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Reddit Celebs, aka r/Celebs! Why is it that every time we see a clip of a celebrity on YouTube or in one of those god-awful entertainment magazine shows, horn dogs like us immediately start thinking about fucking them? It doesn’t matter if it’s Krysten Ritter staring at the camera like she’s going to beat my ass right before she fucks me or if it’s soon-to-be-geriatric Julia Roberts letting her cleavage show in an interview, I’m always wondering what it’d be like to sack one of them. I’m never going to fuck any of them – hell, I’d have a better chance of fucking that knockout that's a 10 at the coffee shop with the bodybuilder boyfriend that – like, I’ll admit – was chiseled by the gods.If you want to eye hump celebrities and imagine all the nasty, dirty things you’d do to them if they drank a potion and became immediately attracted to you, visit You'll be able to look at a seemingly endless wave of amazing celebrity photos, GIFs, and videos (but mostly images) that will make your dick stand at attention and your brain ready to process that fucked up fantasy you have about The Golden Girls.Over 485,000 is one of those legacy subreddits that has been around for nearly as long as the entirety of Reddit. It’s been around for over ten years, with a cool few thousand people lurking the sub at any given time. To that end, it’s evident that is an awesome destination for browsing seductive celeb content all in one place.What makes it remarkable is how often content is posted on the sub. When you consider how many people are actually on here throughout every hour of the day, it’s no surprise that celebrity content is posted every fucking hour. And it’s not just dull celebrities that are one step away from being boring stock photo bullshit – the content is posted here for a reason.As I’m writing this, I’m browsing by ‘New’ and seeing Ariel Winter’s amazing cleavage at a Modern Family premiere. There is a GIF of Cobie Smulders bending over like she’s ready to be fucked in the ass. Bar Refaeli has a fantastic swimsuit and a sailor’s hat that makes you wonder if she blew the Captain before or after she went yachting. I’ll discuss the nature and quantity of the content later, but for now, know that what’s posted is always hot and ripe to make you fantasize.If you use Reddit, you can use the subredditI don’t think I have to tell you horny fuckers this, but for those few that may be in the know, realize that browses and feels exactly like the rest of Reddit. The sorting and filtering options are the same: you can sort by hot, new, top, and rising. When filtering by top, you can filter dates such as now, today, this week, this month, this year, and all time. Because the content is so vast, rich, and stretches back to well over a decade ago, you’re going to want to use these sorting options.When you’re not sorting content by new, I urge you to sort content by top and all-time at least once. Here, you will see a ton of nudity (because what other kinds of celeb content are going to be the most popular on a celebrity subreddit?), including Alison Brie’s topless scene in the television show GLOW. Jesus Christ, those petite, perky tits would make me do anything for her. That’s followed by a Selena Gomez sideboob and pre-cocaine addict Lindsay Lohan’s perfect rack jiggling up and down like the world depends on it. Try this sorting and filtering killer combo: you’ll be jacking before you know it!Not a lot of nudity (in the grand scheme of things)With that being said, though, there isn’t a lot of nudity on Even when browsing by top and all time, in the grand scheme of the amount of content that’s actually on the subreddit, the amount of nudity of any kind is few-and-far-between. No, that isn’t to say that you won’t see any nudie photos or GIFs today or even tomorrow – content is posted around-the-clock, so chances are you’ll be able to see a hot celebrities’ tits or bare ass soon enough.And at the end of the day, it’s hard to penalize for lacking a ton of X-rated content. Yeah, I get it: you’re so used to seeing porn whenever you want it that you think every adult subreddit that even gives the slightest stench of pussy should have tons of nudity. I don’t blame you. For fuck sake, I’d love nothing more than to see Gal Gadot’s perfect pussy. But that’s not what you’re getting here on, nor should you expect it.Besides, how many pictures or videos do you expect to see naked celebrities, anyway? More celebrities than ever have their nudes leaked because they’re too fucking stupid to apply a password to their iCloud account that doesn’t end in ‘1234,’ but it doesn’t mean that you’re going to be drowning in celebrity pussy on this sub. It just doesn’t work that way! Come to the subreddit, knowing what to expect, and you will enjoy your stay – guaranteed.Tons of content posted regularlyIt does not matter when you visit there is always something new posted there. It’s an amazingly active subreddit that’s on par with some of the most popular NSFW (Not Safe For Work) subreddits out there. The fact that isn’t technically NSFW but has hundreds of thousands of subscribers that are always posting hot non-nudes is very fucking impressive and should be mentioned.And really, it just shows you how fucking beautiful most celebrities genuinely are. The idea that I can sit here and look at a fully clothed Candice Swanepoel and wanting to take my cock out and blow my load over my keyboard like I’m watching Phoenix Marie take a watermelon up her ass for the fiftieth time goes to show you that the true, pure beauty of celebrities is something to be amazed by. I’d never jerk off to a fully clothed picture of your mother or sister, and the fact that I don’t think it’s fucking bizarre that I’m doing it right now to Candice’s photo says it all, doesn’t it?But about your sister and mother. If you want to send some nude pics of them to the ol’ ThePornDude, I’m not going to say no. Unless they both look like Michael Moore after eating a barbecue beef sandwich with extra mayo, then keep that shit the fuck away from me!An awesome place to look at an endless wave of celebsWhile saying that has an infinite array of content is facetious, it’s reasonably accurate in the fact that you’ll never be able to see every single goddamn post on this subreddit. Maybe if you’re a horny robot that can consume thousands of posts in a millisecond, but that’s about the only exception. The content seemingly goes on forever, and you’re never going to run out of jaw-dropping content that will have you salivating as your dick grows harder.And my God, just fucking look at how often content is posted here. While writing this review, there have been pages of images and GIFs posted on the sub – some of them even NSFW! The content just never stops, making one hell of a destination for getting off to some of the most beautiful women that have ever existed in the history of mankind.No semi-nude male celebrities here!One thing I failed to mention is how many male celebrities are on NONE! I searched high and low to see if I could see a male celebrity, but thankfully I didn’t see one goddamn picture of some twat posing and trying to look sexy. Yeah, I get it: Channing Tatum is a hot piece of ass if you have a functional vagina past the age of 45– but it doesn’t mean that the people that visit have to fucking see it.And they don’t – that’s why you won’t find any of that shit on! So subscribe with confidence, and know that when you visit this subreddit featuring some of the hottest celebs on the planet, you never have to come across a celebrity with a giant bulge that makes you pissed off at yourself as to why you have to look like the offspring of Gabe Newell. Hey, bro, I’m not your fucking therapist – deal with that shit on your own time! features an endless list of hot and sexy celebrity pictures that – in most cases – will make you instantly horny. While there isn’t nearly as much NSFW content compared to the rest of the content, that doesn’t actually matter in the grand scheme of things. The content will turn you on despite there not being a lot of nudity, and in the end, that’s all that matters.