Need JAV pics? It’s time to get down with some sexier as fuck JAV girls. You’ve probably seen my extensive list of quality JAV sites. There are a shit-ton of them. They are all great and each one has something different and special that it brings to the table. Some house hordes of uncensored videos while others have heaps of kinky fetish content. Who am I kidding, they all have fetish content. It’s fucking JAV. It’s weird, sexy, and any other dumb adjective you could think of. The site I have for you today is no different. It’s got some funky quirks, but hopefully, you can expect that same JAV charm.I am talking about a wonderful little site called JJGirls.com. They have been around for fucking ever. 2003. Can you believe that? They will be coming in on 20 years of producing JAV content here soon. And their numbers aren’t bad either. A nice 7.5 million views every single month. For JAV that’s pretty fucking good. And this site has a little bit of everything. It’s not really dedicated to any one thing. You’ll see what I mean. It’s got model galleries, amateur content, downloads, and so much more. Take the journey with me and I’ll show you why you might want to choose JJ Girls as the source of your next nut.Very Chaotic Home Page Leaves You Guessing as You Try to Find Any ContentMy first thought when I saw the landing page was “holy shit what the fuck is going on?” closely followed by “damn, I fucking love Asian chicks” but that first thought is more important to talk about. Seriously, I still don’t really know what’s an ad and what’s content here. Everything is centered down the page with previews for models, sites, galleries, live cams, and a bunch of other shit. At least the black design is easy on the eyes. They have a sort of header up top, but it’s just a bunch of buttons for other JAV sites like JavTube and R18. Clicking those just simply takes you to those sites, so ignore those if you want to stay on jjgirls.com.Alright, deep breath let’s piece out this jumbled fucking mess of a home page. The top row of previews shows off what I assume to be their most popular JAV models. You’ve got renowned babes like Saori Okumura, Rin Miura, and Ayano Hidako. If you don’t know those names, then you best get to know them. These JAV sluts are some of the best there are. God, I would do just about anything to have Saori sit on my face. Anyway, below that row, you’ve got another row for “JJGirls Top Japanese AV Models Directory” with yet another row of gifs below it for various sites. These are just ads to get deals on premium sites it looks like.Ads Can Be Misleading Since They are All Mixed in With MenusMoving on down the page there is a section for gallery archives of some of their hottest models, then you’ll see an ad for “sexy transvestites,” and as you go down, you’ll see ads for cam sites mixed in with all of the previews for the model galleries. Finally, at the very bottom, it’s just some video previews that are just cleverly disguised ads that take you to other sites. Holy fuck. I try not to give free sites too much heat about their ad practices, but damn this is confusing and super frustrating. I’m not entirely convinced that this site isn’t just one big ad page for a bunch of other JAV sites yet.There are actually a few options to navigate this site. Under all the bloat text up top, there is a small selection of buttons that go as follows: “Japanese Archive, Japanese AV Girls, Japanese Amateur, Japanese Hardcore, Japanese PornTube, Japanese Wife, Asian Pornstars, and European Babes.” Each of these buttons will keep you on jjgirls.com. These are all categories for their different models and galleries.Not Very Much in the Way of Actual Content HereThe way this site works is interesting, if interesting meant highly confusing for very little content. Look for a model you want and click on their preview and you’ll usually get taken to a page with a decent selection of pictures of them doing some sexy shit. I say usually because sometimes you’ll just get taken to their website or some other site. When you find one that isn’t an ad you can sometimes click on the pictures to get the full-sized. I say sometimes because it’s a 50/50 shot that you’ll just get taken to some other site with the gallery or some shit. It’s really dumb. Below the galleries, the place on a normal site that you would expect to find similar content, you get more ads! They are previews that look like JAV movie covers, but they will take you to another site to download them, and the site it takes you to is not at all consistent.To find actual videos, I would recommend going to the Japanese PornTube tab. They actually do have videos here. They are super fucking short, but hey, at least it’s something, right? There will be a banner that says, “Download Full HD Video!” below the player, but I wouldn’t recommend trying it. It takes you offsite. I don’t trust that shit. Honestly, it’s not even worth it. These are all previews that are trying to get you offsite. It’s all one big ad! That’s my conspiracy at least. Put on your tin foil condoms. Oh, and there will be a bunch of download options above the video, too. They all take you to some different sites with different instructions and shit. Avoid.Bad Mobile Site and ThePornDude’s Lack of Favorite FeaturesThe mobile site is super different and very weird. There are no menu options. It’s just a page full of small gallery previews. You can click on these and check out the pictures surprisingly easily. And I didn’t get any pop-up ads or redirects like I constantly did on the main site. The huge downside about the mobile site is that the only way to navigate it is by using the search bar. If you don’t know all the names of the Japanese pornstars by heart, then you are going to be shit out of luck. It just doesn’t have any notable features, which is surprising since the desktop version is so fucking cluttered in comparison. Oh, also, I don’t have any favorite features about either version of the site, so we are just going to skip that here.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsSuggestions. Where do I even start? Make the site useable is my big one. Right now, it’s just a platform full of advertisements for other sites. I understand the setup. But at least make the time on the home site somewhat worthwhile, or just make it a directory and don’t doll it up as something it’s not. Even if it is just a directory, it’s not very good at being one. The content the site does have is shitty and trying to access that limited content will leave you frustrated with how many times it redirects you somewhere else.If the above problems are fixed, then change the site design. It’s chaotic and nearly impossible to use without getting lost. It sucks. The headers aren’t clear, the previews don’t have any video information, the gallery previews are the same way with no information, and it’s just not fun to use. Same with mobile. It’s not intuitive or easy to pick up. It’s a shame too, because there is obviously some content here. But it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Definitely not worth the trouble for the small morsel of JAV action you get.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, I wouldn’t recommend jjgirls.com. The site design is confusing. Finding a video that’s not an add is confusing. Downloading videos is confusing. The mobile site is confusing. You’re better off going somewhere else to get your daily JAV fix. I hope they do improve though, because they seem to have a decent monthly audience. I’m sure that the number would explode if the site were easier to use and had actual content.