Few porn sites out there are more aptly titled than Instant Fap. It says everything it needs to say, with no bullshit and no beating around the bush. Need to fap and can’t be bothered waiting to find the right video? Well, let Instant Fap take care of that for you! All you have to do is pick a category and click on the first thumbnail. Short clips (between, on average, around 10 and 30 seconds) will play in full-screen. Ready to skip to the next one on the list? Just click your arrow key and get to fapping!This is, in my opinion, a revolutionary way to approach the tube porn site. I have not seen any other site doing anything like this. It’s definitely a game-changer, for sure. So, how does it work exactly? Well, Instantfap collects some of the highest quality porn available on the web, organizes it for you, and streamlines it straight to your computer. It is almost too easy!How it WorksVideos on Instantfap play on a loop until you click the next button. Unless, of course, you stay on a video for longer than your own customized limit (default is 5,000 milliseconds, but feel free to change it to your liking), then it automatically skips to the next video in the list. The list is compiled based on whatever category you choose. You can choose between teens, college, curvy, 2busty2hide, and RepressedGoneWild, just to name a few. Easily switch between categories from the alphabetized list on the left side of the screen.Or, maybe you’re not so picky. That’s okay, Instantfap has you covered as well. Feel free to start a playlist of the hottest, newest, or top videos. Or, if you’re feeling lucky, try a randomized list and see how you fare. Instantfap has to be one of the easiest porn sites to use that I’ve ever seen. All you have to do is click and fap. Click, fap, click, fap, click, fap, cum. It’s easy as that.Great Web DesignThe site design, too, is top-notch. It requires very little (if any) effort on your behalf. The site does all the heavy lifting. And this is, in my opinion, exactly how a site should be. I shouldn’t have to be expected to search and hunt through thousands of images and videos and confusing layouts in order to find what I’m looking for…it should be the sites job to do all that for me, and to make it as easy as a click of a mouse pad to find exactly what I want.One-click is all it takes on Instantfap to be tossed into a gallery style porno experience. Want a new video? All it takes is one click to skip to the next. Decide you actually preferred the clip you saw three videos ago? That’s okay—click left a few times and it’s back and instantly playing once again. Want to exit the media player and manually select a video from the list, or choose a different playlist? Easy enough. Just click the “X” in the top left-hand corner of the player, and the rest of the site is at your disposal.Another super convenient aspect of this site is that each video also has its own page. While your clicking through your customized playlist, if you find a clip that’s got you particularly hard or maybe even leaking precum, click on the title to learn more about it. There, the video will still be playing (so as to not interrupt your fapping) and there will be a link to the source, as well as thousands of related videos underneath.Incomplete SourcingSpeaking of sources, however, this is where we find Instantfaps first downfall. Many of their videos seem to come from Reddit—which is fine, I’m just as big a Redditor as the next guy, if anything, this is pretty resourceful—but one would hope that, in an ideal world, clicking through from these short clips to the direct source would bring you to something a little more direct, an option to view the entire video somehow.Doing so would likely require a significantly more sophisticated web crawler, but I think it would be worth the time and effort it would take. If this were possible, Instantfap, I think, would quickly become one of the biggest porn sites on the web today. Now, to be clear, there were a couple videos that I came across where this was the case, so maybe they are working on developing this component of the site (and I really do hope so, that would be so fucking exciting), but as of right now, the sourcing of these clips is still a little wonky.No Archival FeaturesAnother helpful feature would be if videos could be archived by model and/or studio in addition to category. It would be even more convenient if I could watch a stream of specifically Brazzers of Digital Playground video clips, or if I could get clips of every video featuring one of my favorite women of porn, Jynx Maze. Doing so would not only help with narrowing down the user-specific features of the site, but also start to build a comprehensive archive of adult content.Gifs to Jizz toIn addition to being able to quickly browse and discover new videos, Instantfap has a gif section for you to peruse. I, personally, have never been a big gif porn fan. This is for the same reason I am disappointed that not every clip brings me to the full scene it was taken from. I need something more than just a few seconds to truly get me off.And, I don’t know about you, but constantly clicking through clip after clip after clip doesn’t do it for me either. Call me old-fashioned, but I’ll take one full scene over a million gifs or clips any day of the week. But, shit, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you virginal cum rags were shamefully shooting your loads in the time it takes for a gif to complete a single cycle.Broken Links and Other LetdownsThe only other big complaint that I have with Instantfap is that when I visited the site a great deal of the links to videos were broken, even though there was an announcement at the top of the page claiming that they had just fixed a bug that prevented some of the categories from loading.I understand that Instantfap is run by a small team (their words, not mine) and that shit happens, but it is still a little disappointing to find so many broken links on a site that prides itself on its quality and is exceptional in every other regard. When you set the bar so high, every shortcoming is that much more noticeable!While we’re on the subject of letdowns, I have to mention that, although there aren’t a fuck ton, there are some ads. Mostly for Brazzers, it looks like, but, still, ads nonetheless. This is a little disappointing, but they aren’t hidden ads or popups/popunders, or anything invasive or too shitty. Plus, they link to, so I’m willing to give them a pass on this one. Real recognize real.Fapping into the Future!For what it is, I think that Instantfap is, all in all, a great success. Really well done and elegant website design, easy to navigate, plenty of great content to click through, an innovative model in an industry where everything has seemingly already been done. I would, however, encourage the people at Instantfap (if they aren’t already on it) to try and make it so that the clips that they have on the site can be linked to the full videos from which they are taken. If they could pull that off, Instantfap could skyrocket above the rest of the online porn world.I say check it out and see what you think for yourself. Maybe you enjoy the short clip model on its own; if so, you will definitely love this site. If not, then, at the very least, Instantfap will be a super convenient way to browse a shit ton of great porn without having to hardly any of the usual grunt work of searching and sifting through cluttered and disorganized tube sites.Find a new girl, scene, studio, or maybe even a fetish you didn’t know you had, with the click of a button. Instantfap (often misspelled as "instafap") is an experience that you just have to try to fully understand and appreciate. So, happy fapping fuckers—now you can enjoy fapping in hyper speed!