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Looking for some xHamster photos or pictures? Nothing beats a good amateur photo gallery. You can get fancy with high production videos and VR sex games, but there’s just something so fucking hot about getting off to amateur pics. You might come across a gallery that only has 10 views that gets you diamonds. That shit is yours now. No, it’s not a video of Sasha Grey that everyone in the damn world has seen. It could be some hot as fuck college girl’s one and only set of nudes in the world! Galleries are like going around with a metal detector. Yeah, you might be there a while, but you’ll be the only one to pick up that diamond in the rough.And talk about variety! There is no shortage of horny, amateur sluts just craving attention. Not every girl on here will be those super dolled up, petite porn models that are everywhere else. You get real women with real hot bodies, and they will do all kinds of kinky shit for you. I saw a thread where this busty milf was writing usernames on her ass just because they asked her to. Fuck, I know dudes who can’t even get their girlfriend to suck their dick, let alone all the other kinky shit these chicks will do for some compliments.No more dealing with prude Tinder chicks who won’t send nudes and no more getting cock teased by Snapchat models who never show anything. The chicks here are more than happy to show you their tits, pussy, ass, whatever you want. Or, at least the person who has the photos is more than happy to share them. An angry boyfriend’s failed relationship can become your own personal treasure! And xHamster’s pics section has got you covered.xHamster Has the Best Amateur Photo GalleriesWe all know xHamster/pictures. They’ve been one of the best sources for amateur porn since way back in 2007. That’s over a decade of nut-busting galleries, gifs, and videos to check out. And they have a little bit of everything. If you somehow get through everything the photo section has to offer, then check out their xHamster exclusive cam girls, amateur videos, erotic stories, and free dating service.But we are here for the photo page. Let me tell you, it is a lot to take in. The first thing you see when you head on over is a huge page of thumbnails depicting all kinds of kinky shit, and that’s only the stuff that’s been posted today. And goddamn there’s so much to choose from, and the day has just started. There’s everything from an animated gif of some blonde BDSM sex slave on a fuck machine with the words “DADDY’S GIRL” written across her chest to the obligatory galleries of dudes posting dick pics. Hey, if you want to feel better about yourself then check out those galleries. I don’t know what it is about dudes with small/below average dicks posting shit on these kind of gallery pages, but they’re always a solid self-esteem boost.A Category for Every FetishBefore you dive into any of the galleries, take a look to the left and narrow your search down using their long list of categories. Voyeur, Teen (18+), Mature, Showers, Amateur, and a little bit of everything else. If you use the search bar you can check out what categories you want to search in. So, if you want to watch some brunette slut finger her mature lesbian friend, then you can search it up without a problem.Each image set shows you how many photos there are and how many views that set has gotten. That and the thumbnails give you a pretty good idea of what to expect. When you click through you can scroll through the entire gallery on one page or click on a photo to set-up an automatic slideshow. There’s also a bottom that lets you zoom in on the photos in case you need that. From there you can see how many views each photo has. Funnily enough, most galleries have less views at the end. Most of you fucks can’t even hold out until the end of the set? Damn, get it together.Free Account Features Make Signing Up WorthwhileYou can rate, favorite, share, and comment on individual photos if you can manage to spare a free hand. Rating it boosts the amount people that will view the photo, favoriting adds it to your favorites section for later viewing, sharing lets you post it on social media if you’re insane like that, and commenting is pretty straightforward. Sometimes I see comments asking for DM’s or some shit to get more photos. I don’t know how successful it is, but there are enough comments like that to make me think that it has to work sometimes.There is also the option to subscribe to a user or photo gallery so that you get updates every time they post. That’s pretty fucking handy. I hate finding some naughty couple’s nudes on other sites like this who post the hottest shit and then losing them forever when I try and go back. On xHamster/photos you can follow the saga of that cum hungry wife every time her husband posts photos behind her back. It’s a win-win for nearly everyone involved. Though you have to have an account to do most of the stuff above. It’s free and definitely worth it for the number of features and content you get access to. There’s a premium account, but that’s only for HD videos and shit, so I won’t be covering that here.The biggest bonus about xHamster’s photo section is that anyone can upload. Just make an account and you’re ready to go, as long as you don’t post anything illegal, copyrighted, or disgusting. Sorry you sick scat lovers, you’ll have to search elsewhere. The file size limit is pretty impressive. You can upload up to 10gb of your wife getting fucked in the ass while you watch without any issue.Great Site Layout, Minimal Ads on Desktop, but Pop-ups on MobileAnd guess what? There are barely any ads on the site. You’ve got a couple on the photos page, but no annoying pop-ups or banners that will interrupt your fap session. I wish I could say the same for the mobile experience though. You will definitely have to deal with some pop-ups if you want to explore the galleries there. Most of the pages that it directed me to were pretty popular cam girl sites, so I wouldn’t worry about viruses. Other than that, the mobile experience is pretty nice. You can easily access and use every feature from the regular site, and it seems like the ads become less common the longer you use the site. After a few clicks around through the galleries, the interruptions started going away.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesOne of the best features about the photos section of xHamster is the ability to favorite and subscribe to certain authors and galleries. It makes it super easy to find your favorites and stay updated with naughtiest girls and best posters on the site. I recommend subscribing to a bunch of channels that fit your fetishes. You’ll always have something new to check out. I also think another great feature is the site’s focus on amateur, user-driven uploads. You get quality porn on xHamster that you will never see anywhere else.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsMy only suggestion for the photo section is to have there be a mini slideshow when you hover your cursor over a gallery. It only shows you one photo, which is sometimes the best one. I clicked on a few galleries that had completely different uglier chicks once you clicked-through. It’s not too common on there but being tricked like that blows. I don’t need some whale killing my boner when I’m trying to check out the hot blonde that was in the thumbnail. Having it flip through a couple of photos would help make sure you knew what exactly you were getting into.ThePornDude’s Final thoughtsOverall, these galleries are fucking great. Seriously, what’s not to like about hundreds and thousands of amateur pics to jerk it to? Not a damn thing. With so many galleries, gifs, and categories you could spend a lot of hours here, and I know you’re going to. If you’re new to amateur porn and photos, then welcome to the best kind of porn out there! Take your time, find new favorites, and enjoy.