Who’s ready to Recurbate? I know the word isn’t exactly in the common lexicon, but this next site is trying to make it a thing, and you know what? I think they might really be setting a trend, based on the nearly 14,000 daily visitors they’re getting. People might not understand what recurbating is yet, but in a few years, it may be just another bit of daily routine to conversate about over family dinner. “Hey, son, who did you recurbate to today?”Based on that traffic, I kind of assumed Recurbate.com had been around for a decade or more, but nah. They’ve just been really fucking busy archiving a shit-ton of live webcam sex shows from Chaturbate. The first one was added to the library at the tail end of 2018, and they’ve seen a non-stop stream of new content ever since then. Chaturbate is one of the very top camwhore sites in the world, so I’m guessing you already have an idea what kind of exhibitionist entertainment you’ll see filed in the archives here. If not, let me tell you all about it.That’s a Ton of Fucking PornoMy job is to look at porn sites, so I see all kinds of free tubes and premium membership networks. The anything-goes sites tend to have the biggest volumes of smut, and websites with strict focuses on specific porn genres or niches tend to have the smallest. Live webcam porn is a little different, because while it is a niche, it’s one that is literally creating X-rated content during every single second of the day. By rights, I knew Recurbate had high potential for a big-ass library, but I was still pretty fucking shocked by the size of the thing.I like to open these reviews by mentioning when the site started. Since the domain registration date isn’t always when the site first launched, I started digging through the pages of their tube-style thumbnail view. The page numbers at the bottom didn’t have a Last button, so I ended up typing numbers directly into the URL. I went to page 99, and then to page 1500, typed in 9999 and then on to 20000, 3000, and into the 45000s to find the first posted video.Holy fucking shit. As of this writing, Recurbate has more than 2 million hours of video featuring nearly 11,000 Chaturbate camwhores. You miss out on the live element of the original site, but that’s a fucking crazy selection to have access to all at once. I hope you ain’t one of those people who gets stuck browsing Netflix for hours, because you may end up at the ER with an incapacitating case of blue balls.The only problem with that massive collection is that it’s hard to search. Recurbate.com doesn’t have tags like your typical porn site, and there are no fancy clip titles to search through. Shit, there isn’t even a search bar except on the Performers Index, which is the only place to browse for something specific. And by specific, I mean you have to know the names of the camgirls you’re into. If you’re just looking for a quick, easy fap to your favorite fetishes, this isn’t the site for you.Naturally, that crazy high volume of “live” webcam porn means Recurbate.com is being updated on a basically constant basis. Every time I made it back to the front page, there were new videos of beautiful Latinas doing stripteases and gorgeous goth girls fingering themselves, thicc ebony babes twerking and Asians jerking off dildos with their feet.Where’s the Free Webcam Sex?After clicking around Recurbate.com and writing the above paragraphs, it was time to lube up and begin my official fap test. I won’t lie; the decision to beat off at that moment was motivated less by my job as a porn reviewer and more by a babe on her hands and knees, ass up at the camera with a pink Internet vibrator hanging out of her. The site does moving previews, so when I hovered my mouse over that booty, I got flashes of big titties, sexy legs and a beautiful woman playing with herself.I didn’t realize it until I clicked through to the video, but free members only get to watch one video a day. Supposedly. I say members because, yeah, you’ve got to sign up to see anything. Registration is free and instant, and then I was ready to hit that Play button. Click.“Sorry guys,” read the message at the top of the screen, “but due to the high load Basic (Free) accounts are temporary limited to 0 video viewing.” Well, fuck. I’d been dropped off at the membership signup page. The Basic is zero bucks a month, but I’d already seen how fucking worthless that was. They’ve got a Premium membership for twenty bones a month and an Ultimate going for thirty. The $20 plan seems like a better deal for most masturbators; all the extra Hamilton earns you is downloads, the ability to record 4 performers instead of 2, and unexplained “Extra videos.”I was more than a little disappointed to run into that paywall. I reviewed a site called CamwhoresBay recently, and they’ve got a similar setup but don’t charge for access. CamwhoresBay also uses tags, making it easier to search than this place. The Recurbate archive does seem to be considerably bigger, though, so the choice may come down to your preference for volume or specific babes not available on other sites. Recurbate’s $20 membership is cheaper than most paysites, and has more content than most of them, too.Record Your Favorite Chaturbate ShowsOf more interest to the visitors with empty pockets might be the Recurbate Downloader. It’s another tiered membership thing, but the free version will let you record one video at a time from Chaturbate, Cam4, CamSoda, Flirt4Free and Streamate. I thought free users might get limited video quality, but it goes all the way up to 4K. That’s pretty convenient if you’re beating off to the webcam sites and stumble onto a show you’d like to watch over and over again while filling an old sock with sperm.The paid licenses for the Recorder usually run $87 for 3 months or $174 for 6. I’m reviewing the joint in December, so they’ve knocked a few bucks off of the regular prices. The biggest perk of paying is you can set a list to automatically record shows from your favorite camwhores, and they’ll automatically be reencoded to MP4 to save you space. You can record as many videos as you want, so it’s essentially just limited by your bandwidth and how long ago you bought your faptop.What they’re offering is essentially a DVR for webcam porn. That alone seems more worthwhile to me than paying to watch their collection, but again, it may depend on how bad you’re crushing on specific webcam sluts. That DVR isn’t a time machine, you know.Buying a license also earns you Ultimate-level access to the rest of Recurbate, but only for part of your license duration. For example, the 6-month Downloader license earns you a month of fapping to those deep, deep archives of webcam perversion. I guess if you’ve got the power to download all your favorite camwhores whenever they’re online, those archives are a little less important.Recurbate’s main strength is the absolutely ludicrous volume of webcam sex shows they’re collecting. The lack of searchability may be a dealbreaker for fans who are into specific types of shows but don’t necessarily know the performers, but I can see this being more than worthwhile if you’ve got a real hardon for some specific models. Thirty bucks is what you’d pay for most any membership site and much less than you’d spend having a fun day at a cam site, and it may well give you a deep dive into your favorite cam performer’s history. Check out their Performer’s Index to find out.