Bunny Fap has an unusual name, but it’s an unusual type of free porn site. I don’t mean the dirty movies here are weird, intended for a deep-niche audience of fetishist perverts, or that the layout is ugly. On the contrary, this is one of the nicest looking porn sites I’ve seen all week, with a mix of high-quality amateur and professional smut that’s going to appeal to just about anybody rubbing one out on their lunch break.BunnyFap.com is part of a new wave of free porn sites designed to look and feel like mobile apps. They’re often devoted to social media sluts and Instathots, but it looks like these guys take a holistic, anything-goes approach to fuck flicks and nudie photos. They’re just getting off the ground now, but I have a feeling their popularity is going to explode soon. This is a nice fucking setup!Next-Gen Fapping on a Next-Gen Porn SiteVery few porn sites start with a tutorial, but a little box popped up, offering exactly that the first time I checked out BunnyFap. Now, I ain’t generally a read-the-manual motherfucker, but in this case, I figured what the hell? Let me pretend I’m grandpa today, beating off to the Internet for the very first time. Welcome to the future!The tutorial really just gives a quick, ten-second rundown on the website. You’ll figure it out without their help, but just in case you’re slow, it points out the Recommended tab, the advanced search filters and the Flix area. With the exception of the Flix, these are just standard free tube features. The Recommended material is based on what you’ve beaten off to on the site before, and the filters help you set those preferences if it’s your first time.Maybe they feel the tutorial is necessary because BunnyFap.com doesn’t look like your typical free tube. It’s got a next-generation modern layout, with thumbnails stacked thickly together without any filler text or icons. I see a tube-like mix of blowjobs, facials, gangbangs and hentai, but the format actually differs from the usual tube selection of videos. Here, it’s a mix of short porno loops and sex photos.Your typical sex tube is designed to help you settle in and beat off to porno movies that last at least a couple of minutes. The whole BunnyFap.com setup is built to hit you with a rapid-fire selection of smut without any of the slow, sexless parts. In under a minute, you might see a photo of a hot girl sitting on a toilet, a bunch of babes with strap-ons fucking a tranny, a quick clip of a deepthroat facefuck with a facial splatter ending, Scooby Doo cosplay porno, and a sexy Instagram slut sunning herself on a balcony.Instead of the usual video pages, you get on a free tube, BunnyFap serves up each piece of content in a full-window theatre mode. I love how it completely cuts out the filler that surrounds the smut everywhere else, letting us focus on the gorgeous bitches getting banged and slutty amateurs showing their stuff. The Play, Like and Volume buttons are shoved down into the corners, out of the way, and arrows on each edge lead quickly to more content.By default, the short clips loop and the nude photos linger until you click through to the next one. If you’d prefer a more hands-free experience, hit the Autofap button. It’ll give you a non-stop stream of smut catered to your own personal masturbatory interests. Make sure you use those Like and Dislike buttons to teach the system what you’re into!Fast, Custom Porn Shows Right NowPretty much any decent tube out there will learn what you like and give you more of it under the Recommend Videos heading. That’s what cookies are for and why you don’t always get the custom experience if you’re using your browser’s secret porn mode (“incognito”). I have to admit; I wasn’t immediately impressed to learn BunnyFap had a similar cookie situation.The thing is, I’m far more impressed now that I’ve seen how the site works. It’s one thing for Pornhub to tell me there’s a new Abella Danger movie out, but it’s another for these guys to hit me with a couple of dozen blowjob, amateur, POV and titfuck clips in just a few minutes. The very nature of those short-form pornos means it really pays off for masturbators to get a custom show.BunnyFap.com learns what you like to beat off to, and then hits you with a ton of it all at once. It makes me wonder what they’re hinting at with that name. You’ve probably heard the expression “fuck like rabbits,” referring to the legendary reproductive prowess of the common bunny. BunnyFap elicits a similar amount of sexual excitement, though most of those baby tadpoles are destined to die, dried out on crusty gym socks and your mom’s best sheets.Maybe we need a new animal-based phrase for masturbators who enjoy prolific amounts of self-love. Instead of fucking like rabbits, BunnyFap will make you perverts jerk off like monkeys. I have been compared to the great apes on a number of occasions, notably when flinging semen at sexual partners and hurling feces at predators.Spend a Carrot on Some Porn FlixThe most unique thing the BunnyFap tutorial pointed out was the site’s Flix section. According to the tutorial box, “Flix are movies created using the content provided on BunnyFap.” Basically, they’re user-created playlists focusing on particular types of content. For example, the newest ones include an hour-long POV missionary compilation, a nearly 4-hour blowjob and cum fetish collection, and a solid twelve minutes of titty groping.The Flix has thumbnails and little blurbs describing what you’re going to see, plus user ratings, views and length. There’s also a Buy button, which took me aback for a second. I thought I’d stumbled onto the paid section of a freemium site, and I was about to back out and return to the free fap material.It turns out, they aren’t charging money. You can buy Flix using carrots, which you start earning simply by signing up for a BunnyFap.com account. You can also earn more carrots by creating and publishing your own Flix.I’ve seen porn sites try all kinds of methods to encourage user interaction. Most of the attempts are awkward at best, forcing masturbators to post introductions in forums or share their sexual fetishes with people they know in real life. This carrot system is superior for a number of reasons. For one thing, it’s totally optional and doesn’t ruin the site for non-participants. It also encourages users to create genuinely fapworthy content, which benefits everyone.I’m typically hesitant to sign up for an account when the site will already let me watch all the pornos without one. In this case, though, I’m kind of eager to get in there and start putting together my own fapworthy compilations. There are a bunch of Flix I’d love to watch, from the All Anal collection to the Best Threesome Action to a surprisingly lengthy selection of gloryhole endings. I don’t have any carrots to spend yet, so it looks like I’ve got work to do.The fact that you need to contribute to BunnyFap if you want to view the Flix section is going to be a mild bummer for you lurkers who don’t want to play with the other perverts, but it’s certainly not going to be a dealbreaker for anybody. This is really the only thing I found on the site that I think anybody might have an issue with. Overall, my experience has been really fucking positive. With my adblocker running, I didn’t even see any spam.BunnyFap.com is definitely a winner, and I can definitely see the format taking off in a big way. Their wide mix of X-rated content really isn’t all that different from what they’re peddling on the free video tubes, but it’s their unique setup and delivery that separates them from all the other free porn sites out there. BunnyFap learns what you like and then hits you with a fast, rapid stream of short videos and pics. If their automatic porn-feeding machine can’t get you off in a big way, you should probably see a doctor as soon as possible.