Candid teens have so much going for them. They’re young, sexy, living their lives and exploring the world around them. They’re at what might be their peak health, their peak attractiveness and peak sexual virility. I could spend all day whacking off to them, which is pretty much why I’m banned from all the local Wal-Marts. Thank God for the Internet, huh?CandidTeens.top bills itself as The Candid Teens Community, though I’m not convinced the place is actually a community of candid teens. They’re all too busy sunning themselves at the beach, wearing sexy leggings at the store, and walking around in public with exposed thong lines and tons of cleavage. This is more a community of their fans, the pervs like you and me shaking their dicks at the Internet or getting kicked out of Starbucks again. The site’s only a few months old and already carving their own sexy little hole in the candid photography niche, showcasing endless galleries of those titular candid teens.Relatively Clean but Still So SexyMost of the sites I review here at ThePornDude are explicit as fuck. People are fucking jaded these days, so it’s like an arm’s race to see who can put out the most depraved, hardcore extreme pornography out there. When you’re bored of 4k airtight orgies, where else is there to go but VR anal fisting scenes and teledildonic bukkake sessions? One of the things that’s immediately striking about CandidTeens is that it’s pretty fucking soft stuff by virtually any modern measure.Assuming you aren’t in fucking Afghanistan or a barn full of Amish folks, none of the pics on the front page would look too out of place on your average social media feed. Well, your grandma might give a side-eye to the upskirt photos mixed into the batch, but the rest are all Facebook-suitable. Hell, some of these would look great as a profile pic and would for-sure earn a ton of Likes. “Here’s me, sunning myself and looking candid and casual at the park.”Even the layout at CandidTeens has a social media vibe, with vertical columns of photos like you’ll find on sites like Pinterest. Of course, the actual content here is more of interest to masturbators than the soccer moms and scrapbooking enthusiasts who frequent those other sites. If you want the truth, I think this site would be useful as hell to chicks looking for tips on how to look sexy enough for someone to take a creepshot.Candid, Casual, and Sexy as FuckEverywhere I look, I see a range of beautiful girls looking casual and hot as fuck. The front page features the newest additions to the collection, and goddamn, they’re sweet! Each thumbnail leads to a whole gallery, and I’m ready to go buck wild with the lube and Cialis.The newest upload is a blonde tease showing off her body on some rocks by a lake, and the one before that was a brunette in similarly little attire at a river. A slender young goddess ascends some beachside stairs in a little skirt, and a group of hotties play volleyball at the beach in what may as well be their underwear.Lest I make it sound like CandidTeens specializes in the pretty girls of the outdoor realm, they’ve also got plenty of fap fodder shot indoors. There’s some cutie working customer service in a tight pair of black leggings, and a girl in tight green leggings visiting the local Dairy Queen. A couple of candid teens in booty shorts go shoe shopping in one gallery, and the wedgie some girl got at the mall is immortalized in a set posted yesterday.Oh, I should really mention how fast CandidTeens is growing. They’re a young site, and one of the biggest struggles for any site just starting out is building a library fast enough to keep everyone’s interest. The site takes user uploads, which helps explain why their library is expanding so well. Dozens of new Candid Teens galleries are uploaded every week. Today alone, there have been 5 new galleries totaling nearly 40 photos and it ain’t even lunch time.OMFG I Love LeggingsYoga pants were first sold in 1998, making them one of the most important inventions of the late twentieth century. Remember life before those bad boys? You used to have to guess what a woman’s ass looked like under her jeans. These days, little is left to the imagination thanks to the insane popularity of yoga pants. Broads love them because they’re comfortable and casual, some might say candid, and men love them because we get to see so much ass.Leggings are naturally one of the most popular photo categories at CandidTeens.top, with examples posted all over the fucking place. It’s also one of just a handful of categories listed in the header, along with Candid Beach, Candid Ass, Candid Upskirt, Candid Bikini, Candid Topless and Candid Cameltoe. I’m making a mental roadmap of the site, because I already have a few stops I know I need to make while I’ve got the rubber vagina all greased up.Somebody uploaded half a dozen pics of a candid teen PAWG out with her mom and waiting for their lunch at some fast-food joint. She’s got a cute face, but it’s too hard to see if she’s got a nice rack under the bulky hoodie. Her ass, though, is a thing of beauty, and perfectly highlighted by her black leggings. I’m telling you, friends, it’s the ultimate in sexy casualwear that a babe can wear outside the house. The PAWG in question looked absolutely motherfucking fantastic.Not everyone appreciates a thicc chick, though, as evidenced by the commenter saying, “for the love of god can you guys stop posting these fatties no offense.” Hey, different strokes for different folks, I guess. I signaled my approval by clicking the Like button, but you’ll find asses of all sizes among the CandidTeens.top archives.Topless Titties and Upskirted AssesMany of those asses you’ll see will be showcased in form-fitting leggings. Of course, modern candid teens are known to sport a range of attire. Even if you’re an absolute hermit and never see humans in real life, this site will show you what the sexiest bimbos are wearing to show off the goods these days.Or not wearing, as is often the case. Like most perverts, I’m into seeing bare, naked boobies whenever possible. With that in mind, I clicked through to the Candid Topless area. It’s a practically endless scroll of chicks with their tatas out. Most of them are at the beach, which is one of the most natural places to catch a candid topless shot. I actually dug through the collection, looking for a girl with her boobs showing at the grocery store, but the venue just ain’t as conducive to casual nudity.I was scrolling through the candid topless collection when I found a gallery called Spycam. The description said the dude put a Bluetooth hidden camera in a bathroom speaker and this was supposedly the result. Altogether, there are ten voyeur shots of this hot blonde stripping down to her underwear, checking herself out in the mirror, and then taking off the rest.I also had a lot of fun browsing the Candid Ass section with my dick out. I was hoping for a ton of bare-ass booties, but alas, most are covered by leggings or shorts. There are a ton of upskirt photos, though, with their own section to fap through. You’ll arguably find more ass there than in the Candid Ass area, so check it out if you love seeing the smooth skin of some nice, round ass cheeks.The overall rarity of real nudity and the complete absence of actual sex are going to be one of the obvious complaints for visitors used to cranking it to the hardcore porn tubes. Of course, it’s hard to catch candid photos of naked girls giving blowjobs because it just doesn’t happen very often at McDonald’s. My bigger complaint is the spam, though only a couple of pieces managed to slip through my adblocker.CandidTeens.top may not be hardcore porn, but it does showcase some of the sexiest young ladies you’ve never heard of. If you love candid photography, creepshots and teens, you may want to get a box of tissues ready.