CDGogogo is one of those sites where the name tells you almost nothing about what you’re going to find inside. For a second, I thought this was going to be some blast from the past, selling pornography in the old-school physical Compact Disc format. It wouldn’t make much sense in 2021, but frankly, I feel that way about sites still hawking DVDs. Grandpa may love them, but modern masturbators certainly prefer the convenience of instant delivery pornography. I have a boner now, so it needs attention now!Well, suffice to say it isn’t some bullshit physical media store for old heads or I wouldn’t be reviewing it here at ThePornDude. If you want a much bigger clue what the site’s all about, it’s right there in the joint’s header. CDGogogo.com is also known as CandidGo, because they’re a premium site specializing in candid videos of hot Asian babes in public. Full access is going to cost you a few bones, but there’s enough content to rub one out for free at your local public library.Getting Candid with Candid GoCandid Go has a pretty unassuming setup. The logo is the typical half-ass Pornhub ripoff you see on a lot of smaller tubes, with the second half of the name wrapped in an orange box. There’s the usual search bar and an Upload button, as well as an Upgrade button hinting at the site’s monetization scheme. Below that, the newest candid albums and videos are lined up as vertical thumbnails. It somehow looks simultaneously classier and trashier than any random porn tube you find out there.Besides the vertical video format, the main thing that sets CDgogogo apart from most other tubes is the content and the focus. The material here focuses on gorgeous, real Asian chicks. These ain’t models, or at least that’s what we’re meant to believe. Honestly, I see a lot of different types of porno and photography, and I’d bet this is the real deal. These are just random broads who happen to have nice bodies, pretty faces, and revealing outfits. Some of the vids seem staged, as it’s hard to believe these chicks can be so clueless about a camera following them this long, but it’s impossible to say for sure either way.If you hover your mouse over one of those thumbnails, you’ll get a moving preview of the content inside. The album previews shot candid shot after candid shot of girls in short skirts walking around at the mall or the subway station, while the video previews will give you a few seconds of the babes walking, sitting, or just standing there obliviously while some dude aims a camera up her skirt.Since there’s an Upgrade button, I already know that CDgogogo.com isn’t necessarily a totally free site. That said, those moving previews account for a hell of a lot of free fap fodder on the site. The collection so far runs a couple of hundred pages deep, and you can see those moving previews for any of the videos or galleries. Go ahead and rub one out while staring up at some lady’s dress from under a table. It’s a lot safer to do on CDgogogo than at Starbucks, which I learned the very, very hard way.Cheap Thrills and Some Cash on the SideI spent some time on CDgogogo just poking around before I tried to sign up or anything, just to get the feel for the joint. I watched little preview clips of sexy Asian chicks trying on shoes, riding the subway in outfits that hide absolutely nothing, and riding up escalators with their flawless asses hanging out. A chick played with a fluffy white dog in a tiny little minidress, bending way the fuck over to pick up the doggo while giving us an absolutely fantastic view.One obnoxious thing I did notice was that the upskirt shots on CDgogogo tend to be censored. Sometimes it’s blurred and sometimes it’s pixelated, but you’re always missing out on the full package. I wondered if this was tied to their business model or was a universal thing. There was only one way to find out.If you click on any of those preview thumbnails, CandidGo sends you to a page saying it’s restricted to members only. There’s a Paid filter at the top, which implies there’s some free stuff in there, but I couldn’t find any. As far as I could tell, everything was premium.Signup is quick and easy, but your membership ain’t much better than nothing unless you buy some CDgogogo VIP time. Fortunately, it’s considerably cheaper than your average paysite. A month will run you $16, which is about half of what the average premium joint charges. Naturally, the longer subscriptions break down to even better rates, and they’ve even got a lifetime membership for a hundred bucks. PayPal is the only way to pay right now, which is unusual for a porn site and I sincerely hope PayPal doesn’t yank the license.Candid Go runs on user uploads, which can always be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how active the community is. It seems like they’re doing pretty fucking well around here, and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that you can get paid for uploading content. Most paysites just expect you to shell out thirty bones a month and get nothing in return but an absolutely soiled pair of boxers and a big sperm stain on your jeans, but these guys may well send you away with more money than you gave them.Go Go Go with CandidGoMoney for uploads is an enticing scheme, and it seems like it’s working. To date, CandidGo has over 6,600 videos and updates in its collection. That isn’t bad for a site that hasn’t been around all that long. CDgogogo.com was registered barely a year ago, so call me impressed.There is one major downside to that big-ass number of updates. After getting my VIP status, I was able to watch a ton of videos of babes walking around in public showing a ton of leg, a bit of feet, and some occasional ass. However, sometimes I’d click on a video only to get a message saying I had to buy it.It turns out Candid Go has a points system they use to sell videos outside of their VIP package. Points start at around a buck a piece, though you get little discounts by buying in bulk. I say little discounts, because the rates aren’t all that impressive. A typical movie will run you 5 points while some of the big candid video albums go for a whole goddamn hundred. It doesn’t take a fucking MENSA scholar to figure out this cheap candid site can magically become pricey as hell.Still, I had to check some out. There’s an upskirt video out front that caught my eye, and I really wanted to see the full version. I shelled out the 5 points and got a message saying I now have lifetime ownership of the video. I wasn’t able to download it, though, because the Download button’s got a message saying it’s temporarily closed.The four-and-a-half-minute video opens with some wandering around a busy mall. It’s a low camera, catching a lot of legs and some occasional panty shots. I honestly wonder what the dude has the camera attached to, because he’s surprisingly adept at swinging it around to catch glimpses of the good stuff.Remember I mentioned the censorship I saw on the front page of Candid Go? Well, the preview for this video was censored, too, with a big ugly circle blocking the upskirt shots. I’m really happy to report that obnoxious censorship was not in the full version, so I was able to have a nice, satisfying voyeur fap while staring up some Asian ladies’ dresses.CDGogogo.com is definitely worth a look if you’re into candid videos and have a thing for Asian chicks. There’s a lot of bold, risky, and incredibly sexy camerawork here, so you can get some real vicarious thrills just watching the stuff. There’s a wealth of free peeks available, so go ahead and shake your dick at them before you decide whether or not to pull the trigger.