Damn, old-school Image Fap! A man must sometimes take time to appreciate the classics. Mozart. Rembrandt. And photo gallery porn sites. Do you kids know that before high-speed internet came along, a man had to jerk off to pictures? Like out of a fucking magazine, a man’s jerk off material was either image files or waiting two fucking hours for a shitty minute video to download that you would replay twenty times while you took out your frustrations on your poor cock. Those videos were so fucking low quality sometimes you couldn’t even tell which one was the girl. You kids don’t know how easy you have it!Image Fap aims to be the best image-based porn site in the world, but can they beat PornPics.com? Combining old-school image galleries with a clean design, you get a picture gallery with a ridiculous selection, speed, and convenience. But why the fuck would you look at pics when you could be streaming videos? How the fuck should I know.Maybe you are trapped in bumfuck nowhere with shitty internet, or you forgot to pay your cable bill, and are trying to jerk off without wasting all your phone data. Perhaps you saw a cute cashier bitch at the local drugstore and now wanna jerk off to a look-alike. Is it possible that your fetish is so fucking sick and twisted that there are no videos for it, but there ARE a handful of photos? All I fucking know is, there is no better site for jerking off to pics and finding that fucking specific shit you need to see.What the fuck, is this 1995?When you first enter the site; you’ll see that the center of the page focuses on Member Profiles. That’s when it hit me why people might like this site. It’s very community-oriented, encouraging you to share your sick fucking tastes and personal pictures with the rest of the faggots thinking that a porn site is a good place to meet friends. But the thing about member profiles is that you can find people who share your taste, which sounds gay as fuck, but I’ll explain why it’s good later.On the left, you’ll find a long fucking list of “niches” or categories. It’s fucking fun to read through because you can explore some interesting shit like uniform porn or screencap porn. Along the top, you’ll find links to the various sections of the site, focusing on galleries, community, videos, and more. Everything is very minimalist and straightforward, borderline old-school. But the layout is easy to use, so despite the fucking millions of pictures on the site, you’ll be able to navigate to what you want unless you are a fucking retard.Overall, it’s a very efficient no-bullshit design like so many websites today. I also checked out the mobile layout, which was just as clean, but with even less bullshit. Basically, the mobile site is one big gallery of porn, with a search bar at the top. It reminds me of Microsoft Bing, which by the way, is fucking excellent for finding porn.Holy fucking shit where do I even startAs I said before, this site is all about finding specific ass shit. Don’t expect it to hand-deliver shit that you might like, although I’m sure it’s in there somewhere. The website hosts millions of pictures, and you can bet your ass that if you find a pic you like, there will be a set for it. Just to experiment, I came up with some weird-ass searches to see if they exist. Let’s try one for this review.Frog – I searched the term “Frog” to see what the fuck I got. Guess fucking what, it didn’t disappoint. First, we got some cartoon porn for the black princess slut from “The Princess and the Frog”. Second, we got an entire set of a Kermit the Frog doll fingering and shaving a bitch’s pussy. Fuck, I think I have a new favorite site. My only regret is I couldn’t find literal frog-fucking.The website has plenty of animated GIFs, just like Sex.com, so if you need a little bit of animation, it got you covered as well. They are easy to find too, cause all you need to do is type “animated” to the end of whatever you are looking for, and the keyword will get you there. The search engine seems to work pretty goddamn well.Even though the site specializes in photos, there’s also a big ass video section as well. The video gallery is a fucking mess though, with just a random fucking list of videos based on the order they were uploaded. The search also doesn’t seem to work well for the videos, so you’re better off going elsewhere if you need sound and video to get your nut. I’d use this bitch for pics only.In addition to having a great search function, the website also has an active community of perverts that want to share their interests with the world. To me, this is where the site truly shines. You may think “why the FUCK would I give a fuck about other users”, but actually, this is a great way to find shit you like.For example, let’s say you find a picture of this one chick that just fucking gets you off for some strange reason. Who knows, maybe the girl has a big fucking head, and you love big fucking heads. You look at which user uploaded that pic, and chances are that the user will have a big fucking gallery of that same bitch. Not only that, the user probably has similar taste as you, and uploaded a shit-ton of other big-headed bitches for you to jerk off to.I know I sound fucking weird, but for real, this is the type of shit that makes some websites successful. The first community feature Image Fap has is called “Clubs”. Clubs are groups that people can join and then share their shit, but the point is that the clubs all have specific targets. For example, there is the club “Homemade Babes”, where you’re only allowed to post amateur teens, girlfriends, or wives. And guess fucking what? The club has over 500,000 fucking galleries and over 25,000 members! What the fuck? Half of America’s fucking “homemade babes” can be found in this bitch. Do you like army bitches? There’s a club for that too.Finally, there is the forum. The forum doesn’t seem to be too popular and is mostly used for image requests. Looking for a six-toed bitch sucking horse cock? Request it here, and maybe someone can help you out.What I LikeAs an image site, Imagefap.com to me is greatness. It does a really fucking simple and basic thing from twenty years ago, but it does it super fucking well. It does it as perfectly as it possibly can be done with today’s technology and know-how, in terms of layout, the quantity of content, all that shit. Like a huge BBW bitch, it knows what the fuck it is and what the fuck it can do for you, and you can either take it or leave it.What I HateSo what DON’T I like about it? It's fucking hard to come up with anything. I guess it has some ads, but what the fuck, the ads are so minimal that you can’t blame them at all. One thing that they may want to work on is establishing a rating or ranking system, especially for the video section. Everything seems like such a clusterfuck if you aren’t searching for a particular thing. Most websites these days have a “Most Favorited” or “Highest Ranked” type sorting to see what’s popular. But again, this would be for the video section.Yeah, there’s nothing to "really" hate. All I can say is, if ImageFap ever tries to expand outside of what they are doing now, it will probably suck dick, and I’ll fucking hate them for trying. This site should just hold court as the top image site, and enjoy its spot on the internet.ConclusionI stopped looking at images for jerking off a long fucking time ago, but I know that it serves its purpose. Sometimes you want that real specific shit, and you’ll gladly give up things like video and sound just to jerk off to that freckled three arms cunt that you found pictures of. Imagefap (often misspelled as "imgfap" and "imagefab") is also really good if you want to jack it to characters from TV shows or cartoons or some shit, or if you are looking for naked bitches that look like that slut in your Physics class that you would kill to bone. All I know is, Image Fap does its job, and it does it well, and that’s all I can ask for.