Cam Videos, baby! Does anyone like cam porn? I do. There are many things about cam girls that give them a special place in my dick’s heart. First, cam girls tend to be on the hotter side. Camgirls are definitely hotter than your average girl in porn, and even hotter than most porn stars, because sex cams can make a lot of money. A lot of horny desperate men are out there willing to shell out hundreds just to hear a girl say “thank you” as she shoves a big dildo up her ass on video, a situation I personally find fucking ridiculous.Now the beauty of cam is that videos can be recorded. So even though you and I didn’t pay for a goddamn second of a camgirl’s show, we can go to and watch limitless replays of the bitch’s best moments.But where do the videos come from?Thanks to the legions of men (and dykes) handing these girls hundreds of dollars for a show, we get a ridiculous amount of recordings that we can jerk off to. Some truly great men will pay for a show, record the show onto their computer, and then re-post it online for everyone to enjoy. Cam Videos is a place where users can upload and share their own content, and the community is pretty sizeable.I would like to take a moment to salute you, great men. I swear by my right hand, you’re efforts are not wasted.A bit of a messThe layout is probably the worst part about The first thing you’ll notice is that has the laziest goddamn logo in the history of the internet. No color, no special font, no art, not a goddamn thing except “CamVideos.TV” wrote in a shit font with shit colors. Why the fuck did they even bother to make a graphic for this piece of crap? It looks like a newspaper.When entering the site, you’ll first see a series of videos along the top of the page. This, my friend, is a motherfucking trap. The top row of videos are actually ads for a live cam site where you won’t see a goddamn thing without paying some dough. On the other hand, I guess these are convenient links if you are down with live cams as well.Finally, we get to the real videos. On this site, the front-page feature is “Videos being watched” so the videos won’t necessarily be the best. But you know what? The videos tend to be pretty goddamn good. This is because like I said before, cam girls tend to be some fine ass bitches, and I am confident you’ll enjoy these.Meanwhile, on the right side of the page are ugly fucking ads plastered all over with terrible integration. Really sloppy shit. When you click on a specific video, the layout isn’t much good either. Lots of ads.This site does have a search bar that works pretty well. But honestly, with CamVideos.TV, it’s pretty good to just browse around and take in the fine ass bitches. Typically, you’ll be picking the girl rather than a specific fetish.Nonstop CamgirlsThe site features camgirls and only cam girls. I have to appreciate that the site sticks to its niche, without going out of bounds everywhere like so many “fetish” sites do. The site does a good job of organizing its videos through cam sites, categories, and models. The major cam site models featured here are from Cam4, Chaturbate, and MyFreeCams. also has a pretty good amateurs section.There are also some private videos on the site. What’s weird is that even though the videos were marked as private, I was able to view some of them. Not sure what was going on here, but I ain’t complaining. Normally though, the private content is only for active users signed up on the site.In addition to the videos, the site also maintains “albums”. Albums are collections of pictures that the community users share. A lot of the albums are private, so you may want to become an active member to really get the treasures hosted on this site. The private content in this site seems to be has a pretty active community. God knows why these motherfuckers spend all day browsing and uploading these videos…the top users literally post hundreds! But you won’t hear me complaining.One thing I will warn about the content: the content is all about cam videos. Do you know what is one downside about cam videos? You see, cam videos can last for hours sometimes. The bitch ain’t going to be sitting there on her computer seat dildoing herself for three fucking hours. So there is a TON of downtime where the model will just sit there and chat and act cute, rather than getting to the down and dirty.What that means for is that the videos here will also have a lot of boring, no-titties out segments. A ton of these videos you won’t see any real masturbation, but just a girl acting cute. You will have to skip around in an hour-long video just to get that juice. Oftentimes, it is worth it though.What I LikeThe absolute one-stop-shop for cam girls. This place is no fucking joke, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a lot of this content on other sites. The private content opens up a whole new can of worms, although generally speaking, I don’t agree with the concept. Because cam videos can have so much fluff and filler, I think mainstream porn sites don’t upload or don’t share cam videos. will have a lot more cam content than most sites you run into.The big community is a huge plus. As I said, the brave men and women who capture these cam live shows are real heroes. There is always fresh content flowing in from the latest most just-turned-legal thots that you can dream of.What I hateThe first thing I don’t like are the ugly fucking ads. There is a good way to do ads and a bad way, and this site is closer to the bad way. The ads are very intrusive and “stealthy”, meaning ads that pretend to be actual content. The ads also needlessly take up a ton of space. Finally, there are pop up ads which are always a pain in my ass (and no, there isn’t a good type of pain in my ass…at least not for me).I also don’t like that there are a lot of videos with no porn, although I accept it. I accept it because I would rather have too much content than too little, even if that means I have to look through all the shitty content to find the gold. You’ll find plenty of videos where you see no pussy or sometimes even tits, and it’s just some thot flirting and acting cute like a dumb whore while drowning in compliments.Again, this is something I hate, but I accept it.I’m also not a huge fan of the “private content” system. Sometimes you’ll see a picture or thumbnail that you really want to check out, only to find out it is private. At this time, I am not willing to go through the bullshit to become an “active member”, whatever the hell that means. Fuck that shit.Clean that shit up! should probably hire someone to do some redesign. This means hiring someone to make a new logo as well as redesigning the website. The site itself works pretty good, but it’s pretty ugly and probably holds the site back.Also, cut the stealth ads. Stealth ads are a pain in the ass, and I wonder how effective they really are. In general, the site could use some work on cleaning up the ads and making them look neater.It’s like having a window to their roomsPersonally, I love cam videos and this site has a ton of good ones. You will seriously see 8-10/10 chicks on the regular when it comes to cam videos. The only problem is that just like in real life, the top hottest ones tend to be the ones that hide their pussy more like the entitled cunts that they are.That’s always the annoying fucking thing. When a girl is too hot, suddenly she realizes she doesn’t need to pop that pussy for money, and even just teasing these motherfuckers brings in enough cash for her to buy her designer bags and shit. But don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of fine ass babes willing to take it up the ass on camera.Finally, this site really does have content you won’t find in other places. I’ll give you an example. One camgirl I enjoy is “FancyV”, a pretty hot ass Asian bitch with dead fucking eyes. Anyway, on sites like XVideos or PornHub, you’ll only find a handful of her vids. On There’s like fifty. Pretty damn solid if you ask me.