Meet In Chat

MeetInChat! Tired of jerking off to hot pictures of kinky babes by yourself? Are your friends sick of you cluttering up the Discord or group chat with slutty chicks? Well, first off, you need some new friends who appreciate good shit when they see it. Second, I get it. Fapping can be a lonely experience. Some of you fucks resort to anonymous cam sites. Others take to anonymous message boards. But I’ve got something a little different. A perfect mix of those kinds of sites. Like an incredibly sexy mulatto babe.Meetinchat.com is free to use adult chat site that is fresh out of the gate. This site popped up in April of 2018 and has been on a steady climb in views since its launch. But they need to increase those numbers. They’re only bringing in a little over 200 thousand people to the site every month right now. For a year, that’s not too bad. But let’s dive into this shit and see if it should become your new favorite place to jerk your dick.Before I start picking apart the site design and all of that good stuff, let me tell you how this place works. It’s not a cam site. It’s not a completely anonymous message board since your email and username are tied to the site. So, what the fuck is it? It’s a site that has a selection of different chat rooms to choose from. Each room has a different adult-themed topic for you to contribute to. You can chat with users there, share photos, or hop into steamy voice chats if that’s more your speed.Cheap Optional MembershipAnd I said that the site was free, and that’s true, but there is a premium option. It doesn’t do too terribly much, but it’s also not very expensive at all. Like a cheap Tenga egg. Yeah, it’s fine, but is it that much better than your hand? You get to make special chat rooms, get priority views on public rooms, and a few other neat features. For the price, it’s not too bad at all. Though, unlike other shittier sites, you can actually browse, chat, and share photos without having to pay a dime. You don’t even have to make a profile if you’re just looking to lurk.Quality, Modern Site DesignThe site design is solid, but It’s definitely way too bright for my tastes. I think a dark theme would look nice. It’s got an orange and white design that is pretty modern, even if it makes it look like a creamsicle. Sign-up is easy enough. You’ll be asked to pick a gender, welcome message, avatar, and that’s about it. Provide an email and password and you’re good to go.The homepage lists out their most popular rooms, latest blog posts, user reviews, and a tool for making your own room. On the far right side of the site you can view a list of currently online members. You can click on their picture to see their profile and what rooms they are active in. Additionally, you can start a private chat or even invite them to a one on one cam chat. If you want someone to watch your sorry ass masturbate, skip the chat roulette sites and get someone who might actually be interested on here.On the left side, there’s a sidebar with quick links over to the full list of chat rooms (20ish), gallery page, blogs, contact page, and search bar. Up top, where a regular header would be, you get notifications for chat rooms that you’ve visited, DMs you’ve gotten, and general notifications.Empty Gallery Page and Erotic “Blog” PostsMost everything there is straightforward. Like missionary. It’s not that interesting, but, hey, it takes a lot to fuck it up. But the gallery page didn’t work for me. I don’t know if there just isn’t any content there or what, but I just get an empty page when I try to go there. If it doesn’t have anything yet then at least leave a message or something saying good shit is coming soon.They also have a loose definition of “Blog” post. People post shit there all the time. I don’t think i’ve seen any that are what you would usually think a blog post to be. You know, stuff about the porn industry, articles, website suggestions, and posts about your daily life. Nah. These are almost all erotic stories. They may be based in reality, but it’s full of people taking a jab at writing. Some of it is actually pretty good. Still worth checking out.Active Chats, Fetish Content, and Always New Rooms and Content to Check OutI think a couple of things could be changed regarding the chat room previews. Most of them don’t have nearly enough information. You get a title that usually tells you what kind of content to expect in the chat, name of the person who made the chat, and very rarely do you get more than that. Most of the chats lack any sort of description or banner images. Those should be required. Some more moderation in that regard would be helpful.I also couldn’t quite get to the bottom of how rooms cycle through here. None of the ones on site were over 10 days old, but they’ve been around for a lot longer than that. I don’t know if they delete rooms every so often or what. Also, keep in mind that past messages will sometimes be forever lost if you leave and come back to the chat. It’s not consistent across all rooms for some reason, but I wouldn’t risk it. So, save those kinky images while you can.Other than that weird shit, I like the chats. The rooms are fairly active and people share photos all the time. You can send links to photo galleries without any issues either. The photos don’t just send in tiny ass previews that are more pathetic than a flat bitches tits either. You get big ass, full-sized images to fap to in all of their glory. And there are plenty of different rooms for different fetishes. I loved the “Tortureroom” chat that had a ton of incredibly sexy BDSM fetish content.Well Designed Mobile SiteFor such a new site, I was pretty damn impressed with the mobile site. It’s sleek as fuck and super easy to use. The formatting is perfect for mobile. No zooming in and out. No annoying features or changes. It’s a mobile site that other chat room and other porn sites in general need to strive for. I’m tired of going to old ass sites that somehow remain popular despite the fact that they never update shit. It’s like the 50 year old woman who never outgrew her goth faze. I’ll come out and say that there’s simply a point in life where black eyeshadow and dyed hair no longer looks hot.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about Meet In Chat is that it’s not just your standard forum or random chat site that’s been done a hundred times over. Being able to just bullshit with other horny fucks and share pictures is nice. There’s no pressure for dating on here or any of that bullshit that other sites try and slip in. Sometimes it’s nice to just chill and talk about sexy photos. And it’s more interactive here than other sites with only a certain number of boards. There’s no real back and forth conversation on those sites.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsI do think some improvements could be made here. A FAQ with general site information and directions for making rooms would be very helpful. I felt lost trying to figure out how to create a room or figure out why old chats disappeared when I came back later. Even adding that information to the rules page would be enough. And, it wasn’t a huge deal, but maybe having chat moderators more present would be a good thing. I can’t say for certain, but some of the “Teen” and “YoungLadies” chat rooms looked like they were sharing some moderately questionable content.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, I would recommend Meetinchat.com to any of you horny cucks out there who like to socialize during or in between a good fap. You get a decent selection of active chat rooms to choose from at any given point. The site design is nice and modern, and the chats themselves let you share full-sized HD images of hot babes. It’s a damn good chat site. Get your horny ass over to Meetinchat.com and jerk off!