It appears Japan is living up to its reputation of being home to the most off-kilter sex fetishes judging by what’s on offer at Zenra.net, a fantastic porn site whose domain name is a transliteration of the Japanese word for ‘naked.’ This site offers a different concept, taking a unique foray into the kinky world of Japanese porn to bring you some of the most mind-blowing hot but weird porn scenes to come from the Land Of The Rising Sun complete with exclusive custom made English subtitles. I’ll let that sink in for a second.If you love Japanese porn and feel like other sites are not giving you value as you can’t understand the language, worry no more because Zenra.net is here to your rescue. However, this site does much more than simply add subtitles as they attempt to give you a first-row seat to the full Japanese porn culture and I have to admit, these fucks are doing a pretty good job towards that end. Expect maniac Japanese AV found nowhere else, with Zenra.net going out of its way to bring you some of the kinkiest, most abnormal smut imaginable. Think I’m fucking kidding? Let’s see if you think that way at the end of this review.The kinkiest shit from JapanWell, Japan probably offers some of the most maniac porn in the whole world. Think of a girl REALLY wanting to take a piss until she can’t take it any longer and ends up pissing through her underwear (that’s a thing in Japan by the way), gokkum which involves a slut consuming semen from one or several men out of a glass or straight from the source, bukkake scenes where a woman is covered with multiple loads from different men, horror porn, big orgies, shocking public sex, girls in spandex, and so much more. Jerk off to amateur JAV and busty AV stars taking part in hardcore scenes covering lesbian encounters, BDSM, bizarre body part licking, massage, spa & bathhouse porn, and vanilla JAV hardcore among others.That’s mainly what Zenra.net is all about, merging regular hardcore JAV flicks with absolutely depraved scenes that should help you discover your freaky side. It would be criminal to expect anything less from the only country in the world where pervs buy used schoolgirl panties and with a whole festival dedicated to the penis.Understanding Japanese porn betterFinding Japanese porn with English subtitles can be very tricky. That’s where Zenra.net proves their uniqueness by adding English subtitles to their JAV flicks. If you don’t speak Japanese, this is obviously a big thing. I know porn is a universal language, but it is even better, especially for Japanese smut to understand what the girls are saying in between their sensual moans. The subtitles are professionally done with the team working hard to avail more subtitled vids. Remember all this is done in-house and the subtitles are exclusive. Must be one hell of a backbreaking job but the good folks at Zenra want to give you the best possible experience.Also, each movie comes with a long review. Make no mistake; these are not a few bland sentences; they really go into the fucking details here. The scene descriptions are meant to serve as a 'naughty' Wikipedia-like entry where you learn about the actresses, the making of the particular movie, the niche or fetish that it represents and how it is regarded in Japan among other interesting details that no doubt add a lot of value to your fap sessions.Hundreds of exclusively licensed contentAs it turns out, over 600 of the DVDs available are offered exclusively on the site, working out to about 1,300 scenes that you won’t find elsewhere. That doesn’t necessarily mean they produce the scenes, but they have the sole rights to broadcast them which is pretty cool if you ask me. Of course with the subtitles they add, even the non-exclusive videos have something unique to offer. You’d also be well advised to check out their VR scenes, and although it’s not immediately clear what devices they are compatible with, they can be streamed in their 2D version with the site also providing info on how to stream the scenes with a web-VR compatible browser. These fucks have everything figured out.Download and stream high-quality JAV scenesThe vids here are, more often than not, available in fantastic resolutions of 720p and 1080p. That said, you should consider that some of the flicks were shot before the HD era and the site wants to publish them as well, but of course with subtitles.Another unique thing about Zenra is all the scenes come with short trailers that pretty much anyone can watch. The videos load and stream without hitches, and you can look forward to a non-interrupted fap session if you are not dumb enough to leave your bedroom door unlocked. Unless you choose the cheaper streaming-only membership, the videos are also available for download. Exclusive scenes are however a special case as they can only be streamed by the VIP members, with a 20GB/month maximum. Note that VIP status can be achieved by being a member for 3 consecutive months.Fantastic site designZenra.net features an awesome design with the black background color providing the perfect environment to go about your freakish nightly dick squeezing activities. There is a slider near the middle of the page which previews upcoming scenes while the search feature at the top right should help you get specific with your kind of poison. You can also access the updates from the homepage with the site offering at least 4 new DVDs every week. One design aspect I loved is that every scene indicates whether it has subtitles if it is available in HD and whether it is exclusive.The movies are categorized with the top navigation also allowing you to browse the content by studios, ranking, or random. Some of the studios whose deplorable Japanese porn has been availed include Gogos, Focus Army, Virtual Wave, Fetish Japan, Toshiaki, and Pompie among others. These are some of the brains behind the weird, bizarre, and downright strange shit that you’ll be draining your balls to. With titles like Consensual Cuckold, The Private Parts Guessing Game, My Share House Threesome, Male Multiple Orgasm Hell, Real Deal Creampie Orgy Special and such, you can expect things to become heated.What makes Zenra.net a gem;Exclusive JAV scenes; a good chunk of the collection here cannot be found elsewhere on the internet so you’ll be jerking off to unique stuff. Just like a fucking VIP.Weird Japanese porn; this is where the bizarre and strange porn comes alive with the site serving you with hundreds of deplorable scenes some covering fetishes you never even knew existed. Trust the Japs never to disappoint.Lengthy reviews and subtitles; how many sites offer you Japanese depravity with fitting English subtitles and top that with long reviews of the scenes? I’ll wait.Fantastic quality overall; you’ll be pleased to find that the scenes come in impeccable streaming qualities with the latest available in 1080p full HD resolution.Possible concernsDownload limit; the site slaps users with a 10 GB daily download limit, and even VIP members have not been spared as they are also limited to 25 GB. Granted, a standard user will still be able to download 6-12 scenes but still…Only VIP members can download exclusive content; the exclusive vids are only available for streaming to standard members and only a 3-month subscription or becoming a member for three consecutive months allows you to download the exclusive scenes.Can’t choose download/stream resolution; there is no option to choose which resolution you stream or download the scenes from, and you’ll be forced to make do with the particular scene’s available resolution.What I think should be doneAllowing members to pick the streaming/download resolutions is the least I would expect from the site. Also, is there a way of revising the download limits? That’d be awesome.Final thoughtsZenra.net is, without doubt, one of the best places to discover the twisted world of Japanese AV. These guys don’t just pump their site with the boring stuff. Instead, they carefully select the most hardcore and exciting videos and avail them to you complete with in-house subtitles. The site has a solid collection of exclusive scenes available for streaming and download in HD qualities. The download limits could be annoying for some, but look past that, and you will see this site as the true gem it is. The membership is 100% worthwhile.