Trike Patrol

Ready for Filipina porn at TrikePatrol? It’s fun being a tourist sometimes. You can try out all kinds of activities that you don’t normally find in your neck of the woods. I’m talking about rock climbing and swimming in pristine lakes, sampling regional delicacies, and getting into drunken fistfights with the locals. The globe-trotters over at TrikePatrol use their vacations to hump sexy Filipina broads.You might have guessed wrongly that was a site about tricked-out tricycles ridden by hipsters in Portland, but nah. It’s about exotic little Asian sluts turning tricks and riding Western sex tourists. The site’s been around since 2006 and gets a couple of thousand hits a day, because who doesn’t love seeing a ripe Pinay getting her throat fucked?Everybody Gets a Ride!There’s a smiling whore riding one of those titular trikes in the image at the top of the landing page. She’s got a pretty face and some nice dick-sucking lips. Also, her face is superimposed with the Trike Patrol’s own braggadocious self-definition: they’re the “infamous band of horny foreign tourists in the Philippines known for picking up girls and fucking their brains out on camera.”Yeah, it sure sounds like the same basic setup as any premium reality porn setup, but things are a little bit different here. The girls at Reality Kings often pretend it’s their first time on camera when you’ve seen them doing anal dozens of times before. The babes at Trike Patrol fall more solidly into the amateur category.“Amateur” is a word with various connotations, so we find ourselves in strange territory again. These beautiful Filipina girls may not be regulars on camera, but goddamn, they know how to fuck! A lot of them are professionals in the sense that they’re constantly treating tourists to their talents, provided their visitors have enough pesos in their pockets.What you end up with is gonzo porn that straddles the line between amateur and professional smut even more than typical offerings. The girls flashing their tits, fingering their twats and swallowing cum on the preview page may not have known they’d be doing porn that day, but good goddamn, they’re fucking good at it!The free video preview shows Filipinas on real Philippine streets, riding in those motorized trikes before taking it all off in nearby hotel rooms. Again, it’s that reality porn setup with more reality; this really is the first time the cameraman met them, and yeah, there’s a good chance it’s her first on-screen creampie.Cheaper Than a Third-World Sex VacationThe landing page gave me a hankering for a big bowl of pancit, some lumpia and a Pinay teen grinding her twat in my face a few minutes after introductions. I did some Googling and found cheap airfare out to Manilla and back. The tickets are just a few hundred bucks.Of course, we can’t all just drop a few Benjamins and take a week off from work just to have a Filipina squirt all over your dick. TrikePatrol lets you live vicariously through the sexual antics of the Trike Patrol for a tiny fraction of the cost, from the comfort of your own home or your cube at work.A yearly membership is the cheapest way to go, breaking down to about 10 bucks a month. Most of you are going to opt for the monthly rate of thirty bones, or about a dollar a day.TrikePatrol has been online for 14 years, which means there’s a hell of an archive beneath their regular updates of exclusive amateur Asian fuck flicks. The full collection has more than 400 updates of Pinay teens, MILFs and everything in between, and they’re all getting into some seriously nasty shit.True Asian Amateurs Getting NastyThe Asians on TrikePatrol are some of the hottest amateurs in the world. Do you know what else is amateur? This website.I’m sure it has something to do with the age of the site, but the layout is pretty outdated. It looks like they haven’t had a serious overhaul in at least a decade. The member’s page doesn’t have the same slick, flashy look as most premium sites.That’s no reflection on the porn, though. Hopefully, TrikePatrol has just put all their resources into new dirty movies instead of upgrading the logo and Cascading Style Sheets. The thumbnails of women getting it up the ass and fooling around in orgies backs that up.The movie titles themselves are pretty dirty, too. The newest 45-minute update is one called Asian Pussy Squirt, and the one before that was a Pregnant Asian Fuck. There are Cum-Covered Asians, Expert Blowjobs, Pinay Orgies, and Filipina Deepthroats. Do I start with the Pinay Teen Blowjob or the Camgirl Porn Star?Movie lengths are displayed beneath each thumbnail. The girls may be amateurs, but the flicks don’t suffer from the typical DIY shortcoming of short-ass movies. It looks like the typical runtime for a new Pinay fuck movie here is about 45 minutes, with plenty clocking in at over an hour. These girls have stamina!Pinay Teens Boned in HDThe thumbnail of a gorgeous Pinay named Aubree caught my eye. She’s got a pretty face, piercings, tatts, and a fucking stunning body. The movie is called Tight Filipina Pussy Is Just 18, and I can’t wait to watch it.That outdated layout carries over to the video page, naturally. The baked-in video player has resolution controls, but no advanced features like playback speed adjustment or timestamped sexual acts.There’s a lengthy blurb beneath the video player, explaining how they met this girl and brought her back to the studio. It runs three long paragraphs, so I just skimmed it, more interested in the multi-page gallery of nudes beneath.TrikePatrol includes downloads with the standard membership price, a dying perk on a lot of paysites these days. There’s a range of video qualities going up to 1080p, though I’m hopeful they upgrade to 4k soon as most of the paysites are starting to do.Aubree Ice is an 18-year-old Filipina waitress, according to the little interview before the fucking. I’m a little bit surprised by what sounds like a perfect American accent. In fact, I’m guessing that bus stop where he picks her up, in the beginning, is in Los Angelos, not an island in the pacific.I skipped ahead about 20 minutes to find Aubree naked on her back with the cameraman's fingers up her shaved cooter. She moans and smiles, and then gets a little louder when he starts using his tongue. She’s a truly beautiful girl, and her pleasure faces really heighten the sexiness of the scene.By the halfway mark, Aubree is on her knees taking it doggystyle. She’s a nimble hump artist, pushing her tight little body back against him, thrusting him deeper inside of her body. Dude pops all over her perfectly round ass and keeps going. Viagra’s a hell of a drug, huh?Dude eventually puts the camera down so he can use both hands. Aubree’s got a petite body that she flips around with ease, letting him hit it from different angles. The side saddle sequence is fantastic; the shot set up perfectly to capture her tight body and gorgeous O-face.Aubree’s on her back getting railed when it’s time for the final countdown. She jumps off the bed and onto her knees, catching the spunk with her face. Some gets in her eye, but she laughs it off because she’s really got to get to work in a few minutes.I really wanted to see more of Aubrey, but like a lot of amateur sites, the videos don’t have pornstar tags leading to profiles and video collections. I typed her name into the search bar, but this really is the only video they have of her. It’s one of those drawbacks of amateur porn you just have to live with. Love her or not, Aubree just isn’t an actual’s Filipina porno movies are a ball-draining example of amateur Asian smut done right. They manage to get some of the most gorgeous and sexually talented non-professionals to give it their all in a growing catalog of exclusive flicks. The action is raw, real, and hot as fucking hell! They’ve got some free video samples on the landing page, and I recommend giving them a quick fap-test if you’re into Pinay sluts.