Creampie In Asia

CreampieInAsia! With such a straightforward name, I am pretty sure we all know what CreampieInAsia.com has to offer. If you are not able to tell what the fuck this site is all about, then you must be on a whole new level of stupid, and I honestly feel sorry for you. Now, for those who came here to learn more about this wonderful place filled with creampied Asian beauties, I have a lot to say.First of all, before we get down to business, you should know that I have a soft spot for the Asian sluts, so I might not be as rough on this site as I am on most of them. The first thing that pleasantly surprised me is the fact that this site is in English and it can also be viewed in Japanese, which is what all Asian websites need.The homepage is quite plain since this is a premium site, so all you really get is a tour page. I will say that their tour page design is not meant for nightly browsing and that their homepage gave me a headache. This had nothing to do with their design overall, but the fact that the first thing you see are a bunch of gifts on top.Now, that is all nice but the gifs do not play on normal speed… they are causing me a headache because they keep spazzing out, and it looks hella weird and hurts my brain. Basically, I wanted to leave their homepage as soon as I opened it which is not how a premium site should make you feel.Now, before you can view any of the shit I will talk about, there is a price to be paid as this is a premium website. You can get a 1-month trial membership for $30 and since it is a trial membership the only privileges you get are streaming options. There are also three premium memberships; the 1-month premium of $40, a 3-month premium of $25 /month and the 1-year membership of $10 /month.Except for their pricey 1-month membership, all the other offers are quite straightforward. Keep in mind that the premium memberships will offer much better privileges than the trial membership. Below the join page, they have written all the shit you can expect to see on this site, and if they are actually stating the truth, I will see shortly, after I create a premium account.When you log in the site with your premium membership, do not be surprised because the site itself will look completely different. I was actually fucking happy that they put a much less flashy design on their actual website than what you could have seen at the beginning. The design is made with a dark grey layout, and all the options you are interested in are on top.The videos here are all titled in Japanese, so you have a difficulty knowing what they are about before opening them, but once you do open them, they have a short description about the model as well as the video below. Now, I do have a problem with this, because who the fuck will read the video description instead of simply opening the video in the first place?You have the fucking clip on top, and you will choose to read the description instead? Are you fucking kidding me? Another thing that I should mention is that you can download all of these videos in HD, from 480p to 1080p, which is also great for the fucking virgins who love to collect shit on their PC. You know that you can just watch all of this crap online, there is no reason to download.I guess, if you will just be a premium member for a month or some shit, you might want to stash videos to your PC and enjoy them later, but honestly, isn’t it just better to get a full-time premium membership instead?Anyways, the video quality when it comes to streaming is also quite nice, the same as the download, but the 1080p is not always as great as it should be. Nonetheless, the quality here is much better than on most sites I have visited or reviewed, so if I do not have any complaints about this shit, I am fucking sure you will not as well.All the videos on this site will have a compilation of screenshots from the video itself, and they will feature just what one would think; many screenshots from the clip and honestly I find this stupid, since you already have the video in front of you, what the fuck are these images for?Now, besides screenshots from the clip, you also have the photo gallery where the beautiful amateur Asian model can be seen posing naked, or on a hard cock; depending on the video. While I usually have everything against galleries, having a gallery page from the video is not at all that bad; I probably say this because I fucking love the table-eyed beauties a lot!The videos usually last about 30+ minutes, and they always feature a hot Asian, usually a teen amateur, who is ready to show us her incredibly hot skills! If you are planning to become a member, you should make sure to check the ‘Updates’ tab from time to time, for obvious reasons.As for the other shit this premium site has to offer, I have a couple of words to say. You have the list of all Asian chicks featured here and their clips. You also have suggestions for their naughty DVDs, that you can actually watch as a premium member! These movies are in HD and they are fucking hot!If for some reason, CreampieInAsia.com is just not enough for you, check out their bonus and special sites, that are mostly filled with Asian sluts as well! There will also be a suggestion for the live cams, but that section is nothing special if you ask me. Simply put, if you love watching the beautiful petite Asian chicks spread their legs and get creampied, then CreampieInAsia.com is the right place for you!