of fact, the first videos I saw when I landed on the site was that of a random dude stroking his cock. Of course, there are loads of women from the massive crowd of over 1.7 million users, just don’t expect to find them fighting for your attention.Inevitably, the most active Flingster users fall between ages 25-34, and that applies to both men and women. However, there is no age limit on this site, besides having to be 18+. Needless to say, you don’t have to be single or looking for a relationship for you to browse Flingster. Interactions don’t necessarily have to lead to relationships, as long y’all having a good time. It’s a prejudice-free service, and members don’t even have to discuss their personal lives.Look out for the botsOne of Flingster’s main selling point is the anonymity it provides users. The site has a good trademark feature in its AR masks where users hide their faces with stickers, filters, or images. It’s certainly an excellent starting line for online dating beginners who don’t yet want to reveal themselves.The anonymity is tremendous and shit, but it certainly comes at a cost. A lot of Flingster chatrooms are filled with naked guys and potentially dangerous freaks. I know you can’t wait to video chat with a sexy whore from your city, but just don’t be the fool that is so quick to reveal their identity or body.Most of the member profiles are anonymous. Still, you can choose to disclose age, sexual orientation, hobbies, hookup preferences, and other essential information. The majority of users aren’t verified. More often than not, you’ll bump into freaks with blank profiles and no badges, and the only information you will know about them is location and gender. That said, it would be so much better Flingster would offer protection or verification to decrease the number of fakes.Things to love about FlingsterEasy to use; the site has a simple interface, and video chat can be accessed directly from the main page. The chats also load quickly and don’t require a fast Internet connection.Anonymity; users who don’t want to reveal their faces can use AR masks during chats to keep themselves anonymous.Easy and instant chatting; starting up a chat is straightforward, and the website finds a conversation partner for you in less than 30 seconds. It barely requires your involvement.Mobile responsive; there is no app, but the site is accessible from mobile devices. The experience is mainly similar, although the mobile menu is a bit cluttered, and features might be slower than on the desktop site.Possible concernsFake profiles; there is always the possibility of coming across bots, and fake, potentially dangerous accounts, especially given most member profiles, are anonymous.How the site can improveThat should be simple; they should come up with more stringent measures to weed out the fake profiles. The current free-for-all strategy means loads of bits and dangerous accounts are lurking in the shadows.Final thoughtsWhen it comes down to it, Flingster brings people together and makes it easy for fun-loving freaks to see each other. The option to search for flings by city/location is fantastic. There are different ways to chat and numerous features available at your fingertips. If you’re searching for a way to chat and meet sexy girls from your local area, Flingster might be what you are looking for.