Rec Hub is kind of a hard site to write about. Not in a technical sense or anything, because the setup is really straightforward and simple. No, the problem I found stringing words together had more to do with the weird feeling in my pants the whole time I was checking it out. Also, I think the other Starbucks customers were interested, because I kept getting funny looks and eventually, the police showed up. I’m not supposed to go back, but whatever. This is the Internet, so I can enjoy a fap break any time, any place.RecHub.tv is only a few months old, but growing really fucking fast in terms of traffic and pornographic library size. They’re stocking the shelves with prerecorded webcam shows and giving out the whole collection for free. Hell, what else do I have to say? The idea alone is enough for me to break out the lube, so let’s see what these pervs really have to offer.Gorgeous Webcam Sluts by the ThousandsWhen I got the RecHub.tv link in my inbox, I initially read it wrong. I thought they were called ReChub, and I was going to be fapping to thicker broads this morning. When I pulled up the front page, it seemed at first to confirm this. A few of the hotties on the page were on the chubbier side, including a voluptuous goth-girl, a soft-looking MILF, and a BBW diddling herself on her bed.Then I kept looking, and realized they had all kinds of sexy broads on the menu. I’m not sure who’s curating the selection, but they’ve got some of the hottest webcam chicks in the game in all shapes, sizes and colors. Within the last 15 minutes, they’ve added Asian babes, tiny blonde bimbos, big-boobed ebony babes and what look to be a couple of twins sitting around in their underwear, one with a pink Internet-vibrator peeking out of their panties.RecHub draws their material from some of the best webcam and social-porn sites out there. The blurb at the bottom mentions big-name joints like Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, OnlyFans, ManyVids, and a bunch of others. No wonder there’s such a diverse range of sluts doing their thing.As you expect from the format, most of the videos here are solo shows. If you like beating off to masturbating MILFs, teen twerkers and chicks getting their twats buzzed over the web, you’ll be in heaven here. There’s also a fair amount of more hardcore dick-in-snatch fuckery going on, which again makes me wonder who’s choosing what to include. The library is building so fast it seems automated, but the selection is better than you’d expect; it was fully computerized.I’ve reviewed a lot of cam sites where it’s mostly a bunch of bored, mostly clothed girls sitting in their bedrooms looking bored, waiting on tips. Whoever or whatever chooses the RecHub.tv material has a good eye for good content. There’s such a nice range of sexy webcam videos here that I couldn’t wait to get in and start shaking my dick around. Maybe that’s when the baristas started turning on me.Fresh Webcam Porn from a Few Minutes AgoEven just looking at the front page of RecHub, stuffed to the gills with fresh cam videos, I was almost overwhelmed. Where do you start when so many of the flicks look hot as fuck? The newest movie is about a young brunette stripping and playing with herself, and a couple of minutes ago, they added a little Euro chick getting banged by her boyfriend. There’s also a hot Latina flicking her bean in an office, a blonde riding a dildo, and a trio of lesbians fucking with strap-ons and squirting on each other.Believe it or not, all those videos I mentioned were added in the last ten minutes. RecHub.tv is adding videos to the library all the goddamn time. Every time I refreshed the front page, there was fresh fap fodder to get me going.It’s not just fresh to RecHub, either. These videos are fresh as hell in a general sense, having been recorded a matter of minutes, before being added to the Hub. Their content comes straight from the webcam sites with only a minor delay. Technically, you could just tune in a few minutes earlier and watch any of these live, maybe requesting feet and tossing tokens, though you’d have to be perusing a bunch of major cam sites to catch all the shows collected here.Besides, the real value of the site is its archive. The live cam sites don’t let you watch the older stuff, but the archive here is fucking massive and growing. The site’s only been around a couple of months, but the library is already fucking huge.The way they’ve got the place set up, there’s no really easy way to jump to the very bottom of the pile. I kept digging and digging, eventually ending up at the very last page, 293. That’s nearly 6,000 movies already, plus the shit being added nearly every single minute. I hope you’ve got a lot of free time on your hands, friends, because there’s a lot of good stuff here. I also hope you’ve got a lot of lube on your hands, because otherwise you might get some pretty serious rub burn and chafing.Camwhores, Internet Models, Bored Housewives and TeensIt’s kind of weird looking at a porn site as a professional porn reviewer. Most smuthounds just look at these sites with their dicks in their hand the whole time. Me, I’ve got to surf around, getting blue balls as I check out the setup and the spam situation. It’s always a relief when I get to the actual fap-test portion of the review.Once again, I made my way back to the very front of RecHub.tv, where a bunch of fresh XXX webcam content was again waiting for me. I was instantly entranced by thick-bootied goth girls, redhead cocksuckers and a chick with huge boobs and a fucking adorable face. Ultimately, though, it was a threesome that caught my full attention.Running a hair over three and a half minutes, the clip was recorded from Chaturbate about twenty minutes ago. I clicked Play and the threesome started streaming immediately, no apparent buffering and not a single ad slipping through my adblocker. It’s possible I just came on a good day when my spam plugin was winning the war against the spam companies, but my visit was remarkably free of banner ads, pop-ups and commercials getting in the way of my fap session.The clip itself isn’t the highest quality, and there are no resolution options in the basic baked-in video player. The quality isn’t too bad, though; I’ll settle for a little graininess if the sex is hot enough. Right away, this clip has the kind of passion and intensity you expect from a good amateur scene.There’s an Asian babe with her legs in the air as a dude drills her pussy. Behind him, another naked Asian hottie with a pretty face and nice rack caresses her friend’s thighs, helping push them up and out of the way to get that dick in deeper. A couple of minutes later, the girl on her back is getting her twat buzzed with a vibrator while the other chick reaches between the dude’s legs and fondles his balls.Jesus fucking Christ, what a hot clip. The only downside is it’s so fucking short. That’s always one of the major downsides to homebrew porn, but I’ve got some good news on that front. Most of the RecHub.tv videos I looked at run a solid 30 minutes. That first video I saw was one of the rare exceptions I saw to that rule.It’s hard to find serious fault with RecHub. If I have one complaint, it’s that the giant collection isn’t exactly easy to browse. If you know the name of a favorite camwhore or Chaturbate room, you can type it into the search bar. There are no tags on the videos, though, so you can’t search for dildos, ASMR, cosplay, cosplay or anything else.I think RecHub.tv will have the highest appeal to cam fans with a few favorites they’ve already been fapping to for a while. They’ve got such a huge amount of stuff that your dream girls are probably in there. Honestly, even if you’re just kind of whipping your dick around randomly, you’re bound to land on some great DIY webcam smut. If you like the cam format, it’s going to be really hard to complain about the stash you’ll find at RecHub.