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Nude-Gals! If you are a fan of websites that are crowded with both HD pictures and HD videos, then this is without a doubt a page that's meant to be browsed by you. Notice how the home page is crowded with a whole lot of content...doesn't it seem as if it's calling to you? All of this porn, and it's completely free! It truly seems like this page was made for hardcore porn consumers like you. However, if you are a hardcore consumer of porn, this fact doesn't have to imply that this page is crowded with nothing but hardcore pornography, right?I mean, sure thing, this doesn't make sense...I only wanted to make a smooth transmission to a sentence where I would say that Nude-Gals.com (just like the name of the website subtly implies) has a whole lot of softcore pornography, just like it has hundreds upon hundreds of sexy HD videos of girls getting fucked silly (as well as pictures, obviously).The page gets more and more interesting as you browse it and as time passes by. It's quite obvious that the page isn't meant for newbies with it comes to consuming pornography, but hey, at least it's quite easy to get hooked on such a thing, right? Well, it is, and this can be both a good and a bad thing. The Porn Dude believes that addictions, in general, are a very bad thing, but hey, at least some of these addictions are somewhat healthy, and getting addicted to pornography is the best thing you could get addicted to, really. Making sure you empty your balls somewhat often ensures that your testicles don't get cancer, and it also makes sure you aren't a grumpy, horny man.Anyway, we should get back to the main topic, and this topic was "Nude Gals" and all the filth that can be found on this page. Is this page worth browsing? Well, I'm not supposed to tell you that in the introduction, am I? Rules were made to be broken, either way, so yeah, I do like this page, and I'll explain why I enjoy browsing Nude-Gals.com in the text below.While it might not be that friendly to newcomers, it still does a great job in the end!What I meant by "not being friendly to newcomers" is the fact that the design of this page isn't that simple, but that's not that big of a deal, as most of us don't even pay that much attention to the design of the website, especially when we are a super horny, in heat, ready to play around with whatever we have between our legs.But, we're not talking about anything but aesthetics over here, but rather, I'm also talking about how easy it is for the average person to find whatever the hell they're looking for on Nude-gals.com...and I'd say it's not that easy compared to other porno websites, but this isn't you average oversimplified tube website, and this should be quite obvious. In the end, you can always resort to using the search bar that can be found in the top right corner of the page. Just make sure you know what you're doing with your keywords. Otherwise, you'll never run into the proper results.I'd also have to mention that while I was browsing this page, I found little to no advertisements, which is a great thing. Pretty much all porn fans hate ads, except for the ones who want to masturbate to advertisements made by premium websites. These tend to be quite hot, and someone who can cum really quick can surely put something like that to his advantage. Other than that, there's nothing else I could say about the looks of the page. Oh, yeah, the player looks pretty neat, but we're not going to talk about that here in this section.The hear and the soul of a porno websiteWhen it comes to pages that upload pornography, most people who visit them come here for the videos, and they hope they run into some full-length HD videos, and this is exactly what you'll find on Nude-Gals.com. However, not all of the videos are full-length. A whole lot of these are actually barely longer than a minute, which kinda sucks, seeing as most of us can't cum that quick.Also, it seems that the videos have not been categorized in any way, and I can't really see any tags in here. This page was made a different idea in mind. It's entirely oriented around the female models, and it doesn't really care that much about sex.Rather, it cares about the looks of the girl. A wise man once said: "If the (porn) website doesn't have any categories, check the tags." However, this man did not know that Nude-Gals.com tags are only related to the girls on the website. So, instead of seeing tags such as "big cock," and "anal," you're now going to see tags that say "gray eyes," "medium implants," "not trimmed," "Asian", and so on. See what I mean when I say this page is totally girl-oriented?We should also talk about the player here since it's a very important part of any porno website. I mean, it truly is the heart and soul of a page that uploads filth. Well, given that this page posts videos, that is. So, let's take a look and see what the NudeGals player offers us.While not all of these videos are posted in HD, they surely load fast, which is a great thing. No one wants to wait too long for their pornography, isn't that right? The page will make sure to inform you about the length of the video you are about to watch. Furthermore, you also get to see the rating of the video and the number of people who saw the video.Oh yeah, and you also get to see the number of people who voted, as well, which is quite neat. I mean, if a video has a 100% negative rating, you might think the video is horrible, and you might not want to watch it. However, maybe only one person saw this video and gave it a 1-star rating, and this could be misleading as this one lone fapper might be a troll, which isn't an uncommon thing on the internet. People on the web tell a lot of lies, you know.All chopped upThis website has a few sections that are worth checking out, that's for sure. While most of us will focus on the "videos" section, there is also the "latest" section, the section you're taken to as soon as you make your way inside Nude-Gals.com for the first time and the "photos" section which has a lot of great galleries.I'd like to mention that the website has over 22 thousand nude galleries and over one thousand nude videos, and the content includes over two thousand nude models, and these numbers are growing day by day. You'll get to see a bunch of leading names in the porn industry from websites such as X-Art, even Met-Art, and so on.Within the "photos" section, you'll find that the pictures are divided into a bunch of sections, and yet again, no proper categorization system exists. However, you get to see when these photos were uploaded. For example, all the photos from December this year can be found in a single sub-section, and the photos from November this year can be found in the own section, and so on. It's a neat way of arranging them.You could also check out the "girls" section. Basically, this section is the equivalent of the "pornstars" section on any generic tube website. You get a lot of well-known pornstars here, and if you click on their unique thumbnails, you get to see all of their photoshoots and videos that they have made. Well, not all of them, only the ones that have been posted to Nude-Gals.com. It's a neat thing, but it's not something I've never seen before, so it's not that impressive.Then, there's the "hot" hardcore section, and basically what you get to see in here is...well, nothing, if you want to restrict yourself to the content of Nude-Gals.com, as clicking on this header tab, will take you to another page...and that's about it when it comes to the content exclusive to Nude-Gals.com.You're just another brickNothing too special can be found on Nude-Gals.com, as this page is like many others on the internet, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing, as Nude-Gals.com still provides you with everything you need as a man (or as a woman) when it comes to masturbation, so you better get dirty with Nude-Gals.com whenever you can, because it sure pays off.