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AsianSexDiary! There’s just so much to love about Asian women. I’m into that flawless flesh and those perfect almond-shaped eyes, not to mention the fact that these bitches age like a fine wine. Well, better than a glass of fine wine, because half of these chicks don’t seem to age at all. Do you know what else I like about Asian broads? They’re cheap. Some of them are, anyway, like a lot of the tourist-pleasing sluts you’ll find on was started in 2012 by a globe-trotting sex tourist named John Tron. Freshly divorced after banging the Filipina maid, John decided to pack his bags and go smash as many Asian bitches as he could. Nowadays, dude gets over a million visits a month, all looking for fully self-shot, amateur-porno scenes filmed in Southeast Asia and beyond. I’m the kind of guy who recommends saving up your Philippine pesos to go on your own little teen blowjob tour of the islands, but perhaps this site will be an adequate substitute if your wife is the suspicious type.Take an Asian Sex Tour from Bed or the ToiletA naked young Asian babe stares at me from the top of the landing page. She’s got a tight little body, ripe tits, and a hairy muff, all topped with an exquisite face that I guess is somewhere between 18 and 25 years old, but she’s Asian so who the hell knows? That’s clearly a hotel room she’s standing in, with some rules posted to the wall, probably prohibiting durian eating or spraying semen on the walls.Thumbnails from the most popular content on AsianSexDiary is spread out across most of the page. Each one has a little flag showing where it was shot. There is a schoolgirl in her uniform from Laos, a tiny babe from Hong Kong, and a slut from Vietnam with a really hairy pussy. It’s kind of ironic that Asians are the most naturally hairless people on the planet, but you see a fair amount of bush in Asian porn. Who knew?Interestingly, I also see a petite Thai girl getting three creampies in Europe and a hot Filipina teen with big boobs in the United States. This Asian sex tour on AsianSexDiary is truly a worldwide affair.I love the feel of the site already. The thumbnails of Thai girls draining jizz and Indonesian girls getting creampies are crisp and polished, with good camera work, but also the raw sexiness you expect from good amateur smut. It looks like this dude John Tron knows what the fuck he’s doing, so I’m eager to get in for a closer look.An Amateur Stud’s Asian Conquests on VideoI got signed up and logged in. The very first thing I saw in the members' area was My Latest Diary Entry, Suraya in Pool, a 20-minute MILF scene in Penang. Our hero John takes a few shots of her showing off her body in an outdoor pool, as you may have guessed from the title. Her big, natural jugs look juicy as hell, and that thick body is just begging for a slamming.As soon as the cameraman dangles his legs into the pool, the hungry girl dives straight for his crotch and starts slurping at his fleshy knob. Suraya has clearly had a lot of practice, outshining the shine jobs you see from a lot of younger girls.John shot most of this movie POV style, so we see what he sees as the mature whore rides him and takes it from behind. He’s no dumbass, though, so he doesn’t miss good opportunities for wide shots of the pool sex. There’s nothing like floating in low gravity and fucking.Amateur Porn Charm, Premium Porn PolishVideo quality is adjustable from 360P all the way up to 1080P. That’s standard on most premium sites, but amateur content doesn’t necessarily play by the same rules. It’s good to see that AsianSexDiary has all the trappings of good homemade smut, but the kind of polish you expect from a paysite.Another thing you don’t typically see on amateur sites is a speed control slider. There are more fast speeds than slow speeds on this one, which is weird, but you can still watch those facial cumshots at half speed.One thing I don’t like is that I don’t see tags anywhere. This video of Suraya at the pool should have quick, easy links to AsianSexDiary’s movies with MILF, Blowjob, Vietnam and Pool Sex, but they’ve omitted this key feature. Tags are standard on most media websites these days, whether you’re selling footjob movies from Thailand or showing off fidget spinner tricks on a video site.Better Trophies Than Your Mom’s DildoClick the My Trophies link in the header and you’ll see the newest Asian sluts on the site lined up like cuts of meat. I love the diversity. There is a Burmese Indian girl with a nice fat ass, local Thai and Malaysian girls, and a Hungarian Gypsy pornstar who was on vacation in Thailand when John hooked up with her. This motherfucker has all the luck!I definitely wasn’t expecting to have a nice Latina wank when I pulled up AsianSexDiary, but John ran into this Colombian girl named Andreina De Luxe when she was in Thailand. I can picture some neckbeard in a Dragon Ball Z T-shirt getting all pissy because this doesn’t help his yellow fever, but just wait until you see that booty shake while she does it backwards cowgirl.The By Location dropdown shows you all the places John has shot his amateur Asian movies. You’ve got the obvious spots like China, Malaysia, and Tokyo, but this international player is smashing sluts in Israel, Barcelona, and Budapest as well. I’m impressed. Rarely do I encounter a pervert whose sexual exploits rival my own. Bravo.Cheaper Than a Thai Prostitute and Lower Chance of Surprise PenisJesus fucking Christ. If the hot little piece of ass on her hands and knees on the sign-up page weren’t Asian, I’d be clearing my browser history and microwaving my laptop before the feds kicked down my door. I’ll never get over how young some of these gorgeous chicks look. You can say “barely legal” about White girls all you want, but their skin gives them away half the time. Not so with Asians.A month of explicit Vietnamese and Filipina sluts loving you long time runs 40 USD at AsianSexDiary, with cheaper rates if you buy three, six or 12 months at a time. That’s a little more than your typical paysite will set you back these days, but if you browse my Premium Asian Porn Sites list, you know this is about right for the genre. And hey, it’s still a hell of a lot cheaper than an actual plane ticket to Thailand. You don’t have to carry around a pocket full of baht, either, so don’t let your wife give you any shit about this. Remind the frigid bitch a membership is actually saving your household a whole lot of money and strife.I like to see at least two exclusive updates per week on any site you have to pay money for. I’m not sure if AsianSexDiary has an exact release schedule, but they do update all the goddamn time. Suraya was just in another new clip yesterday. The longest gap I see between fresh movies is three days, but they usually update sooner. I also see recent stretches where they updated four days in a row, presumably while our dude John was on sex vacation in Thailand.So is a membership worth the scratch? That depends. If you’re just looking for an all-you-can-eat buffet of all kinds of premium pornography, you may be better served elsewhere. has a focus that it doesn’t stray from, but goddamn does it do that focus right.AsianSexDiary is the literal Asian Sex Diary of a prolific sex tourist who documents every single one of his conquests in crisp HD video. It’s beautiful and polished while still retaining the raw, real feel of amateur fuck movies. He’s smashing some of the most beautiful women around the world in exclusive new scenes multiple times per week, making it an easy choice for fans of homemade Asian POV clips. Be careful, though. It’ll probably make you want to book a flight or two around the world.