NSFW.xxx has a lot going for it. For one thing, that’s the sleekest-looking domain name I’ve seen all day, streamlined yet vaguely futuristic. Pull up the site and you’ll find exactly the kind of next-gen layout deserving of the name, simple yet powerful in its presentation of amateur sluts, cartoon monster sex and gaping videos. I’m telling you, vertical columns are the wave of the future, and it won’t be long until the free tubes start copying sites like this one.Of course, the title and design are of little use to the casual masturbator. I’m a lot more concerned about what kind of smut they’re peddling, and how much fun I’m going to have shaking my dick at the screen until the Chinese boner pills I bought on Wish stop working. It’s been four days and my forearms are tiring and the rash is getting worse, but I see what all the fuss is about. NSFW.xxx showcases some of Reddit’s sexiest pics and videos, without all the virgin neckbeard commentary.Wait a Minute, This is Reddit?I’ll be honest; I didn’t see the Reddit connection right away when I landed on NSFW. I was too distracted by all the amateur poon I saw plastered all over the page. A cute Latina smiled with her tits out, a thick babe showed off her round booty in a pair of leggings, and a couple of sluts went grocery shopping in stripper boots with their asses hanging out. That was all in the top row!While there were a couple of professional shots and videos mixed in, plus a little anime further down the page, the focus is mainly on beautiful amateur babes exposing themselves for the camera. That’s the default view, anyway, geared toward the average straight male masturbator. If you click the Orientation dropdown in the header, you can switch from Straight to Bizarre, Cartoons, Gay or Shemale. Reddit’s nothing if not inclusive, so even the weeaboos can find some waifu porn to fap to.Me? I came for the naked girls, so I’m cool with the default view. Another default is to show you the Recommended posts first, which I think is based on what’s ranked as Hot on Reddit. There’s also a Popular view that pulls up DIY smut from as far back as 2017. I like setting it to New, so I can see all the freshest content streaming in from Reddit. Since they’re drawing from such an active well, NSFW.xxx is updated with a near-constant stream of new images, movies and photo galleries.It’s been a productive half hour at the Reddit porn factory, I see. Somebody uploaded a few pics of buff girls showing off their ripped abs, and at least a dozen amateurs have uploaded explicit selfies. A black girl posted a movie fresh out of the shower, some chick is showing off her gaping asshole, and another sweet young lady is demonstrating her love for her boyfriend by fitting his whole cock in her mouth.Any good amateur site thrives off of an active community. While NSFW.xxx doesn’t necessarily have its own community, its drawing from one of the biggest and most active in the world. One of the great things about Reddit is that so many of the girls are regulars who post fresh nudes often, and more are signing up every day. There’s no shortage of boobage around here, direct from the source.All the Finest Smut of the SubredditsReddit is known for its sprawling nature; there are discussion boards for nearly anything and everything under the sun, including all kinds of sexual activities and pornographic fun. While most nerds see its massive, all-inclusive nature as a good thing, it can be overwhelming for newbies or the less technologically inclined.Even if you’ve just browsed my list of NSFW subreddits here on ThePornDude, you know just how many subs are devoted to smut of all kinds. You could explore all of them, trying to find which ones are the most fruitful when it comes to teen titties and cosplay cuties, but your wife might get suspicious that you’re spending so much time on the toilet. NSFW.xxx aggregates all the finest smut from all the filthiest subreddits, saving you a shit-ton of time and effort.I’ve been poking around the site for the last hour or so, and I can’t find a full list of subreddits they draw from. If you click on a specific naked girl or pussy-fingering scene, it’ll tell you which sub it was from, along with a link for all the related material on NSFW.xxx. I thought the Categories dropdown might be the master list of subs, but I don’t think that’s right either.While its exact workings are a fucking mystery to me, the site is really well organized, making it easy to find the fap fodder you’re looking for. The Categories dropdown in the header lists well over 100 available subgenres of perversion, from Anal to Ethnic, Femdom to Hentai, MILF to Public. If it’s not on the list, you can probably find it by typing it into the search bar, as I did with Cosplay and ASMR.More Than Just Incels and VirginsReddit’s known for being a wretched hive of weeaboos and incels, so I was really curious how much hentai I’d find on NSFW.xxx if I looked around. I switched the Orientation to Cartoon and was immediately greeted by fat lavender-haired anime girls, muscular cheerleader hentai, and a big-titted princess stroking off a magic wand with her jugs. There were also a variety of non-humans exposing their furry twats and lizard-scaled buttholes.I guess the only real surprise is that Reddit gets a significantly slower stream of incoming hentai than of amateur porno with real, live humans. The X-rated cartoons are still coming in at a rate of at least hundreds a day, but that’s small potatoes compared to the nudie photos and porn vids. Honestly, this is a useful statistic for the next time someone like me talks shit about those anime-loving weebs at Reddit.I guess it goes without saying that I did see much freakier stuff in the Cartoons area than the Straight one. The Straight section is mainly solo shots in relatively tasteful nude poses. At the same time, the Cartoons aisle at NSFW is full of mermaid bitches giving birth to frogs, futanaris getting nailed up the ass by other dick-girls, Arthur from PBS with a huge cock, and dragon rape. Oh, and random penis photos, just because.And That Really Kinky Shit, TooMaybe I’m just a morbid tourist, but I had to see what NSFW.xxx had filed under their Bizarre orientation. If the Cartoons are that wild, the Bizarre stuff has got to be really freaky, right? Spoiler alert: they’ve got a wide variety of BDSM and fetish porn on tap, too.Pretty much any non-cartoon fetish activity gets filed under Bizarre at NSFW. The newest posts are a dude wearing a chastity cage on his dick, a girl wearing nothing but ropes and nylons using a vibrator in her mouth, and a sexy lady in a dress captioned with some cuckold talk. Some of the stuff is really mild, like a 40-year-old flashing his boring junk or a fat lady with nice boobs—other shit’s deep-niche bizarre, like urethra gaping.If you have a fetish, you’re probably better off just typing it in the search bar than browsing through the whole smorgasbord of weirdness that comes up when you switch to Bizarre orientation. It might be worth a look if you just like seeing what kinds of shit people are into when nobody (or everybody) is watching.NSFW really gives a beautiful cross-section of what the masturbators of Reddit are getting off to. They’re a massive group, drawn from a site that gets 55 million visitors every single fucking day. Naturally, there’s going to be some deeply kinky shit in there if you go digging. There’s also a real wealth of genuine amateur porno posted by what may be the largest DIY smut community in the world.While you could just go find this stuff all at Reddit, NSFW.xxx offers up the best NSFW media from all the hottest subreddits out there. It’s a streamlined, one-stop-shop format that’s going to appeal to anyone who doesn’t want to wade into Reddit’s thousands of subs, customize a feed or try to decipher the subculture. Check it out if you’ve heard good things about Reddit but get lost at the front page, or if you’re still trying to figure out which subreddits have the best smut.