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Sexy Girls Pics are one of the primary reasons the Internet is so popular today. I know there are prudes out there who’d try to rewrite history, framing the growth of this information superhighway as some kind of triumph of human intelligence, but we all know the truth. If there were no pretty girls on the Internet, the net would never have grown beyond the dialup era. We all carry computers in our pockets nowadays to trade memes with grandma and show off your ugly dinner, but we’re all shaking our dicks at the things when nobody’s looking.SexyGirlsPics.com continues a long tradition of sharing fap fodder via the magic of global computer networking. The domain was registered way back in 2006, but the format here is arguably even older, harkening back to the earliest days of porn trading. The website features endless photo galleries of sexy broads with their clothes off. If you’re looking to crank it to 4k anal movies and VR bukkake scenes, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you’re ready for some classic-style pornography, step right up and get that lube ready.Nudes and Sex Pics for DaysWhen I tell you SexyGirlsPics has an old-school format, I mean that in more than one sense. They specialize in still photos, the same kind of non-moving 2D smut your grandpa and his grandpa beat off to. It’s in color and the resolution is crisp in clear, but it often feels like much of the porn world has long since moved on to movies. Even physical porn magazine sales are way down from masturbatory days of yore, but this site is serving up solo galleries pretty much the same way they did a quarter-century ago.The presentation even has a retro vibe. The logo’s got a simple comic book font and the tagline, HOT NAKED GIRLS PORN COLLECTION. The header’s a simple blue bar with a few links, hidden in a dropdown in smaller windows and mobile devices. Most of the screen is devoted to naked broads and those about to get naked. The one design element that gives it away as a modern site is the asymmetrical columns of thumbnails, a sleeker look than the stagnant uniform rows you used to find everywhere.There’s a subtle 2 in the logo; this is Sexy Girls Pics 2, a sequel or upgrade to the original. I’m not sure when this more recent incarnation was born, but I can say the revamp didn’t exactly give them modern vibes. If this was a free tube, that might be a complaint, but the gallery format feels right here. It manages to feel fresh despite the video-free format, perhaps because it’s such a contrast to the 21st-century smut I’m usually reviewing.One of the ingredients in the formula here is a deceptively simple category-based, photo-driven setup. There’s a text list of categories at the bottom, but it’s more fun to start from the front-page pics labeled with categories like Cheerleader, Dildo, Shower and Skinny. Each thumbnail leads to another gallery of themed photos, and then each of those leads to a full photo gallery of that particular naked babe, where each thumbnail leads to a full-sized image. SexyGirlsPics.com chose a rock-solid name, because that’s all they’ve got! There’s no filler, just a convenient fap-fodder delivery system.Amateurs, Models, Pornstars and MoreGood porn’s a timeless thing. If you gave a caveman an iPhone, he’d be whacking off to sluts within an hour of figuring out how to turn it on. He could definitely do it at SexyGirlsPics, and so could the futuristic superhumans of tomorrow. The secret is no big secret, because the survival of our species depends on that primate hardwiring that activates our breeding instincts at the sight of ripe, naked beauties.Just like it says on the tin, the girls in the pics at Sexy Girls Pics are indeed sexy as hell. They’re all fucking gorgeous, and the site mainly showcases amateur babes and small-timers who you’re probably not going to recognize. The footer at the bottom links to a handful of Top Pornstar galleries featuring girls like Riley Reid, Nicole Aniston and Dillion Harper, but I feel like the unknown babes are one of the site’s greater charms.As with the old-timey skin rags your old man used to stash under his mattress, most of the photogenic content of SexyGirlsPics.com focuses on solo females. That said, you’ll find a nice range of content, including plenty of hardcore dick-in-twat and lesbian photoshoots. Hey, the format may be classic, but modern pervs are just less satisfied than the old Playboy readers who were fine with softcore as long as it came bundled with Joyce Carol Oates and Kurt Vonnegut. There’s nothing to read at Sexy Girls Pics, but women do get their faces creamed on.The full Categories list has about a hundred X-rated subgenres like Teacher, Latin, Eating Pussy and Yoga Pants. You won’t find a lot of super-freaky, deep-niche fetishism, but they did get a little kinkier than I expected with categories like Pregnant, Bondage, Hairy and the all-encompassing Fetish area where I found titty pumps, fuck machines and an Asian lady fucking herself with a giant pickle.There’s a pretty girl smiling out on the front page, giving a thumb’s up with sperm running down her chin and cheeks. The pic leads to the site’s Facial collection, a gallery of hundreds of semen-sprayed hotties, each pic leading to her own cum-drenched gallery.It’s kind of hard to guess how many facial galleries there really are, though. Some of the pics are low-key affiliate links to other porn sites. They’re interspersed naturally into the galleries, and it’s damn near impossible to spot them. (Do yourself a favor and check out the link preview at the bottom of your browser before clicking.) The ads definitely seem to increase as you go down the page, but stick to the top of the page and you’ll be fine.Fapping to Cougars, Teens, and Everything In BetweenThe no-frills layout at Sexy Girls Pics also makes it difficult to tell how often they’re adding new material to the website. The front-page selection did switch up a bit while I was whipping up this review and a few tablespoons of my own personal sauce, which suggests that they’re either updating all the time or just shifting around the merchandise to make it look fresher. Either way, I had plenty to keep me entertained during my visit.The front-page pic for the Housewife section right now is a thick blonde in an ass-riding red thong, turned away from the camera to show off all the junk in her trunk. I clicked through to find a spectacular gallery of MILFs galore, from slutty redheads in skintight dresses to Latinas wearing nothing but high heels.I found that big-assed cougar from out front and clicked her image again. SexyGirlsPics.com served up a bit of spam instead, so I had to click again. Apparently, I don’t recognize famous booties as well as a self-respecting Porn Dude should, because this one turned out to be owned by Alexis Texas. This particular gallery has a dozen or so images of Alexis posing in a bedroom, but clicking on her name brings you to her full, well-stocked selection on SexyGirlsPics.After changing my desktop background to a photo of Alexis peeling off her panties, I spent some time perusing the seemingly endless galleries of Sexy Girls Pics. In the Fetish area, I found a blonde dominatrix bitch banging a brunette’s butthole with a bottle, a sharp contrast to the softcore nude gallery I cranked it to in SexyGirlsPics’s Small Tits collection.There were a handful of visible ads that slipped through my adblocker, but my only real complaint about the site were all the ads disguised as content in the gallery menus. You can avoid a lot of them through your browser’s link preview, but sometimes you get random pop-ups instead of galleries. Overall, though, you always expect some spam on free porn sites, and I didn’t feel like it ruined the experience here.It seems like a lot of porn sites these days are trying to outdo each other with high-tech gimmicks, but porn doesn’t have to be a complicated or groundbreaking media. SexyGirlsPics.com proves that over and over again in their X-rated photo galleries. It’s a simple setup and efficient delivery, with very little to get between you and a nice fap session to some dirty pics.