Motherless Images

Motherless. A one-word website title that says everything it needs to say. This is a site where the rules are, more or less, completely thrown out the window, morality means absolutely nothing, and there is nobody to save you from it. Hedonism is God here.The site likely is also called this due to the fact that the girls who end up on likely have no positive female influence in their lives to keep them from it. Motherless is the place parents spend their whole lives fearing that their daughter will end up making an appearance.In the site’s early days, it was a hotbed for illegal content. This is due to the fact that it was largely unmoderated and allowed users to upload their own photos and videos and, well, you do the math. When Motherless first came out, it was teeming with nasty, fucked up shit. I’m talking bestiality, child porn, scat porn, gore, rape, etc.The site was the source of so much online fear that both Mark Zuckerberg and Christopher Poole (the founder of 4Chan) decided to officially ban anyone from posting Motherless links to their sites altogether. And, honestly, I’m glad they did. Who the fuck would post Motherless content on Facebook anyway? Fucking hell…It seems as if there was enough crackdown and legal precedent to make Motherless eventually start moderating their content a little more closely. I say a little because I am not convinced that the site doesn’t still contain some illegal content. It might not be as overt as grannies getting fucked by dogs while kids watch and play with poop in the corner, but I would be shocked if everything on Motherless was above board given their history. Not to mention the fact that some of the amateur girls look just a little too young for comfort…At any rate, Motherless is a huge fucking site of depraved and immoral content. Although they have cracked down a little bit, that doesn’t stop Motherless from hanging onto their reputation. “Go ahead, she isn’t looking,” is their slogan. I’m not sure who the “she” is referring to … maybe your wife? Your daughter? The girl you unsuspectedly snap up-skirts of? Either way, right off the bat it is clear that this site is not for the kind of shit that you would never want to tell any of the women in your life about.More than Meets the EyeThere are tons of features on Motherless: videos, groups, forums, chat features, an online store, classifieds (just to name a few). But today we are going to be focusing on Motherless’ images section. You can access this area of the site by visiting, or by clicking on “Images” on the menu bar of any page on the site.Once you’re there, you will notice that they have broken the images into a few subsections. Choose between “Most Recent Images,” “Most Favorited Images,” “Most Viewed Images,” “Most Commented,” “Popular Images,” “Being Viewed Now,” and “Random Images.” Each individual section has a ton of pages to browse through as well. These sections are also available in list form (no scrolling necessary) at the top of the Images page.Community Features and Easily Shared ContentClick on a thumbnail and be brought to a new page with the image expanded to its full size. Under the image, you can have a few options: add it to your favorites, add it to your groups, add it to one of your galleries, share it to your timeline (or your “Shouts” on Motherless), download the image, or report it (as if anyone on this fucking site is actually going to do that).In addition to all of these options, Motherless offers quick HTML and BB codes to embed the image to your blog, your website, or your favorite forum, etc. Underneath the code copy boxes, you’ve got a list of relevant tags, all of which are clickable. The only unfortunate aspect of this is that the tags are not images-specific.What I mean by this is that clicking on a tag will bring you to everything on the entire site that is filed under it. I never thought I’d say it, but Motherless might be slightly too well-integrated. It would be nice if there was a way to stay in the Images section of the site while also conveniently browsing categories.On the other hand, though, Motherless, as a whole, is an extremely impressive community-based multimedia site considering the kind of content it infamously provides. You don’t really expect a site that got its start in bestiality and scatophilia to be so well-designed and have so many features, is what I mean. Still, though, it would be nice if there were some way to remain locked into Images if I wanted to.Difficult to Navigate Site DesignUnderneath the tags, Motherless offers up five or six related images to choose from, as well as five or six random galleries, and then five or six links to other sites (in the form of thumbnails). This is probably my biggest design gripe with Motherless Images. I would expect to see a fuck ton more related or suggested images than just six. Especially since, as I was just saying, it is so easy to find yourself out of Images and into the rest of the site. They make it really difficult, it seems, to freely browse just their pictures.In addition to this slightly annoying feature (or lack thereof?), Motherless also hides links among their thumbnails. Of all the images I clicked on in the related images, I would say about 50% of them just brought me to Porn MD. And not in a particularly helpful way either. The link to Porn MD also automatically filled out a search containing every tag associated with the image, creating a nonsensical stream of search words. If you’re going to send me to another site, at least do it in a helpful way…Fuck Off With the Ads Already!And, if that wasn’t enough to piss you off, there are on-page ads too. Both to the right of the main content, as well as at the bottom. Oddly enough, though, given how characteristically extreme the content on Motherless is, the ads are relatively tame. One is promoting a free sex RPG, another just says, “girls with big tits looking to fuck!” and then there’s one more that is selling some sort of fake Asian fuckbook thing. I don’t know what I was expecting … maybe ads for BDSM supplies or something? Horse Viagra? I don’t fucking know.Beware of Potentially Illegal ContentAs far as image quality is concerned, well, all images are user-uploaded, so, as you would expect, it’s really hit or miss. Most seem okay, though. There is the matter, however, of some of these girls looking suspiciously young to be on a porn site, of course. I don’t know, some girls do just look younger than others … it can be hard to tell … Just beware of that.And be a good fucking Samaritan where you can. If you see an image of a girl who is definitely, without a doubt underage, report that shit. We don’t need a few fucking pedophiles ruining the fun for the rest of us. Besides, that shit is beyond fucked up and the asshole who posted it deserves to be locked in a cell and ass raped to death anyway. The report button is there for a reason.Eh … Not Sure This is the Site for ImagesAll in all, if you’re looking for a more liberally moderated collection of images that lean more toward the extreme, Motherless Images will probably be your best bet. I would like it more if the Images section of the site didn’t just lead me to other parts of the site or to other sites so frequently—browsing is really fucking hard to do because of this. I would also prefer it if there weren’t fucking ads everywhere you look. It would be nice if I could freely click on shit without having to wonder, ‘hmm … she is definitely 18, right?’With some disappointing features, questionable content, and ads galore to contend with, I would say that there are probably better places to go for image browsing. However, Motherless itself has a lot to offer beyond just pics and is probably worth a visit for the community features and the fuck tons of “extreme” videos that they offer.